6 of the Best Vegan Slippers You Don’t Want To Miss

vegan slippers

Slippers are a must-have when walking around the home. Unfortunately, they often include animal products, like fur and leather. 

If you want a guilt-free slipper without compromising comfort, you’ve come to the right place. We review six of the best vegan slippers for women and men that are all ethically made. All our recommended options ship to the UK. 

Reviews of the Best Vegan Slippers

Best Overall — TOMS India Bouclé Slippers

TOMS India Bouclé Slippers

Toms India Bouclés are moccasin slippers made for ultimate comfort; they boast a fabric upper with subtle metallic details. 

When stepping inside, your feet slip into an ultra-soft faux fur inner lining, keeping your tootsies warm and cosy. In true Toms fashion, you can wear them all day thanks to their rubber sole, protecting your feet while providing some shock absorption. 

At the back, you have a low-heel design, which might suggest they aren’t the most supportive around the end. But they’re effortless to slip into, and the medium width is suitable for various wearers. 

Inside you have removable insoles, allowing you to add your own orthotics if needed. Sizes range from a UK 3 to an 8. 


  • Soft fabric upper
  • Metallic detailing 
  • Rubber soles
  • Available in medium width 
  • Removable insoles


  • The low-heel design may not be the most supportive.

Best Winter Slippers — SAGUARO Plush Slippers

SAGUARO Plush Slippers

If you’re searching for cosy vegan house slippers to wear in the winter, we suggest the option from Saguaro; these are plush, comfy shoes for strutting around your home. 

The outer material and the soles are synthetic, providing a soft, flexible feel. On the inside, you have artificial fur, giving them a warm cosy sensation while wearing. Although they might be slippery on particular floors. 

On the bright side, the soles make no noise as you walk around in the early morning or late night, excellent if you have sleeping kids. 

The slippers are easy to put on—they sport an open-heel design. They are, however, a little thicker towards the back, about a 0.3 centimetres heel height. 

You have a variety of colour and design options available, but we will warn that Saguaro’s bunny slippers contain wool, so they aren’t completely vegan. 

Sizes are available from a UK 2.5 to a 9.5 in standard width. 

With that said, they aren’t as durable as the Toms above, and may only last a few months with frequent wear. 


  • Bendable sole
  • Synthetic fur interior
  • Easy to slip into 
  • Various colours are available


  • They may not last as long as hoped

Best Faux Fur Slippers — Bearpaw Vegan Loki

SAGUARO Plush Slippers

The Bearpaw Vegan Loki slippers are cuddly and cosy. On the outside, the Loki slippers have a faux fur collar, giving them a fuzzy, eye-catching appearance. At the top, you have the Bearpaw logo. 

They consist of a synthetic upper, which is flexible and comfy. Then as you step inside, you have a faux sheepskin interior, made from soft fabric, keeping your feet warm. 

The footbed is ultra-soft and lightly padded for support—you can walk around your home comfortably for hours. Unlike the Saguaro slippers, Bearclaw includes rubber outsoles, providing some slip-resistance should you step on wet floors. 

You have eight colours to choose from, also some with faux wool collars. The slippers are lightweight, weighing approximately 170 grams per shoe—however, this depends on the size. 

Sizes are available in both UK and US variations. Unfortunately, they aren’t as durable as expected—the rubber outsoles come apart quite easily. 


  • Flexible upper. 
  • Faux sheepskin interior. 
  • Fake fur collar. 
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsoles. 
  • Lightweight. 


  • Rubber outsoles come apart quite easily. 

Best Sliders — FITORY Sliders Slippers

Bearpaw Vegan Loki

We can’t resist a cute pair of sliders, and these from Fitory are just right. Keeping your feet in place are synthetic fur bands—they’re soft and comfy, perfect for wearing around the home. 

The vegan womens slippers boast EVA soles, providing shock-absorption and slip-resistance on wet floors. 

They offer slight arch support with their ergonomically-designed footbed. Another benefit is that they prevent your feet from slipping out while you walk. 

The heel measures approximately 2 centimetres in height, and they come in medium width. You have nine colours and combos to choose from, including some fuzzy options. They range in size from a UK 3 to 8. 

With that said, arch support might not be pleasant for everyone, particularly those with low arches. The slippers require a slight break-in period before they’re fully comfortable. 


  • Soft synthetic fur. 
  • EVA soles. 
  • Ergonomically-shaped footbeds with arch support. 
  • Available in medium width. 


  • The footbed may not suit everyone’s needs. 
  • They require a break-in before they’re fully comfortable.

Best Cross Band Slippers — LongBay Leopard Faux Fur Slippers

Vegan slippers in leopard design

If you want something a little different than your usual sliders, we recommend these vegan slippers from LongBay. 

The leopard print fuzzy slippers sport a cross band design, giving them a chic yet cosy appearance. For the upper, you have faux fur bands, finished with a printed design that’s available in four colours. 

What’s great is the supportive footbed, consisting of high-density memory foam, which cushions your steps. They have an ergonomic feel and are topped by a protective EVA insole, absorbing shocks and reducing muscle fatigue. 

The slippers come in sizes ranging from a UK 3 to an 8, all in medium width. But they may feel a bit wobbly and not as secure as the Fitory above. Also, they get hot quite quickly, leading to sweaty feet. 


  • Stylish cross bands. 
  • Fuzzy faux fur. 
  • High-density memory foam footbeds and EVA insoles. 


  • Might be too wide for narrow feet. 
  • They get warm and sweaty.

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Honourable Mention — Vollsjo Vegan Felt House Slippers

Vegan slippers in grey/green

The vegan mens and womens slippers from Vollsjö are minimalistic yet ultra-comfy; they’re made entirely from felt, making them lightweight on the feet. What’s fantastic is that they’re handcrafted in the EU. 

For the outsole, you have microfibre, which protects the floor, but it offers very little support. Still, they’re ideal for wearing around the home and come in seven different colours. 

With that said, they can be slippery, particularly on smooth surfaces, like tile. The slippers also become very warm after some time, suggesting they aren’t ideal in the summer. 


  • Vegan felt upper
  • Silent microfibre sole
  • Handcrafted in the EU


  • Can be slippery
  • Not supportive
  • Tend to get warm

Are Ugg Slippers Vegan?

There’s no such thing as a vegan Ugg. The original slippers from this brand consist almost entirely of animal products, such as leather and wool. 

Leather is the skin of the animal, and it can come from almost any kind, including cows, goats, sheep, and even kangaroos. 

Wool, on the other hand, consists mostly of sheep fur—in some instances, it comes from alpacas and goats. 

Although wool production doesn’t require killing the animal, many are subjected to abuse, so most vegans are against using it.

However, Ugg does have some options—mostly kids’ sandals—that it labels as vegan leather. But, they usually include animal products in other forms, like wool linings. 

Luckily, there are plenty of other great alternatives that are just as comfy as Ugg. 


woman is reading book

There’s nothing better than slipping into a pair of soft, cuddly vegan slippers after a long day. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from in various styles, colours and materials. 

However, remember to check the materials before buying—some brands like to sneak in animal products. 

We hope our guide was helpful. And as always, remember that all our recommendations ship to the UK.

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