You don’t have to be a runway model to flaunt good-fitting shoes. And you don’t need to be an accomplished TedTalk speaker to be an environmentalist either. Lucky for you, being smart, stylish, and earth-sensitive is very much within reach.

If you’re looking for sustainable hiking shoes, eco-friendly hiking boots, or just casual, everyday vegan trainers, you’re on the right page!

Let’s get started!

The most dapper trainers (Vans)

Even though other popular brands such as Nike have been producing vegan trainers, the most popular shoe brands that produce a ton of cruelty-free footwear is Vans. This is precisely why many vegans prefer them!

Their Atwood Canvas trainers for men are a good example. Crafted with textiles and rubber, these trainers are go-to style partners for any guy looking to wear his heart on his feet.

Because they have several variants, you’re free to pick whatever style and colour you want! They all look terrific, but we think the navy blue and the black gum variants are the best!

For more casual trainers, have a look at our selection of the best vegan trainers around!

The best casual trainers for men (Vivobarefoot)

Vivobarefoot is every inch a winner when it comes to breathability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Their Primus Lite should be evidence enough! Made with synthetic and gum rubber, these kicks are terrific vegan trekking shoes you can sport at a gym, at the mall, and essentially anywhere your feet take you!

This pair, in particular, comes in black and white, but trust us when we say no shoe is more immaculate than the white one!

The most durable hiking boots for women (XPETI)

Jessica Simpson may not be a XPETI ambassador, but she was every bit correct when she said these boots were made for walking.

Designed with textiles, gum rubber, and synthetic, these vegan hiking boots are absolutely perfect for muddy trips, hikes to the hills, or long walks to challenging landscapes.

They’re comfortable, sturdy, and very pleasant to look at, too! But don’t take our word for it. Check out the overwhelmingly positive feedback they have on Amazon yourself!

The most durable hiking boots for men (Merrell)

Merrell is an excellent vegan brand if you’re looking solely for eco-vegan hiking boots and sustainable shoes.

Take their Men’s Moab 2 Mid Gore-tex, for example. Also designed with synthetic, textile, and gum rubber, these boots make use of cell foam tongues that keep debris out and help maintain moisture.

Designed specifically for hiking, mountain climbing, and other awesome activities in the great outdoors, these kicks will keep you perfect company wherever the winds take you!

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The best vegan trail shoes for women (Merrell)

As we said, Merrell is a popular brand that produces sustainable kicks.

So if you’re looking for vegan waterproof walking shoes, we highly recommend their Women’s All Out Crush 2 GTX. Made with an integrated footbed and lycra neoprene heel lining for utmost flexibility and comfort, your feet aren’t deprived of ease and physical support.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Red Azalea Turquoise is a stunner, too! Who wouldn’t want to walk in those kicks?

The best striking vegan kicks for men (Altra)

Another brand that always rises to the occasion is Altra. That being said, expect their men’s vegan travel shoes to deliver!

Because their Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Trail Running Shoes are created with durable mesh, synthetic, and rubber materials, these shoes are sure to cushion and protect your feet when on the go.

Crafted with a striking imagery of a mountain, each of the three variants provides a distinct aesthetic to anyone looking for walking shoes that are eye-catching, too! All of them are perfect, but the grey one has our vote!

The best casual trainers for women (Mustang)

Count on Mustang for chic, everyday walking vegan shoes you can wear anywhere you like.

Manufactured with gum rubber, textile, and canvas, these kicks are great for when you’re looking for something to cap off a jeans-and-shirt get-up.

These women’s low-top trainers come in five colourful variants. But if you ask us, we love the Blue 841 Jeansblau variant the most! 

The Sleekest black kicks for women (STQ)

First on our list is these beautiful elegant black trainers from STQ! Made with breathable mesh and synthetic materials, these pairs of eco-friendly walking shoes are the definition of casual comfort made especially for the ladies.

As they are both light and durable, you can take them virtually anywhere! Whether you’re out on a run or a quick errand to the store, you can be confident these shoes will see you through!

This design comes in 11 variants, but as you can already tell, the black one is our favourite!

The cheapest vegan black kicks for men (Get Fit)

Get Fit doesn’t have Amazon’s Choice badge for no reason. Being one of the most affordable options on this list for men, these air bubble trainers are also made of mesh and synthetic materials.

Sporty-looking and light on the feet, these shoes are perfect for long walks, outdoor activities, or casual trips to the mall.

If you’re not a fan of dark-coloured shoes, these come in 12 selections, but our favorites are the plain black and the black and yellow variants.

We’re in a shifting shopping landscape where people are encouraged to turn to the digital space even more now.

So if you’re on the lookout for eye-catching ethical walking boots, lightweight hiking boots, or even just regular vegan shoes, we hope you found something on our list! And in case we haven’t mentioned this yet, all the shoes mentioned here deliver within the UK!

Looking for something more sturdy to wear at work or in the mud? Have a look at our selection of vegan work boots.

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