While clogs dominated the footwear industry for functional and comfortable casual shoes, they are not a new phenomenon. In fact, clogs are an ancient fashion style, dating all the back to the 13th Century

Fun Fact: they were VEGAN! Yes, the first set of clogs were vegan clogs, albeit wooden. Unfortunately, footwear companies have moved to different materials, with suede and leather materials dominating the industry. For a vegan, it makes it a bit challenging for one to find 100% vegan clogs. 

However, not to worry because our job is to point you to places that meet all your vegan needs. Below are the best vegan clogs readily available in the UK that you can add to your footwear collection: 

Best For Garden & Kitchen Work: Lakeland Active Garden Clogs 

Are you looking for clogs that cater to all your home chores needs? From gardening to kitchen chores and other household chores that require you to have reliable and lightweight footwear? These vegan clogs from LakeLand are an excellent choice.

They are made from synthetic material, EVA, which is a great eco-friendly alternative to PVC material. These clogs are slip-resistant, waterproof, removable insole, and grip design to keep you from falling when walking on grass or wet areas.

Why we love it: they are not only vegan but made using EVA, which is a great eco-friendly alternative to PVC material. 

Best Clogs For Winter: Zapzeal Men’s Women’s Garden Clogs

Whether you are looking for women’s or men’s clogs shoes for the winter season, these Zapzeal clogs will meet your warmth needs. The inside is all lined with fleece, which is a polyester material and cruelty-free, 100%.

While it is not as warm as cotton, it will still keep you warm and dries faster than cotton. The clogs have EVA, and rubber material composition, making them lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. 

Why we love it: uses vegan materials, they are warm, with an anti-skid sole for all your outdoor activities. 

Best Unisex Clogs: ChayChax Waterproof Wool-Like Lined Clogs

These unisex clogs will meet every family member’s needs, whether they are male or female. 

They are safe for multi-usage, allowing you to use them inside the house or for walks when you need to walk the dog or go to the yard. 

The clogs’ materials, EVA for the sole, synthetic fur for the inner fabric, and rubberized outer material are safe. The heel is flat, which makes these extra comfortable for anyone who does not like high heels. 

Why we love it: safe and vegan materials with a heel strap for better fitting and security. 

Best Handmade Clogs: MBClogs

For the best lady clogs, consider adding these wooden clogs to your shopping cart. They are made using vegan products, natural cork, and cotton. They are easy to care for, with a dirt-repellent design. 

The heel is comfortable with a height of 65mm. The material is also scratch-resistant and does not break. 

Why we love it: it’s a handmade product, with vegan products and a fancy silvery look. 

Best For Women Clogs: Lakeland Active Women’s Appleby Clogs

Everything about these backless clogs that are easy to slip on is vegan, from the outer material’s natural rubber to the neoprene lining and gum rubber sole. These materials give the clogs a waterproof and breathable design.

The sole is rugged for perfect traction on grass or wet areas. And if you’ve foo-related issues, like inflammation, the memory foam design will ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

Why we love it: it’s made from synthetic and natural materials, all vegan, waterproof, breathable, and dust-resistant.


Best for Men’s Small Fitting: Crocs Men’s Crocband Clog

Are you a man with a small fit for footwear? You might not be so lucky when shopping for shoes, but these non-leather shoes will be a great addition to your clog’s wardrobe. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and excellent fitting thanks to the strapon. 

The rubber and EVA materials, which make the clogs durable and vegan are not the only thing to love about these clogs. The ventilation ports allow you to shed debris and water and gives the clogs breathability.   

Why we love it: they are lightweight, odour resistant with non-marking soles, and made of vegan materials. 

Best Perfect Fitting Clogs: Bio World Original Clogs Design

orignal clogs by bio world on easy

As long as you have a shoe size of EU 35 to 40, you will likely find a perfect-fitting pair of clogs from Bioworld. All you have to do is draw your feet on a piece of paper and submit the size you need.

These are handmade clogs using rubber and high-quality fake wool. They are strapless, so you can just slip them on. Also, the inside is still woolen, albeit faux wool, to keep you warmer. 

Why we love it: 100% vegan clogs that use faux wool and rubber, making them cosy and warm for your feet.

Best For Low Footbed Clogs: Maguba Clogs

Are you looking for women clogs with a low heel? These handmade black vegan clogs from Maguba Clogs will rock your casual look. While the material is leather, it is vegan leather and a wooden platform. 

The microfiber is waterproofed, ensuring water does not get through the fabric. Its brown stained Alderwood footbed is also great at absorbing moisture. The heel and the platform’s heights are just 5cm and 2.5cm for excellent comfort. 

Why we love it: the clogs have a Scandinavian style, are handmade with vegan leather, and most importantly, are eco-friendly.

Best For Colourful Clogs: Sanita Women’s Valera Clog 

Imagine strolling through town in a pair of clogs, only that they are shiny with a flowery pattern and gold or blue finishing? Yes, these Sanita clogs for women are all that and will take your casual wardrobe a notch higher. 

The sole is made from synthetic material with a low block heel of 2-inches for extra comfort. On comfort, there is also a padded instep collar.

Why we love it: it has a floral design, colourful finishing, easy to slip on style, and a vegan stamp.

Best Clogs For Men: VeraCosy Men’s Clog Slippers

For all your outdoor and indoor activities and no available men’s clogs meet your vegan and other needs, you should consider giving these VeraCosy clogs a chance. As the name suggests, they are cosy with a snuggly feel and a full-closure design. 

The outer material is fleece, with a woolen feel but still warm when outside during the cold season. The sole rubber sole has grippings and a slip-resistant design to ensure you walk steadily. 

Why we love it: the fleece materials offer a wool-like, cosy, and warm feeling but still maintaining a vegan design.

Wooden traditional clogs might not be as easy to find as one would want, but the UK is not short of vegan clogs. While many clogs are made of leather, our selection of the best vegan clogs gives you a starting ground when you are shopping. They are mostly made from EVA, faux fur, and rubber, which are all vegan.

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