There’s much more to going vegan than excluding animal products from your diet. Making sure you only shop for cruelty-free household items is all part of living a kind and compassionate lifestyle, and ultimately upholding the principles of veganism. From the food you serve on your table to the faux leather dining chairs you sit on to enjoy it, there are many aspects of living ethically!

Leather Dining Chairs

Stylish Faux Leather Dining Chairs for the Home

If you’re looking for gorgeous faux leather dining chairs for your home, you’ve come to the right place. At Vegomm, we’re all about finding vegan-friendly furnishings and helping vegans decorate their homes without animal products! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most stunning faux leather dining chairs available in the UK, with options to suit every style, taste and budget.

Read on to find a set of dining chairs that can elevate your interior design, ensure you’re always comfortable while eating, and convince any non-vegan house guests that faux leather is the way to go.

Eubanks Upholstered Dining Chair from Ivy Bronx

There’s something incredibly glamorous about white faux leather! If you agree, you’ll absolutely love this faux leather dining chair – available in a set of two – from Ivy Bronx.

Featuring leather-look upholstery in a quilted pattern, alongside striking black legs, this chair is set to make a statement at the dinner table. It’ll look great with a black table, and is a fantastic piece of furniture to invest in if you’re a fan of the monochrome look.

If you’re ready to get your hands on this ultra-stylish chair from Ivy Bronx, you can do so here.

Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs from Etta

Tasteful in tan, this set of two faux leather dining chairs from Etta is a must-have for anyone inspired by the 70s. The chairs offer a truly retro feel without looking old fashioned and will transform any dining room into a place of style and sophistication. Why not pair them with a solid wooden table? The tan of the faux leather will complement the warmth of the wood beautifully and ensure dinnertime is always special. Plus, these tan chairs are simple to wipe clean and easy to keep in great condition, which is always a bonus!

Give your home a 70s update with this gorgeous set of brown faux leather dining chairs, available here.

Cannes Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs

Alternatively, if you’re obsessed with the look and feel of leather, you’ll want a set of dining chairs with lots of upholstery to show off. These deep brown – almost black – faux leather dining chairs from Cannes could just be the choice for you.

Wooden legs only just peek out from underneath a tall spine, upholstered fully in vegan leather, with a slightly curved back ensuring comfort at all times. You can pair these chairs with any dining table – no matter what, they’re bound to be a talking point amongst your guests!

You can order your Cannes dining chairs from Oak Furniture Superstore here.

Set of Four Faux Leather Dining Chairs from Furniture Box

Whether you have a large family or regularly invite guests over for dinner, one dining chair is very rarely enough! It’s wonderful to spend quality time with your loved ones over food, but this relies on buying a set of comfortable chairs.

These glitzy gold-hatched dining chairs from Furniture Box come in a set of four and are ideal for ensuring everyone can fit around the table. With a tasteful cappuccino hue, gold legs and straight back, these grey faux leather dining chairs perfectly balance style and practicality.

Make sure there’s a chair for everyone with this set of four vegan dining chairs from Furniture Box, ready to buy here.

Ripley Grey Faux Leather Dining Chairs from Woods Furniture

Give your home a modern lift with the Ripley Grey Dining Chair set from Woods Furniture. These straight-backed dining chairs with quilted upholstery, available in a pair, are manufactured with supple faux leather and are easy to wipe clean.

Black metal legs also give them a standout look while ensuring they offer a stable, sturdy seat to rest on. Whether you’re inspired by minimalist design or you’ve created a Scandinavian chic aesthetic in your dining room, these are a must-have addition.

You can buy your Ripley chairs here, all thanks to Woods Furniture.

Black Faux Leather Brazeal Dining Chair

Not everyone loves the look of leather, and that’s okay. You don’t need to go overboard on faux leather to bring a touch of glamour to your dining table. This Brazeal dining chair from Three Posts is certainly proof of that.

With a solid oak frame and black faux leather upholstered seating, this vegan dining chair is the perfect addition to any home. Its gorgeous wooden frame gives it a timeless look, with the faux leather seating ensuring it’s always easy to wipe clean.

Love the look of the Brazeal chair from Three Posts? You can order it from Wayfair here.

Rocket Grey Faux Leather Dining Chairs from Furniture Village

If you’re looking to invest in vegan furniture that is perhaps a little less budget-friendly but bound to take your interior design to new heights, we’ve got just the pick.

Thanks to Furniture Village, these luxurious grey faux leather dining chairs could be yours for less than £300. With a brushed leather look, sturdy metal legs and a curved seat for comfort, the Rocket dining chairs are ideal for homes with a more contemporary style. Quilted upholstery also adds to the aesthetic with extra detailing.

Why not treat yourself to these spectacular dining chairs? You can make them yours here.

At Vegomm, we’ve made it our mission to connect vegans to only the best quality artificial leather products. From dining chairs to sofas, jackets to boots, you’ll find a selection of premium pleather products available here in the UK on our website.

What do you think about faux leather? Get in touch to let us know!

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