Alongside being the UK’s favourite in-store supermarket of the year, Aldi is a treasure trove of delicious, plant-based products! By launching its own vegan line, Plant Menu, the supermarket chain has made shopping much easier and less expensive for vegans across the country.

Among Aldi’s diverse range of tasty vegan products are its plant-based pizzas, which make whipping up an Italian feast at home more tempting than ever. To help you better understand the options available, let’s take a closer look at Aldi ’s vegan pizza range!

Your guide to Aldi ’s vegan pizza

With three tasty pizzas to choose from, alongside a range of other delicious vegan snacks, meals and drinks, Aldi has everything you need to host a plant-based pizza party!

Each of the pizzas in their Plant Menu range has also been accredited with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark, so you can rest assured that they’re 100% plant-based.

Next time you go shopping at your local Aldi supermarket, here are the three vegan pizzas to keep an eye out for. You can also order online via Aldi’s website!

Plant Menu BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

The BBQ Jackfruit Pizza from Aldi’s vegan range is a must-try. If you miss pulled pork, you’ll love this pizza’s tangy jackfruit topping! Aldi’s use of jackfruit is a sure sign that it’s keeping an eye on popular vegan food trends.

After all, jackfruit has become more and more popular amongst those following a plant-based diet in recent years. Thank you, Aldi!

The combination of jackfruit and BBQ creates a subtly sweet flavour, with grilled peppers ensuring every bite promises a mixture of tastes and textures. Its crispy, stonebaked base gives this pizza a satisfying crunch, with a generous serving of vegan cheese adding the finishing touch!

Why not try cooking this delectable pizza with a portion of sweet potato fries or garlic bread? Whatever you’re in the mood for, Aldi has all the ingredients to tickle your taste buds!

Vegomm’s verdict: The ideal pizza for BBQ fans who prefer plant-based ingredients to meat alternatives.

BBQ Bacon Style Pieces & Mushroom Pizza

Aldi’s BBC Bacon Style Pieces & Mushroom Pizza certainly deserves a place in your fridge! Topped with plant-based bacon pieces, this is the ideal pizza for anyone who loves rich, smoky flavours.

This is the kind of pizza you won’t want to share! It also makes a mouth-watering addition to Friday nights at home, picnics in the park, and summer barbeques.

It’s not just the plant-based bacon that makes this vegan pizza from Aldi so tempting. A creamy combination of mushrooms and vegan cheese also adds to the mix!

You’ll also love the perfectly crispy stonebaked pizza base, dripping with BBQ sauce. Why not serve this flavoursome pizza with salty potato wedges, or perhaps a fresh salad? Yum!

Vegomm’s verdict: A meatless meat treat for those looking to kick their bacon cravings!

Stonebaked Spicy Cauliflower Pizza

Not everyone enjoys meatless meat. Many vegans choose to avoid any ingredients that look, smell or taste like meat, preferring to keep it safe with plant-based ingredients instead. If this sounds like you, Aldi has you covered!

The Stonebaked Spicy Cauliflower Pizza combines well-seasoned cauliflower with a mixture of vegetables to achieve a hot, flavoursome take on the classic Italian pizza.

A Mediterranean-style pizza, this meatless treat from Aldi is a vegan’s dream. Whether you dislike imitation meat or you’ve got a craving for cauliflower, this stonebaked pizza is the one for you.

Why not prepare it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some fresh basil for an Italian-inspired lunch or dinner?

Vegomm’s verdict: A mouth-watering must-try for the vegans who prefer plant-based pizza!

Looking for more than just Aldi’s vegan pizza?

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you’ll be pleased to know that there are more than just vegan pizzas at Aldi! The supermarket also offers a range of other plant-based ingredients to help you whip up your favourite Italian dishes. Here are just a couple of meal ideas to inspire you!

Have you tried Aldi’s vegan pizza? What are your favourite products from the supermarket’s Plant Menu range? We’d love to know! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Vegomm to share your recommendations.

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