Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or you’ve simply decided to start living more sustainably and compassionately, you’ll want to check out Corkor! This completely vegan brand offers a wide selection of gorgeous, supple and eco-friendly products that may have the look and feel of leather, but certainly don’t have the same ethical cost.

Corkor: The Vegan Brand

Read on to find out what makes Corkor so special, how choosing cork leather products can help you reduce your environmental impact, and what items are available to buy right now.

The Benefits of Cork Leather

You may not have heard of cork leather before, but it should certainly be on your radar. There are many different faux leather styles available, from polyurethane (PU) to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), alongside more environmentally friendly options, such as apple leather.

Cork leather is also becoming an increasingly popular alternative to real leather. Here are just three great reasons why:

  • It’s completely ethical – Cork leather is produced from the bark of a tree, not taken from an animal. This means there’s no animal exploitation involved and no pain or suffering caused by its manufacture. For vegans everywhere, knowing there are cruelty-free leather alternatives available is a huge relief!
  • It looks fantastic – Cork leather may not look as realistic as PU and PVC styles, but in many cases, you won’t be able to tell the difference without looking closely. Plus, this gives it a unique look! If you like to make a statement, wearing cork leather is bound to do the trick.
  • It’s environmentally friendly – As if you needed another reason to convert to cork, it’s also much more environmentally friendly than real leather, in addition to many of its alternatives. Plus, cork leather is highly durable, which means it won’t fall apart and need to be replaced.

You can learn more about the many benefits of cork leather in this helpful blog post by Corkor itself: How Durable is Cork Fabric?

The 6 Best Corkor Bags, Wallets & Belts

Best Corkor Bags:

Cork Briefcase

Cork Briefcase

Corkor describes this briefcase as perfect for men with “refined taste” – and we couldn’t agree more! This sophisticated briefcase, made entirely from cork, will certainly turn heads whether you’re heading into the office or meeting a client. A statement briefcase doesn’t need to include animal products, and this one from Corkor is certainly proof of that.

Ticking every box when it comes to style, this cork briefcase is also highly practical. Like real leather, it’s water-resistant and designed to hold up against the elements. The briefcase also offers a laptop pocket, tablet pocket, and pen holder for all your workplace essentials!

Cork Backpack 

Cork Backpack 

You’ll also find a selection of Corkor bags for women, including this cute backpack. This compact bag is ideal for carrying your essentials from A to B, whether you’re heading to the office or meeting friends for lunch. It offers a casual look that pairs perfectly with jeans, dresses or skirts, and is a great way to keep your phone, purse and keys in one place!

Handbags are great, but there’s no denying that backpacks are much more practical when you’re on the go – especially this one from Corkor. It comes with adjustable straps that can be tightened or loosened according to your preferences, making it an ergonomic alternative to your favourite handbag.

You can get your hands on a Corkor backpack here.

Corkor Cork Clutch 

Cork Clutch 

Clutch bags are an essential accessory for those well-deserved nights out! This gorgeous brown clutch from Corkor offers everything you’d expect from a statement bag, but even better – it’s vegan and eco-friendly. Get rid of the misconception that sustainable fashion isn’t glamorous, as this beautiful, handcrafted bag proves otherwise.

Nice and compact, this cork clutch has just enough space to fit your phone, keys and purse, so you can dance the night away without worrying about losing anything! A silver chain also ensures you can go hands-free, if you’d prefer, giving you the versatility you need to truly enjoy your night out.

One of the best Corkor bags available, you can grab your clutch here!

Corkor Vegan Wallets & Purses:

Corkor Slim Women’s Wallet

Slim Women’s Wallet

Don’t you just hate fumbling around in your bag for your purse? If you’re always on the go, being able to access your cards and coins easily is a must! If you’re looking for a practical alternative to purses, card and coin wallets are a fantastic choice – especially when they’re made from cork, like this women’s wallet from Corkor!

This handcrafted Corkor vegan wallet can be tucked neatly in your pocket or the interior pocket of your bag, making sure your cards and cash are always to hand. It offers space for 24 cards across 12 slots, with a zipper pocket for any loose change you may have. It’s also extremely cute and stylish!

Corkor Card Sleeve Wallet

Card Sleeve Wallet

If you’re looking for something even more lightweight to carry your cards, this cork sleeve is a top choice! Up to 10 credit and loyalty cards will be readily accessible from two card slots, and there’s even space for a couple of notes if you prefer to carry cash.

To get your hands on this Corkor vegan wallet, click here.

Corkor Belts

Corkor: Reversible Men’s Belt

Reversible Men’s Belt

If you have a capsule wardrobe or enjoy shopping as minimally as you can, this reversible cork leather belt is the one for you! Its reversible nature means it’s highly versatile, with a modern silver buckle ensuring both sides look fantastic. Why not wear the belt’s black side when you’re heading to the office and opt for the slightly more casual brown style when you’re kicking back in jeans?

At 30mm wide it’s quite a skinny belt, which means it truly does work for every outfit and occasion. Plus, like most Corkor belts, this reversible men’s belt can be cut to size. It’ll arrive with a kit that makes adjusting the belt size quick and simple, allowing you to tighten or loosen it accordingly.

Have you ever worn cork leather before? We’d love to know! Get in touch to tell us what you think of Corkor.

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