2020 has been off to a rough start but there is one bright and shining light for those of us who are craving vegan comfort in these trying times: ASDA released a vegan food line. Starting with 48 products and costing as little as £1.15, vegans across the UK can rejoice and get cooking! 

With growing demand and popularity for vegetarian and vegan meals, trending Meatless Monday, and greater awareness of the climate impact the meat industry has,  ASDA has produced some incredible healthy and eco-conscious options for shoppers. Their philosophy is simple: Nutritious, delicious, and better for the planet. All of their vegan offerings come in 100% recyclable trays and many boast the “live better” insignia so you can shop knowing you’re making good choices. Their website even has quick and easy recipes for vegan cooking. 

In addition to the ASDA Plant Based line, ASDA has also made shopping for dietary restrictions easier by introducing their “Free From” range of products. These products have labelling and identifiers to help shoppers immediately spot important dietary information such as, gluten, dairy, lactose, milk, egg, and soy. Side note: have you ever tried vegan soy candles? The Free From range is not exclusively vegan so be sure to read the package!

With many of us in precarious working situations, inexpensive and nutritious meals could not have come at a better time. As one Twitter user, @gabiespinosa0 asks,


Which brings us to our quick list of the best vegan buys available at ASDA. No need to run through the supermarket or even break a sweat, you will discover the best products. So get your (vegan) wallets ready 🙂

ASDA Vegan 2 ‘Sheese’ & Bean Slices

Free from any artificial colours, flavours, and fully vegan, these ‘Sheese’ & Bean Slices are a warm pocket of gooey comfort. Don’t take our word for it, check out what @veganuary has to say:

Only £1.65 for a package of two.

Motivated to try cooking it yourself? Get a vegan cookbook first to make sure you get it right!

ASDA Plant Based 2 Vegan Sweet Potato Falafel Burgers

Is it really summer if you haven’t had backyard burgers? These award-winning sweet potato and falafel burgers are filled with flavour thanks to spinach, red onions and jalapeño pepper. 

Twitter user @VexCB says everything you need to know about these vegan burgers:


Only £1.85 for two.

ASDA Free From Green Pesto

Sometimes we don’t need an entire meal, just a certain flavour to kick up our own homemade cooking. Nothing says flavour like pesto.  Free from eggs, gluten, milk, and wheat, ASDA’s Free From Green Pesto will kick your meal up a notch. Twitter user @KirstyManley says it all:

Only £1.49

Getting some “green stuff” stuck in your teeth afterwards? Have a look at these vegan toothpastes, they’ll probably help!

ASDA Vegan Chocolate Cake

Okay maybe it’s just my sweet tooth and my love of all things avocado, but my gran always told me to save room for dessert so this adorable vegan cake has to end the list lest I disappoint her. Serving up to 10 people, this cake will make all the vegans, big and small, in your life happy. 

Twitter user @chloemcaleese has the coolest mam and dad around in my opinion

My gran would be proud, Chloe.

While I’d likely pay an arm and a leg for an avocado-shaped vegan chocolate cake, you only need to pay £10.00

You’ll probably have to open your belt after eating this avocado! If that’s the case, put on your nike vegan running shoes and go out to burn all these extra calories. Too cold? Don’t worry, nowadays, it’s easy to find faux-leather jackets for both women and men.

Now that you know ASDA’s best kept secret, what ASDA Plant Based meal are you going to try?

Other big supermarkets with a great vegan offer:





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