Timberlands leather boots are very popular among fashion footwear. But did you know that millions of cows are slaughtered every year for their leather to make such goods? Recently, there has been a movement to manufacture goods that are sustainable and do not involve the skinning of animals. 

Do Timberland vegan boots exist? Not exactly.

Timberland vegan-friendly boots are available and are made using recycled plastics and sustainable LITE Leather, which are produced using less water and energy. Some even use recycled leather, but none of them are 100 percent vegan. They do make vegan Timberland shoes, though.

So, if you’re looking forward to buying vegan Timberlands, this article is for you. We will also provide you with a few Timberland-style vegan alternatives – and if you realize Timberland are not your thing you can still have a look at our vegan Vans alternatives, for exemple.

All of our suggestions are available in the UK.

Here’s a quick overview of the vegan Timberlands and other alternatives we are going to review:

Are Vegan Timberlands a Good Choice?

As time passes, the quality of such cruelty free boots is improving, but Timberland could do better at making its boots cruelty free.

The vegan Timberlands we feature are shoes and are reliable, cosy, functional, and fashionable. 

The non leather boots we feature aren’t very expensive, yet they’re long-lasting and are in the style of classic Timberland boots.

There are various options available for both men and women like vegan hiking boots, vegan safety boots, vegan combat boots, cruelty free boots, vegan walking boots etc. 

Different features like padded cushions and waterproof construction are available, too. Undoubtedly, these vegan Timberlands are top-notch quality.

Reviews of the Best Vegan Timberlands

Most Comfortable – Timberland Union Wharf Derby Sneaker for Men

vegan timberlands men's black timberland union wharf derby sneakers

Never out of style, these vegan Timberlands are completely cruelty free. 

Available in black, blue, light grey, and green, these shoes work best with formal wear. They have a canvas upper and are available in a wide range of sizes. 

The laces are made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. 

To ensure that it provides ultimate comfort, it has anti-fatigue technology such as cushioned EVA footbeds and shock absorption. 

A supportive rubber outsole provides a solid grip on various terrain.

They’re the perfect cross between oxfords and sneakers and are available in the UK.


  • Comfortable and fashionable.
  • They run true to size.
  • Lightweight and breathable.


  • Don’t offer much value for money.
  • Not durable.

Most Stylish – Timberland Newport Bay Oxford for Women

vegan timberlands women's timberland newport bay oxford shoes

Part of the Oxford-style range, these shoes are specially designed for women. They’re available in four colours: black, pink, blue, and white. 

There is a unique white pair with floral print.; this design looks best when paired with jeans and shirts or dresses. 

Canvas is used to make the outsides while textile material is for the inside. 

They’ve got a cushioned EVA footbed for shock absorption and ensuring maximum comfort at every step. 

These lace-up shoes have an outsole made of rubber that provides amazing traction. 

Along with the above features, they have a rubber toe bumper which provides additional comfort and protection from scrapes and scratches. 

Their design makes them breathable and sustainable yet classy.


  • Lightweight.
  • True to size.
  • Available in a variety of colours.


  • The laces provided are very short.

Best for Summers – Timberland Gateway Pier Casual Men’s Oxfords

vegan timberlands gray gateway pier casual men's oxford shoes

These fashionable vegan shoes from Timberland are made of canvas on the outside, and textiles on the inside. 

They’re available in green, grey, red, and beige; these oxfords are very versatile and work with all kinds of clothing styles. 

With a SensorFlex comfort system for the underfoot, they’re very comfortable. 

It also has an independent suspension system and flexibility which provides comfort all day long. The sole of these shoes are made from gum rubber.

These lace-up shoes have 100 percent cotton laces and are completely cruelty-free. They are cosy, stylish, and environmentally friendly.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Perfect for warm weather.


  • Not true to size.
  • Get worn off easily.

Vegan Alternatives To Timberland Boots

If you have to have Timberlands, there are vegan-friendly options available, like the Heritage EK+ 6 Inch Boot for Women, or the Larchmont II Chukka Boot for Men

The former is made using regenerative leather, sourced from responsible farms that regenerate the earth and have a positive impact on the environment. 

The latter is made using Lite Leather, which uses 31.6 litres of water less than the production of regular leather, and saves 308 hours of lightning energy.

If you want a boot that’s 100 percent vegan, but in the style of a Timberland boot, have a look at the selection below.

Best Overall – Will’s Vegan Shoes Men’s Dock Boots Tan Vegan Suede

vegan timberlands will's vegan shoes men's dock boots in tan vegan suede

Manufactured by Will’s Vegan Shoes, these vegan winter boots are the best alternative to a Timberland boot. 

They’re created with authentic vegan suede, manufactured by a company in Italy that has a minimal carbon footprint. 

Being completely waterproof, they are suitable to wear in wet weather.

These mens vegan boots are breathable and comfortable. 

A padded collar provides a nice fit around the ankle, and the outsole is made from flexible thermoplastic rubber, with high traction suitable for long walks and trekking.

The laces are made from high-quality synthetic material. These lace-up boots are delivered in an environment-friendly, non-treated paper and cardboard packing. 


  • Reliable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting.
  • Comfortable and classy.
  • True to size.


  • Do not provide much warmth.

Best for Work – Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens Dock Dark Blue Boots

vegan timberlands will's vegan shoes dark blue dock boots for men

These vegan work boots, manufactured by Will’s Vegan Shoes, are ideal for heavy-duty work and are offered in a wide range of sizes. Available in dark blue, they look stylish and trendy.  They’re made from vegan suede and plants, specially manufactured in Italy, using bio-oil from organic cereal crops.

These boots are waterproof, so they are perfect for cold weather and sturdy enough to withstand mud, slush, and snow.

There is a padded cushion around the collar for a pleasant fit around the ankle, and the outsole is made from recycled rubber; these boots should last for years.


  • Keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Functional.


  • Not true to size.

Best Value for Money- Will’s Vegan Shoes Women Dock Boots 

vegan timberlands will's vegan shoes women's dock boots

This boot is made from vegan suede which is produced in Italy using plants and special oils.

It’s available in a classic powered blue, which looks stunning. The boots are water-repellent, durable, and can be worn in any weather or season without concern.

These boots have a lace-up closure and are equipped with a cushioned collar and tongue that support the ankles, along with cushioned outsoles and insoles. 

These vegan waterproof boots have soles made from recycled rubber and are extremely environmentally friendly.


  • Waterproof.
  • Cosy and comfortable.
  • Sustainable and reliable


  • Laces are too short.


Vegan Timberlands aren’t 100 percent vegan, but Timberland has put a lot of effort into making its manufacturing process more sustainable and environment-friendly. 

They ensure there’s no cruelty towards animals, and use recycled materials where possible. You can buy vegan Timberlands—but in a shoe.

There are some beautiful Timberland-style boots available that are 100 percent vegan, from the materials and manufacturing process to the packaging. 

Remember to research your intended purchase to ensure all elements of the product are vegan.

All products reviewed in this article ship to the UK.

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