Are you looking for a way to cosy up your home for the fall and winter season? Perhaps you want to redecorate your living room and add some texture? 

Faux fur is the most ethical and affordable way of accessorising your home. The material is soft and warm, which is fantastic for the fall. 

We’ve found the best faux fur cushions to help you fluff up your living space. All our recommendations ship to the UK.

Decorating With Faux Fur Cushions

We’ve seen it already with faux fur rugs, adding a touch of faux fur to any living space in your home is an easy way of increasing the cosiness and wow-factor. But unless you want to live in an 80s bachelor pad with faux fur from floor to ceiling (and on yourself), you have to moderate yourself.

Here are some ways you can use faux fur cushions to decorate:

  • Add texture: In plain rooms where all the surfaces are smooth, adding three to four faux fur cushions can help create luscious texture, for instance on a couch or chair.
  • Be mindful of the materials you pair it with: Faux fur works exceptionally well in modern spaces that can seem cold at times. For example, throw a faux sheepskin pillow on a wire chair.
  • Warm up formal rooms: Don’t limit yourself to the bedroom and living area. Pairing a fluffy faux fur pillow with your office chair can warm up the room.
  • Keep it fresh: Faux fur pillows tend to get flat and dull after some time, which impacts the room significantly. To avoid this, use a dog brush and brush the pillow in all directions. 

Review of the Best Faux Fur Cushions

Best Overall Faux Fur Cushion — Sweetwill Square Pillow

white faux fur cushion

The white faux fur pillowcase from Sweetwill is a cosy and elegant option, suitable for any room in your home. 

You can choose between five medium to large sizes, including, 30 by 30 centimetres, 45 by 45 centimetres, and 60 by 60 centimetres. In the package, you’ll receive only one pillowcase without the filling. 

The material is ultra-soft, made from artificial wool. Then on the back, you have a delicate suede-like backing. It includes an invisible zipper, which is great as a zipper often takes away from the aesthetics. 

You have several colours to choose from, such as white, brown, black, grey, and blue.


  • Soft, luxurious feel
  • Several colours are available
  • Hidden zipper
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Suede-like backing


  • Only one pillowcase in the package

Best All-Year Use — NordECO HOME

Fake fur cushion red

If you want faux fur pillows that you can use all year-round, we recommend this option from NordECO Home. 

They’re high-quality fake fur covers, made from eco-friendly polyester that doesn’t have that plastic feel. The material is shorter, which suggests they’re great in summer, too.

You have three sizes to choose from, such as 30 by 50 centimetres, 45 by 45 centimetres, and 50 by 50 centimetres. The fluffy pillowcases are available in multiple colours, including pink, grey, beige, black, and our favourite, red wine red.

Like the Sweetwill above, a great feature is the matching zipper. They come in the same colour as the material, making them easier to hide. And unlike the Sweetwill, NordECO provides you with two cases. 

However, be warned that the colour can stain lighter materials in the wash. Because of this, we recommend washing separately or with similar shades. 

Another potential drawback is that they’re only available in three sizes, which is two less than the Sweetwill above.


  • Not too warm for use in the summer
  • Soft polyester—not a plastic texture
  • Matching zipper
  • Multiple colours are available


  • Can stain lighter materials in the wash 
  • Only three sizes are available 

Best Value Faux Fur Cushions — Adore Cushion Covers

Four pieces, faux fur pillowcases cream

The Adore faux fur cushion covers are soft and glamorous, excellent for adding texture to a room. In the package, you’ll receive four pillowcases. 

You have several colours to pick from, including cream, pink, black, chocolate, purple, charcoal, and mocha. The cases are all two-sided, with the backing also being soft to the touch, but not as fluffy. 

All cases have a hidden zipper, making them easy to put on and remove from your cushions. However, they’re only available in one size, 43 by 43 centimetres. 

Another thing to note is that the material isn’t as dense as the options above, taking away some of that faux fur feel.


  • Four cases included
  • Soft to the touch
  • Two-sided
  • Hidden zippers


  • Only one size is available 
  • The material isn’t as dense as other options

Cover and Filling Faux Fur — Cushion Mania Store

Faux fur cushion beige

If you’re searching for a case and filling combo, we suggest the faux fur cushion from Cushion Mania Store.

This is a contemporary shaggy-style pillow, featuring long-pile fake fur, resembling wool. The material is soft and cosy, perfect for fall and winter. On the other side, you have a faux suede backing, giving it a textured and luxurious feel. Speaking of winter… make sure your hands are kept warm without cruelty. Check out our guide on vegan gloves.

Like the options above, it comes with a concealed zipper, allowing you to remove the cover when washing. The filling is synthetic and requires a good shake upon arrival. You can also purchase the case by itself. 

However, there are only two sizes available, 53 by 53 centimetres and 43 by 43 centimetres. 

Also, keep in mind that the zipper is quite fragile. It doesn’t hold up well to aggressive handling, for instance, if you were to stuff an oversized pillow inside. 


  • Cushion filling and cover
  • Long-pile faux fur
  • Concealed zipper
  • Easy to clean


  • Only two sizes are available
  • The zipper is fragile


faux fur cushions

Modern homes with their contemporary, minimalist furniture often run the risk of being cold and perhaps too sleek. Faux fur cushions are one of the best ways of adding texture and warmth to any room, be it the office, bedroom, or living space. 

During your search, ensure that the fake fur has the right density for your needs—in warm places, keep this as thin as possible. Make sure that it also has the right colour and is large enough to snuggle with. 

We hope you find our guide helpful. Remember, all our recommendations ship to the UK.

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