The footwear industry has seen a vast improvement in recent years when it comes to the amazing vegan trainers UK has to offer.

While it’s not so easy to find reliable vegan dress shoes, it’s the opposite situation with vegan trainers! The offer of vegan kicks is getting huge and there should be no shortage of choices to keep your feet cozy and casual.

Here we’re listing down the coolest vegan trainers you can snag to suit your style. 

Let’s get started!

The lightest men’s vegan trainers (Vivobarefoot Primus)


Forget Stan Smith.

Vivobarefoot’s Primus Lite is one of the most breathable men’s vegan trainers you’ll ever find in all of the UK.

Not only are these kicks comfortable and light to pack around, they’re classy and timeless, too. They come in three darling colors, but the white variant is our favorite!

Whether you’re running an errand or taking a stroll, these shoes deliver. And they are as comfortable as slippers.

The sleekest casual vegan shoes (TRETORN)


Name any outfit that doesn’t look great with black vegan trainers, we’ll wait. 

Let’s be honest, you couldn’t think of any. 

Black or white trainers are bound to slay all of your wardrobe looks, and that’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that Tretorn’s Nylite Vegan Trainers can help you pull off any outfit on any given day.

If there’s any form of footgear that’s worth your buck, it’s got to be these vegan kicks. 

The most bohemian vegan-friendly trainers (HolyCowChic)


Music festival or not, tribal footwear makes for perfect clothing partners when you’re on-the-go.

They’re chic, charming, and unleash unparalleled soul.

These Hippie Shoes by HolyCowChic may not be actual vegan sneakers per se, but they’re terrific scene-stealers that help complete flowy dresses and edgy party attires.

It doesn’t hurt that all of the brand’s products are uniquely handmade, too! If that’s not enough, you’ll be happy to know that they ship for free everywhere within the UK!

The most durable men’s safety vegan trainers (V12)


Whether you’re out in the wild or on top of the world, you’ll need the help of reliable walking shoes to get you from one point to the next.

Lucky for you, the V12 Velocity is serving both durability and style.

Designed to meet the EU standard for electrostatic discharge, expect these pumps to support not just your stamina, but also your vegan lifestyle! What’s even better than that?

The snuggest vegan running shoes (Merrell)


Anyone who has an affinity with the great outdoors knows that Merrell is an industry leader when it comes to dependable footwear.

This is why their Men’s Range Laceless AC+ Slip-on Trainers is one of the most well-loved readily available shoes in the UK today.

Made with lightweight cushioning and knitted textiles, these babies will make running to your finish line a walk in the park!

It’s our favorite vegan Adidas Ultra Boost alternative!

The best eco-friendly kicks (Nae)


Nothing screams “saving the planet” more than the Nae Re-Bottle Vegan Sneakers.

Created with PET fabric from polyester laces and recycled bottles, these trainers are breathable, bold, and inventive at best. Consisting of anti-allergy microfibers, these shoes are 100% vegan and a million even more percent stylish and functional.

Combining sleek, slender, and sustainable, you’re going to want to wear this pair every day and everywhere.

The coolest earth-friendly slip-on trainers (Natural World)


It’s true.

You really don’t have to break the bank to save a little part of the world.

Bright, rugged, and versatile, Natural World Women’s blue cotton slip-on sneakers are the cheap vegan shoes you’ve been looking for. If you’re eyeing a pair of pumps that yells simplicity and comfortability, your chances of going wrong with these trainers are criminally low.

Grab a pair or two for you and a friend!

The loudest vegan statement kicks (Liberty Lifestyle)


If you’re the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, you might as well wear it on your sole, too!

Etsy brand Liberty Lifestyle provides a thunderous offering of vegan skate shoes with their Vegan Life, Women’s High Top Trainers.

Both elegant and captivating, these kicks are committed to effortlessly showing the world what the vegan life is all about–love, peace, and joy.

The most colorful vegan sports trainers (ALEADER)

A dash of color never hurt anyone.

And ALEADER’s summer vegan gym trainers are a perfect example of how vegan footwear designed for the active lifestyle should look like.

By the way, if you like versatile trainers, did you know that Nike also has vegan shoes in its collection?

Made with slip-resistant EVA cushion soles, these trainers will make you feel like you were built to conquer the world with spunk and style.

The most comfortable vegan running trainers (Vivobarefoot Stealth)


It’s never advisable to workout with your bare feet (even on your faux fur rug). But…

Viveobarefoot’s Stealth II, Women’s Breathable Vegan Workout Shoe duplicates the thrill and freedom of being able to do so–minus the risks and dangers involved!

Keep your feet snug and secure while moving to the beat of your exercise playlist!

Jump, run, and spin with these kicks for a liberating sensation that isn’t like any other. 

There’s never been a better time to elevate our shoe game until today!

Considering how the fashion and footwear sectors have become impossibly uncontainable with overwhelming mass productions, it’s only right for us to re-align our shopping choices to the current climate.

More than anything, supporting eco-friendly, organic, and vegan fashion products is our closest bet to helping the planet become a more livable place for us and the generations to come. And this, works as well for sports enthusiasts – if by chance you like boxing, you can check as well of selection of vegan boxing gloves.

Did you like anything on the list? There’s no need to cross your fingers and second-guess. All the products ship to the UK at reasonable rates, if not for free!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know!

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