The Best Vegan Toothpaste


The problem with toothpaste is, lots of the available options in the market undergo animal testing which promotes cruelty among them.

Luckily for these poor animals, more and more people are making the stand and turn into a vegan lifestyle, by choosing vegan or cruelty-free toothpaste for example. 

Here is a list of the best vegan toothpaste options available in the U.K. market today.

Oh, all the options on the list are also fluoride-free and don’t contain the nasty chemicals often found in toothpaste.

Vegan toothpaste with worldwide fame ( Himalaya Botanique)


Himalaya Botanique’s products are a bestseller on Amazon when it comes to vegan toothpaste.

The good thing about Himalaya Botanique is that their toothpaste is made with 100% Organic Certified (USDA certified) ingredients from 97% natural sources. It is also free from fluoride and unhealthy chemicals, whose names you can’t even pronounce, that are found in common toothpaste.

As its name implies, this “complete care” toothpaste not only freshens your breath but also helps remove plaques and make your teeth whiter.

Good news for coffee drinkers, reviews for this product claim that even with regular coffee intake, this toothpaste will still keep your teeth white. 

There is certainly no going back to regular toothpaste once you have tried this one.

Vegan AND plastic-free toothpaste (Georganics)


Aside from being 100% vegan and natural (fluoride, glycerine and SLS free), Georganics’ Natural Toothpaste also uses a mineral-rich and non-foaming formula which is good for our teeth’s remineralization process (energy drinks addicts, this one is for you).

Also, this is a great eco-friendly toothpaste option in the UK as they only use recyclable and biodegradable materials for their packaging, which is in line with their commitment towards sustainability. 

If you’re all about locally made products, this could be your go-to vegan toothpaste as Georganics’ ingredients are locally sourced and handcrafted in the UK!

So by getting Georganics’ toothpaste, you’re not only making a stand against animal cruelty but in support of sustainability as well.

Animals also need a clean planet to live in right?

Toothpaste for the whole family (Desert Essence)


Desert Essence’s Whitening Plus toothpaste may be a great option if you’re looking for a vegan toothpaste that the whole family will love.

This toothpaste is not only 100% natural, fluoride-free and gluten-free, but the tea tree oils it contains coupled with its minty flavour give the toothpaste a great, unique taste that everyone seems to love!

Aside from ensuring a healthy mouth and a fresh breath, Desert Essence also nailed the stain removal and whitening properties of this toothpaste! Coffee drinkers and cigarette smokers, you can thank the bamboo stem fiber and baking soda blend in the ingredients.

From magic soap to magic toothpaste ( Dr. Bronner’s )


Dr. Bronner is quite a big player in the eco-friendly personal care products market.

The company (with quite a peculiar story by the way) is mostly famous for their organic “magic” soaps (ranking at the top of our vegan soap selection) but they also offer a great range of vegan toothpaste.

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Peppermint toothpaste is made with 70% organic & fair-trade ingredients.

They use their very own low-foaming formula which helps whiten teeth, reduce plaque and freshen breath. This formula does not contain any synthetic foaming agents and artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners. 

Dr. Bronner’s ingredients provide a unique, refreshing flavour and they are quite soft on your teeth. Meaning that while this may not be the best whitening toothpaste on the list, it is a great fluoride-free toothpaste for sensitive teeth!

What the heck is xylitol?! (Now Foods Xyli White)


The Now Foods Xyli White is a revolutionary all-natural, fluoride-free, and vegan toothpaste gel using xylitol as its main component. It’s not just a funny name, xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol usually found in natural sources such as fruits or… your own body.

If neem-based toothpaste is not your thing, you should consider Now Foods Xyli White!

Xylitol is an ingredient that is very popular with dentists and many studies have already been published that conclusively prove that xylitol significantly boosts oral health by preventing tooth decay. This is because the oral bacteria that feed on glucose will absorb the xylitol instead, causing these bacteria to starve to death.

Yep, xylitol does bring war to the bacteria in your mouth.

UK’s leading natural toothpaste brand (Kingfisher)


This brand may not need an introduction.

Reaching the end of this article, you already know the song… Kingfisher toothpaste is vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free and 100% made of natural ingredients. 

But what makes Kingfisher stand out from the other vegan toothpaste options on this list is its price.

Indeed, Kingfishers’ fennel toothpaste is the cheapest option on this list!

Make sure you like the fennel taste first, but if you don’t, Kingfisher offers 9 different options. 

They also offer a vegan toothpaste with fluoride, making it the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth on the list.

A journey to wholistic beauty (Nature’s Gate)


Nature’s Gate’s vegan toothpaste, Nature’s Gate Wintergreen Gel is made only from natural ingredients such as cranberry, withe tea, ginger extracts and an abundance of calcium. Again, this toothpaste is fluoride-free, gluten-free and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. 

Their line of toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors and is formulated to be as efficient, if not better than most available fluoride-based toothpaste in the market.

Nature’s Gate toothpaste will give you a very clean feeling in the mouth and a fresh breath, meanwhile it whitens and polishes your teeth naturally.

In a few words: same benefits as common toothpaste options in the market, but without animal cruelty, of course!

The best charcoal toothpaste in the UK? (Pro Teeth Whitening)

Love it or hate it, charcoal is everywhere. It’s a huge thing in the oral care industry.

Simply because activated charcoal toothpaste is supposed to outshine any other whitening and freshening toothpaste. 

Activated charcoal toothpaste promises whiter teeth and a super clean mouth, but here is the thing, charcoal is actually a form of carbon… and it is quite abrasive.

In fact, for some people, the cons of activated charcoal could actually outweigh the pros.

That’s why we put this toothpaste at the bottom of our list.

However, if you’re here looking for the best charcoal toothpaste available, Activated Charcoal by Pro Teeth Whitening is the one. Their charcoal toothpaste is vegan, GMO-free, fluoride-free and 100% naturally derived. They also claim that their activated charcoal solution is low in abrasion and safe for your enamel.

Finally, Pro Teeth Whitening products are manufactured in the UK and adhere to GMP standards.

If going for it, just take some precautions…

To avoid abrasion and damaging the enamel, don’t overuse that toothpaste and consider it as a casual whitening solution. 

Keep in mind that charcoal toothpaste is not for children. Pro Teeth Whitening actually states that their toothpaste is not for use by children under 12 years old.

Because of people’s increased awareness on cruelty and animal testing in the cosmetics industry, the market is forced to adapt. For example, the giant Colgate-Palmolive just launched its first-ever Colgate vegan toothpaste.

Plus, companies dedicated to offering vegan toothpaste and other vegan health and wellness products are on the rise. 

So if there is any vegan toothpaste brand you think we should know about, don’t hesitate to let us know (Especially if you can find it in any major supermarket in the UK!).