If you love a glamorous aesthetic, a leather-look sofa should be high on your interior design shopping list. Leather sofas have long been the seating arrangement of choice for Hollywood-style homes, and today, you can replicate the look without an animal product in sight. It’s all thanks to faux leather sofas!

Read on to discover some of our favourite faux leather sofas, along with our recommended tips for styling your home with pleather furniture.

Five Gorgeous Faux Leather Sofas in the UK

Today, a surprising number of household items contain animal materials and other byproducts. Nevertheless, as a vegan, it’s never been easier to decorate your home without contributing to the exploitation of animals.

Here, we’ve listed some of the most stunning faux leather sofas available to shop right now in the UK – from sweet two-seaters to statement faux leather corner sofas. No matter your sense of style or budget, you’ll find a sofa to your taste here.

3-Seater Faux Leather Sofa from Stevensville

This gorgeous faux leather chair is a must-have for all contemporary homes. If you’re inspired by the look and feel of New York lofts, this completely vegan leather sofa could be the perfect addition to your home. Its faux leather upholstery in a deep tan shade looks exceptional against wooden floors, exposed brick walls and muted colour schemes.

With space for three people, this sofa is ideal for curling up and watching a movie with your friends or family. Plus, its ultra-soft cushioning means you’ll have plenty of back and arm support while you relax – proving there’s more to this sofa than its good looks!

2-Seater Faux Leather Sofa Bed from ELEGANT

Looking for a sofa that doubles up as a bed? If you regularly have friends and family to stay over, this stylish two-seater sofa bed will ensure there’s always room for guests to get comfortable! Whether you’re furnishing a guest bedroom or giving your living room an update, this artificial leather sofa is an excellent choice. It’s also extremely reasonably priced at less than £200.

With an ultra-contemporary design, the 2-seater vegan sofa from ELEGANT complements a variety of interior design styles – from monochrome to minimalist. In addition to black faux leather upholstery and metallic legs, built-in cup holders give this sofa’s timeless look a modern update!

Faux Leather Corner Sofa from Oakland

Corner sofas make a statement in every living room area. When tucked neatly in the corner, they can open up a space and ensure ample room for every family member to get comfortable. This left-hand faux leather corner sofa from Oakland is no exception! Upholstered in a tasteful cream faux leather, it’s a stunning fit for living spaces with a more traditional look.

On cosy evenings in, you’ll love snuggling up with blankets and losing yourself in a great film. When you’ve got friends over, you can benefit from the sofa’s L-shape design as you huddle around to chat and laugh. Whatever you’re looking for in a sofa, this vegan leather option will exceed all expectations!

2-Seater Manual Recliner Faux Leather Sofa from Rothbury

Who doesn’t love putting their feet up after a long day of working or studying? With a reclining sofa, you can truly sink into your evening! This faux leather manual recliner from Rothbury is more than just comfortable, however. It’s also extremely sophisticated with deep brown upholstery and wide seats.

You’ll fit two people on this vegan leather sofa easily, with room for a tub of popcorn between you! The perfect addition to any home cinema, this reclining two-seater  makes it easier than ever to sit back and relax. Plus, with incredibly supple pleather, you’ll enjoy the durability and softness of leather without the ethical cost.

3-Seater Faux Leather Sofa from Desdemona

Cheap faux leather sofas don’t have to look inexpensive, and that’s exactly what this reasonably priced 3-seater from Desdemona proves. With supple vegan upholstery in beige and a sturdy wooden frame, it also shows that cheap faux leather sofas don’t need to feel low-cost, either. In fact, quite the opposite! This 3-seater promises to bring a touch of elegance into every home, no matter your interior design or personal style.

Whether you’ve got a Scandinavian-chic interior or Art Deco-inspired home, this beautiful sofa will fit right in. Its straight-lined structure gives it a timeless look that’ll keep your living room looking gorgeous for years to come.

How to Style Faux Leather Sofas

The good news is that alongside being cruelty-free (and often more environmentally friendly), faux leather sofas are just as easy to style as real leather alternatives. A standout sofa can truly transform your interior design by drawing your attention towards a particular section of your room, so you’ve got a great opportunity to make a statement.

Below, check out our three top interior design tips for giving your pleather furniture the centre stage it deserves!

Lay a patterned rug underneath

Placing a rug underneath your sofa can do much more than protect your floorboards against scratches and grooves. A patterned rug will also contrast beautifully against an understated sofa and give it an arty twist.

Don’t go overboard with cushions

It can be tempting to furnish your sofa with pillows, but why not let the suppleness of the vegan leather shine through? One or two pillows will look fantastic, but going overboard will simply detract from the faux leather and its quality.

Complement your sofa with works of art

One brilliant way to really showcase your sofa in all its glory is to set it against a wall adorned with works of art. From framed mirrors to large paintings, there are many glamorous ways to create the perfect backdrop for your seating.

Investing in vegan leather furniture is a simple yet effective way to show that animal products don’t need a place in our homes. What are your favourite cruelty-free pieces of furniture? Do you have any vegan interior design brand recommendations? We’d love to know!

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