The truth is, vegan baked beans aren’t just possible, they should be expected! Baked beans typically consist of haricot beans in a tomato sauce. There’s no reason why animal-derived ingredients should be included.

So yes, baked beans should be vegan. Most brands are.

And yet, some baked beans aren’t labelled as such… so asking ‘are baked beans vegan’ is not a silly question. Have you checked the ingredients list on your favourite baked beans recently?

We took a closer look at Heinz and other popular brands to find out what’s going on.

Keep reading to discover how vegan 10 of the most popular baked bean brands are, plus a cheeky homemade baked beans recipe that your vegan kitchen will adore.

Are Heinz Baked Beans Vegan?

Yes, Heinz baked beans are as vegan as they come!

Here is an official statement from Heinz, taken from their passionate veganuary celebration article:

“We want vegans to remember that our classic Heinz Beanz can still be enjoyed this Veganuary, whether on a simple piece of toast or a delicious baked potato.”

Heinz go on to list their other vegan baked bean ranges:

  • Heinz Beanz
  • No Added Sugar Beanz (*)
  • 5 Beanz
  • Organic Beanz
  • Peri Peri Beanz
  • Fiery Chili Beanz
  • Barbecue Beanz
  • Curry Beanz

(*) Note: The “No Added Sugar Beanz” were actually not vegan until autumn 2019. So make sure your cans were produced afterwards.

When it comes to the UK’s favourite baked bean brand, there’s a plethora of vegan products to choose.

Why are other baked beans brands not always labelled vegan?

The biggest reason why other baked bean brands are not labelling their baked beans as vegan is… because they don’t feel the need to.

When we researched the top 10 baked bean brands in the UK we found that nearly all of them are vegan, they just don’t advertise it. 

They’re “accidentally vegan” as PETA would say.

While this is great news for vegan baked bean lovers, it’s not so great when you’re trying to find a vegan baked bean tin in a hurry.

And while it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find an animal-derived product in a tin of baked beans (unless you picked up sausage n’ beans by mistake) it’s still best to avoid any baked bean product that doesn’t explicitly say that it’s vegan.

Most brands use plant-based starch to thicken the sauce, like maize or cornstarch, but it’s not impossible for products to use gelatin or other animal-derived thickening agents. You are also often facing the dreaded ambiguous “flavourings” tacked onto the end of the ingredients list.

Anyway, it turns out there are plenty of vegan baked beans available. No need to panic!

10 More Vegan Baked Beans Brands

We’ve covered the most popular baked beans brand, but haven’t stopped there.

Whether you’re a fan of organic brands or always keep an eye out for bargain own-brand beans, it’s worth checking if they use a vegan baked beans recipe.

Here is the list of brands and supermarkets where you can find vegan baked beans. Click on a brand to jump to the details of their vegan offer!

If you’ve been struggling to find vegan products in general, we’ve listed for you the top supermarkets in the UK that have a vegan offer!

Are Aldi baked beans vegan?

Yes, from August 2020, Aldi has 3 different vegan baked beans options.

Their Everyday Essentials are available in 410g and 420g cans, plus their Premium Baked Beans (Corale brand) are vegan too.

Aldi has a helpful list of all vegan products.

By the way, did you know that Aldi offers plenty of vegan products?!

Are Tesco baked beans vegan?

Yes, Tesco has a range of own-brand baked beans.

When shopping in stores, check the back of the tin to see if they’re labelled as vegan. If you’re shopping online, use the ‘Lifestyle & Dietary’ tab to narrow results to vegan products.

It’s that simple.

The following Tesco baked beans only contain vegan ingredients:

  • Tesco Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (420g and 220g)
  • Tesco Baked Beans No Added Sugar (420g and 220g)
  • Tesco Mixed Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (415g)
  • Tesco Kosher Baked Beans (420g)
  • Tesco Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (420g)

Moving to a vegan diet, you’ll probably be interested to know if soy sauce, bisto and bournville are vegan.

