Because Vegomm is very interested in the well-being of animals, it goes without saying that by snowball effect, the well-being of the planet as well. So we also want to suggest alternatives to your everyday objects.

Who needs plastic lamp shades when a bamboo lamp shade can bring you closer to nature from the comfort of your home? If you’re thinking of going eco, you can certainly do that without sacrificing aesthetics. Why not start with a natural lampshade that’s both inexpensive and capable of adding an air of cosiness and warmth to any house?

A bamboo wicker lamp shade can also add the right touch of colour that your room needs and help liven up your colour scheme. If you’re looking for the best bamboo lamp shades, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll review the top options that you can buy today in the UK.

Just pick one from the list below, and you won’t regret it. This way, you can return home every day to a relaxing and inviting ambience.

Best Overall – Thaihomeshop Bamboo Light Pendant

thaihomeshop bamboo light pendant

Handwoven from natural Thai bamboo, this wicker light pendant is both sturdy and gorgeous. It has a very minimalist design that can fit right into any room without overwhelming it.

You can order this lamp shade in a variety of sizes, so even if you have limited space, you don’t need to worry about that. It also comes in 2 different shapes: oblong and round. 

While this lamp shade is not made in the UK, it’s still compatible with 3pin power plugs, which means you don’t need to shell out for an extra power adapter.

Unfortunately, the light bulb isn’t included. But this actually gives you more flexibility. We suggest pairing this with a soft energy-saving LED or a warmer vintage-style bulb.

We Love It Because: This pendant exudes simplicity and sophistication, and the seller is very accomodating. Moreover, it’s compatible with both compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent light bulbs, so that you can customise the light to your liking!

Best Premium – IKEA SINNERLIG Bamboo Pendant Lamp

IKEA Sinerlig Bamboo Pendant

Ikea lamp shades could be a little more expensive than all the others on this list, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth it. The SINNERLIG pendant lamp, while pricier, will look like a million-dollar piece in your home.

It’s handmade from a sustainable material: bamboo lattice, and that means each piece will be unique in its own way.

While certainly big, it still manages to be neutral and easy to fit with your room’s decor thanks to its light, unobtrusive colour. However, it may not be an easy fit if you have a low ceiling.

We Love It Because: This pendant perfectly fits the modern boho style, and it can change the ambience and add a touch of sophistication in any room. If you like this bamboo style, we invite you to check our selection of bamboo chairs and bamboo blinds to complete this natural atmosphere!

Best for Extra Splash of Colour – Tropez Red Bamboo Light Shade

red and beige bamboo lamp shade from trope red

Moving on to a more modern look, this lamp shade is anything but traditional. It boasts a beautiful high gloss finish and a natural wood-style rim. The standout, however, is its red dome design that can add a pop of colour to any room.

It works incredibly well to diffuse the light of an overhead ceiling lamp and add an ambience to your room. Moreover, you can use it with a standard B22/BC bayonet mount, and the fit is impressively easy. 

Finally, this light shade is much smaller than the previous one, which means it can fit almost anywhere in your house, even when space is limited.

We Love It Because: While it’s certainly different from your typical wicker-style bamboo pendants, this model is still stylish, easy to use, and power-saving.

Best for Modern-Style Room – Habitat Bamboo Lamp Shade

modern habitat bamboo lamp shade

Speaking of bamboo lamp shades with a modern twist, this bamboo ceiling lamp shade from Habitat looks like it has come right out of an art installation or a futuristic movie set.

It features a striking double-bowl design made from hand-spun bamboo in Vietnam. The interior is silky smooth, while the exterior has a gorgeous wood texture.

You can order this model in either black or natural wood, although we recommend sticking to the latter, as it’ll be easier to pair with most furniture. 

We Love It Because: It’s different and innovative. It comes with a one-year guarantee, and its assembly is super easy. What’s not to like?

Best Customisable – OrientalBazar Flexible Bamboo Pendant Lamp

orientalbazar beige bamboo lamp shade

A bamboo lamp shade is a fun addition to your house, but the novelty of anything wears out by time. That’s far from the case with this lamp shade, though!

As the name suggests, this pendant is flexible and can be moulded into various shapes. The secret is all in the material. It’s handcrafted using thin bamboo strips and no metal at all, which lends it its flexibility.

The lack of metal also means that it’s lightweight. You don’t even need a hanging chain for it, as you can directly hang it over an electrical cord.

The scope of customisation doesn’t stop with the design. It’s also possible to change the colours of the cord and ceiling canopy from a clear wooden colour to black or white. You can also buy a longer cord or a plug-in lamp kit for an additional price. 

We Love It Because: It diffuses light beautifully, and it’s super flexible, which means you can morph the design yourself into various shapes to ensure you never get bored. 

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Lamp Shade

Size and Dimensions

Keeping the size of the room and your lamp shade in mind is essential. After all, your bamboo pendant is supposed to complement your room, not overwhelm it. Most manufacturers offer various sizes, so try to check the shade’s dimensions before purchasing it.

Room Decor

While a bamboo lamp shade can easily fit with a variety of room styles, it’s still a decorative piece that’s likely to command everyone’s attention. But the last thing we want is for it to stand like a sore thumb.

Thankfully, they come in all shapes and styles, from traditional wicker-style shades to spun bamboo that can be manipulated into various shapes. Just make sure to pick one that fits the vibe of your home.

The Light

The amount of light you require and where you want it focused are also crucial to consider. 

The size of the pendant plays a role. A wide, round lamp shade diffuses light evenly and to a broader area, while an oblong one concentrates the light in a smaller space.

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