People have used real fur for clothing ever since the dawn of time because of its warming effects. However, did you know that faux fur has the same capabilities, if not better? 

A faux fur hoodie is fuzzy and soft—one that you’d want to snuggle with. They’re also quite stylish and, unlike real fur, come in multiple colours, suitable for various outfits. 

We review four of the best faux fur hoodies for men and women. All our recommendations ship to the UK.

Below is a quick run-through of the best faux fur hoodies:

Is Faux Fur Good Quality?

Faux fur has come a long way since the fragile plastic-like fabric that would melt if you stood too close to a heater. It’s no longer considered a cheap alternative to real fur and is often preferred for its softness, warmth and ethical nature. 

The process for making faux pieces has become so advanced that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between that and the real deal. Sometimes, despite the label saying “faux,” it’s real fur

A tell-tale sign that it’s a real animal is the backing—the surface where the strands are attached too. 

If the backing is leather or skin, you know it’s not faux fur. Instead, look for fabric backings and blunt, straight edges

Reviews of the Best Faux Fur Hoodies

Best Overall — Fueri Store Men’s Fluffy Hoodie

Fluffy faux sherpa hoodie, men's, blue

The faux fur mens hoodie from Fueri Store is a super soft and warm fluffy jumper. It consists of a blend of polyester and cotton, making it excellent for autumn and winter use. 

With its fluffy design, oversized hood and kangaroo pocket, it’s fashionable and easy to style. It’s available in 11 colours, including five combos, like the B-blue. 

The hoodie is suitable for various occasions, whether it’s chilling at home, going for walks or styling with a pair of cargo trousers for a street look. Its long, puffy sleeves mean there’s even room for layering up if it’s frigid outside.

Sizes range from a medium to XX-large. It seems to run true to size, but we suggest buying one or two sizes larger if you want the oversized look. 


  • Soft and warm
  • Easy to style for various occasions
  • Long puffy sleeves
  • 11 colours are available
  • Fits true to size


  • For an oversized look, you should size up one or two sizes

Softest Faux Fur Hoodie — iWoo Mens Fleece Hoodie

Men's faux fur hoodie in black.

If you want an ultra-soft jumper that you can throw on after work, we suggest this black faux fur hoodie from iWoo. 

It’s a faux-fur lined hoodie, made with high-quality viscose, which is a soft material. iWoo double-stacked the fabric, making it ultra-warm and cosy to wear. 

Unlike the Fueri Store jumper above, the iWoo hoodie boasts a rib-knit waistband and cuff, keeping it snug around your body and preventing cold from seeping in. It’s quite casual, but with a pair of jeans or cargo trousers, you can easily rock it on a night out. 

At the centre, you have hand-warming pockets that can easily fit your phone. When it gets really chilly, pull the large hood up—it features drawstrings for style and convenience to keep the cold out. 

The fit is regular, but if you buy a size or two larger, you’ll get an oversized look. Sizes range from small to XX-large, and you have five colours to choose from. 

With that said, the hoodie requires gentle care to increase its longevity. Wash it in cold water and avoid hanging or line-drying it. 

Another thing to note is that some of the colour options are not true to their respective picture. 


  • Double-sided faux fur material
  • Rib-knit cuff and waistband
  • Two pockets
  • Large hood


  • It requires careful care
  • Some colour options aren’t as expected

Best Oversized Hoodie — Yidarton Women’s Casual Hoodie

Women's faux fur hoodie in x-dark grey.

The oversized look is perhaps the trend of the century—it never gets old. And the Yidarton faux fur hoodie women is a great contribution. 

It’s a chunky hoodie, made with 95 per cent polyester and 5 per cent spandex, making it stretchy and comfy. The material is soft and fuzzy, designed to have a faux sherpa look. 

At the front, you have a 1/4 zip-up collar and two side pockets for storing your phone or keeping your hands warm. 

You can wear the oversized hoodie for almost any occasion. Similarly to the Fueri Store, it’s available in 11 colours and combos, allowing you to choose the best shade for your style. 

Sizes range from small to three X-large. It’s already an oversized hoodie, so avoid sizing up too excessively, even if you want a loose fit. 

With that said, it seems to shred quite a bit, especially when new. It might require a wash to fix it. Another drawback is the fragile zipper—it won’t last long with hard wear. 


  • Trendy oversized look
  • Soft and stretchy material 
  • 11 colours to choose from 


  • The material shreds
  • The zipper is fragile 

Most Colourful — ZAFUL Men’s Fuzzy Hoodie

Men's faux fur hoodie in pink

If you’re searching for an eye-catching jumper, we recommend this option from Zaful. It’s a fuzzy, oversized hoodie, sporting contrasting colours for an almost retro-like look. 

The casual top consists of cotton, suggesting it’s warm and super soft. It boasts long sleeves with a fitted cuff, keeping it snug around your wrists. 

Although the hoodie is advertised for men, women can rock it as well. The contrasting colours are easy to style but may go best with casual attire. You can choose between eight shades. 

It’s available in sizes from medium to XX-large. However, because it’s made in China, the fit is smaller, suggesting you should buy one or two sizes larger than your regular fit. 

The material isn’t too thick either, so if it’s freezing outside, layer up. 


  • Eye-catching contrasting colours
  • Long sleeves and fitted cuffs
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Made according to Chinese sizes, so it can be snug
  • The material isn’t the thickest, so layer it up when it’s cold


faux fur woman hoodie

A faux fur hoodie is excellent for keeping you warm and stylish on chilly days. The material has come a long way, and more high-quality garments are available. 

However, check to ensure that you’re buying fake fur—don’t always trust the label. Make sure the backing is fabric, and the edges are sharply cut. 

We hope you find our recommendations helpful. And remember, all products ship to the UK.

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