Don’t settle for the cheapest soap brand! As consumers, we have the responsibility to be sensitive enough for the environment and animal welfare. 

Let us be conscious not only about our hygiene or health but on our lifestyle in general. Choosing vegan, natural soap is a meaningful contribution to protect our environment. 

Here is our selection of the best soap options available in the UK, that have proven to be of good quality, animal cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly!

Versatile pure Castile liquid Soap (Dr. Bronner’s)


Vegan soap brands such as Dr. Bronner’s keep animals safe from harm and provide a green alternative to regular soaps. Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile liquid soaps come in various fragrances but our favourite is the lavender one.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soaps are famous for their versatility. Indeed, not only can you use this soap for your body, but also as a household cleaning agent. It’s Gentle enough for washing your body, face or hair, but strong enough for tasks like dishwashing, mopping, and laundry.

Lavender oil relaxes muscles and soothes skin and leaves skin feeling clean and nourished.

As always, the packaging is biodegradable and made from a recycled combination of packaging materials. The ingredients are both Fairtrade and organic certified.

It uses natural ingredients and a vegetable base, we guarantee that chemicals and artificial agents aren’t in this vegan soap!

Dr Bronner’s is all about positive social change and making a good global impact. They do this through ethical production and supporting charities around the globe. Not to mention, they also treat their workers well, as everyone should obviously!

Soap bar for coconut lovers (KIRKS NATURAL)


Up next is Kirk’s Natural Soap!

This vegan bar soap is an original formula that uses completely natural ingredients – man-made chemicals not allowed!

Consequently, this soap would be perfect for those with sensitive skin and is a must-have if you’re looking for hypoallergenic skincare products. In addition to gently cleansing your sensitive skin, it’s long-lasting and comes at a reasonable price.

And don’t worry, the soap does not contain animal by-products or harsh detergents – so you can put your vegan mind at ease!

This vegan soap uses botanical coconut oil so it’s very gentle on the skin and does not leave any residue. Oh, and they also offer a fragrance-free option, if it’s what you’re looking for.

Kirk’s have been producing these soaps since 1839, and their experience has left them with a product that is a consistent top seller in the rankings of naturally produced vegan soaps in the UK.

Bar soap that men will love (Herban Cowboy)


This masterfully crafted vegan soap product is an eye-opener on so many levels.

Herban Cowboy’s ‘Dusk Deodorant’ is a soap bar that is 100% vegan and crafted using a natural vegetable base along with the natural skin conditioning properties of seaweed.

It uses black walnut to provide deodorizing properties which means this vegan soap brand offers something extra for men!

By the way, have you seen our selection of the best vegan deodorants for men?

This soap bar emanates a natural masculine scent and is a long-lasting soap bar that will keep you on top of your grooming game.

Finally, it is also free from artificial dyes, colourings, and chemical ingredients.

Leave no stone unturned with Herban Cowboy’s Dusk Bar!

Creamy cruelty-free soap bar (Tom’s of Maine)


The next bar on our vegan soap UK tour contains one incredibly powerful natural ingredient when it comes to health benefits: Virgin coconut oil.

Not only does it smell amazing, but it also packs a bunch of benefits such as antibacterial, antioxidant, softening and soothing properties. That’s all you need for a radiant and healthy skin!

This cruelty-free soap bar is gentle on sensitive skin and takes full control of its natural ingredients without relying on any chemicals at all. Tom’s of Maine believes that you shouldn’t use chemicals on your skin today that you’d want to be put out into your world tomorrow.

If you want a company that is looking out for you and the planet, then Tom has you covered! 

Moisturizing bar soap (Kiss My Face)


As if the name of this natural vegan soap bar hasn’t caught your attention. 

Produced in Greece, this natural bar soap pays respect to the natural cleansing, purifying and healing properties of olive oil.

Indeed, the natural vegan beauty bar soap contains 86% olive oil (pure), an ingredient suitable for all skin types, and doesn’t have any nasty chemicals hidden inside.

The combination of antioxidant-rich olive oil and exfoliating sea salt is especially effective in treating eczema and psoriasis.

The 100% natural soap is also free of any artificial colours, making it a pure and simply useful beauty product. Plus, this non-perfumed soap is full of naturally occurring vitamin E, ensuring a premium skin health.

Olive oil, sea salt and water… Yes, it contains nothing but three ingredients… Talk about simplicity.

Bar soap with glycerine (Clearly Natural)


Up next is this hypoallergenic soap from ‘Clearly Natural’.

Obviously, it contains no artificial dyes or colours, staying true to the brand’s name being ‘Clearly Natural’.

These soap bars contain a high amount of glycerine (derived from plant-based oils). Glycerine is non-greasy, making this soap a great option for oily skin, but it’s also an amazing natural moisturizer that will prevent your skin from over-drying. 

The soap is also hypoallergenic. So to all of you having sensitive skin types, this one’s for you!

Finally, Clearly Natural has partnered with the project ‘soap saves lives’ – a worldwide mission to aid those in developing countries with hygiene and health products.

By purchasing this fragrance-free soap bar, a portion of your money goes towards this fantastic cause.

Dead sea mineral mud soap (One With Nature)


‘Experience the Dead Sea difference’. This is the slogan of our next vegan soap brand, and we can only applaud its sheer brilliance. Nicely done ‘One With Nature’, nicely done!

This company was built with the aim of manufacturing skin products that are effective and contain the best ingredients around. 

This particular cruelty-free soap bar is manufactured in Jordan and utilizes minerals from the Dead Sea itself.

This area of the world is notorious for its muds and salts that are deeply beneficial for the skin, providing a deep and thorough cleanse. They also help return the skin’s pH levels to normal and minimizes acne.

One with nature has created this cruelty-free bar by combining these naturally occurring ingredients with culturally traditional ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil.

There are no artificial nasty things in this bar, and the soap is naturally free of additional fragrances.

Furthermore, ‘One With Nature’ works with Friends of The Earth in supporting the conservation efforts around the Dead Sea. Support their company and you’ll be looking out for your body and your planet once again!

Tea tree pure Castile soap (Dr. Woods)


Dr.Woods pure Castile soap uses the combination of natural tea tree oil and the healing nature of olive oil to produce this amazing liquid soap.

The natural properties of tea tree oil turn this soap into an exfoliating, unclogging and skin healing experience. It locks in moisture while creating a breathable layer on the skin.

Tea tree also helps with the healing of skin blemishes and absorbs any excess of oil in your pores.

So have no fear because Dr.Woods is here to clean up your skin and leave you feeling refreshed!

This soap is also free of chemicals such as paraben and phthalate – ingredients that are as great for your skin as they are easy to pronounce!

This is another soap with multiple uses as you can use it as a facial cleanser; body wash, shampoo and even laundry detergent. 

Dr. Woods won’t let you down here!

Vegan soap brands offer a wide variety of products for different types of skin and for different purposes. One thing’s for sure though, vegan soaps are better in so many ways compared to most popular brands in the market.

Not to mention, natural soaps help keep the environment (and your skin) clean by using products that are chemical-free and clinically tested in cruelty-free ways.

Give vegan soap brands a try! You’re not only helping yourself but the environment as well!

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