Are Branston baked beans vegan?

It’s all a little unclear. Branston label their classic baked beans as “vegetarian”, according to their official website and various supermarkets they’re sold at.

And taking a closer look at the ingredients list, there doesn’t appear to be anything non-vegan included.

So, why have Branston gone to the bother of labelling their baked beans as vegetarian but not vegan? It’s what we are trying to figure out.

We’ve emailed Branston for confirmation of the vegetarian/vegan status of their baked beans and are currently waiting (impatiently) for a reply.

Are Waitrose baked beans vegan?

Yes, Waitrose has vegan baked beans.

Like Tesco, you can narrow down their selection of baked beans online by dietary requirements.

It’s interesting that Waitrose only lists their own-brand beans as vegan online, despite selling vegan Heinz beans too. Sneaky sneaky.

The vegan Waitrose branded baked beans are:

  • Waitrose Essential Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (400g)
  • Waitrose Duchy Organic Baked Beans (400g)

Are Sainsbury’s baked beans vegan?

Yes, Sainsbury’s offer a great range of vegan baked beans!

They also have vegan options for pasta and tomato sauce (AKA, own-brand spaghetti hoops) which are down the same aisle.

Like Waitrose and Tesco, you filter their products online via dietary requirements to list only vegan-friendly baked beans:

  • Sainsbury’s Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (200g, 400g, 4x 400g, 6x 400g)
  • Sainsbury’s Baked Beans in Reduced Sugar & Salt Tomato Sauce (200g, 400g, 4x 400g)
  • Sainsbury’s Five Beans in Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce (400g)
  • Hubbard’s Foodstore Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce (400g)

Are M&S baked beans vegan?

Yes, M&S baked beans are vegan.

M&S have a list of vegan products available which they update monthly. You can find their 410g and 220g baked beans cans on this list.

Currently, the place to buy M&S food products online is Ocado, which doesn’t categorise M&S baked beans as vegan. This is likely because M&S beans are “accidentally vegan”.

Are Morrisons baked beans vegan?

Yes, Morrisons baked beans are vegan.

Morrisons only have 1 own-brand baked bean recipe (a classic, we’re sure) so it’s hard to go wrong. Just don’t pick up the baked bean and vegetarian sausage tin by mistake – they look similar!

The vegan Morrisons Baked Beans is available in 220g and 410g cans, plus a 4x 410g multipack. Narrow down the selection to view vegan products if you’re shopping online.

Pssst… check out the best vegan products you can find at Morrisons, according to Twitter users!

Are Co-op baked beans vegan?

Yes, Co-op baked beans are vegan and proud of it, baby!

Co-op has only 1 own-brand baked bean product, Co-op Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, which is very clearly marked suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the front.

Also, do you know that Co-op launched a great vegan range in 2019?!

Are Whole Earth baked beans vegan?

Yes, Whole Earth has declared their Saucy Organic Baked Beans (400g) suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You can find them in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, and Ocado.

Are Biona baked beans vegan?

Yes, Biona’s Organic Baked Beans are marked suitable for vegans on their official website.

You can buy Biona baked beans from various supermarkets and online stores.

Making Homemade Baked Beans Vegan Style

meal including homemade vegan baked beans

Our favourite vegan baked beans recipe is from Great British Chefs. It uses a touch of smoked paprika to add a yummy, warming flavour!

Extra Vegomm Tip: use sprigs of fresh thyme instead of dried for a brighter flavour, and check if your passata is vegan if you’re not using homemade passata.

Adding vegan baked beans to your diet

Beans are excellent for your vegan diet!

They’re high in fibre, lycopene (a cancer-fighting antioxidant from tomatoes), and contain a decent amount of iron and protein – 2 things us vegans are always hunting for! 

Check out 12 reasons to include baked beans as part of your vegan diet.

Plus, many baked beans on our list are free of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Can it get any more healthy!?

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