Do you want to feel like a rich lady (or gent), wrapped in furry coats, wandering around an immaculate abode?

Forgoing owning a mansion and riches, the closest thing you can get is faux fur rug decals. They’re chic, look more expensive than they are, and feel indescribable between your toes. But first, we have to answer a concern you may have.

Are Ikea Sheepskin Rugs Real?

Despite their realistic look, Ikea sheepskin rugs are fake. Ikea is an ethical business, having won an award from PETA thanks to these lifelike pieces. Ikea’s sheepskin rugs are nothing more than cotton.

This is also the case for the five products from Amazon under review today, sans the award thing; they’re all ethical and cotton.

All five products are available in, and ship to the UK.

Best Large Rug — Viceroy Bedding Faux Fur Rug

Sometimes your floor just needs a huge, luxurious faux fur rug on it to look its best. Right? Well, this one could work.

Coming in at 160 by 230 centimetres, it’s the perfect piece to fill a room and hide a plan floor.

It comes in several colours:

  • Silver.
  • Beige.
  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Pink.
  • Red.
  • Grey.

So clearly, there’s something for everyone and their decor.

Despite its size, the product shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain, either. The faux rabbit fur isn’t too fluffy, leading to easy hoovering and washing. This means you can let all the animals and kids lie on it with no fear.

Though if you find it too large to deal with, there are smaller versions available. They’re equally plush and comforting but suited to smaller rooms. It would fit perfectly with a faux fur cushion for your chairs.


  • Fantastic for filling up a room.
  • Not too fluffy that it makes cleaning difficult.
  • Lots of colour options.


  • Some customers disliked the quality.
  • It’s not non-slip.

Best Rug/Throw Combo — Yaer Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

For something that doubles as an excellent throw, here’s one to consider. It’s tiny at 60 by 90 centimetres. So, it can neither fill a space nor make a great blanket. But it can add warmth to a chair—on it, or in front of it.

This is one of those rugs you can run your toes through as you sit in a solitary armchair. It’s incredibly fluffy. But if another person wants to join in, they can—there are two larger sizes available, too.

You won’t be able to use the larger sizes as throws for chairs, but maybe for a sofa.

The white shade matches well with any decor if that’s your worry. And if you think cleaning is an issue, it won’t be. You can throw this in the washing machine and the tumble dryer.

Keep in mind; it needs to be washed on its own. The white catches dye easily.


  • Washer and dryer safe.
  • Doubles as a throw.
  • Light colour matches most decor.
  • Soft sheepskin feels as great as it looks.


  • Too small for larger chairs.
  • It’s quite thin.

Best Exotic Faux Fur Rug — Rugs Supermarket Jaguar Sheepskin Rug

Perhaps you’re unimpressed by fancy, puffy white products. You’re up for an adventure, and what better way to make your home into one, than with animal print?

The product remains wholly vegan, crafted from cotton. But it gives the impression of fun, furry rugs, and fierceness.

It’s not too large; it would suit the area in front of a two-seater sofa. And it’s not as fuzzy as our last two contenders if you prefer something soft, yet stylish.

Along with the sleekness of the piece comes a thin construction. This is great if you want to place it by a door—it won’t catch or drag. But if you like your rugs thick and heavy, it’s not for you.

Although it looks great draped over a chair, don’t let the underside show or it reveals the non-slip backing.


  • Adventurous style.
  • Great for placing in front of doors.
  • Non-slip backing works well on wooden and tile floors.
  • Fits over chairs.


  • Thin construction.
  • Not overly fuzzy. 

Best Faux Fur Rug for Girls’ Bedrooms — Hequn Pink Sheepskin Rug

If you have a little girl dreaming of being a pretty pink princess, this is for her. It’s ultra-fluffy and almost looks like candy floss.

This 75 by 120-centimetre piece would look excellent by the end, or side, of any bed. It’d also match well with a white-furnished bedroom.

Customers found it to be high-quality but thin. But being so thin lets it fit easily in the washing machine for cleaning. 

That said, you can’t throw it in the dryer once the wash is done. Air-dry only!


  • Enormously fuzzy.
  • Works well as a throw.
  • Machine washable.
  • Light, easy to move.


  • Air-dry only.
  • May be too thin for some tastes.

Best Dark Faux Fur Rug — Blugonz Black Sheepskin Rug

Can’t find something matching your decor? Try black; it goes with everything.

This piece is available in 60 by 90 centimetres or 70 by 120 centimetres sizes. It can fill a decent chunk of space, for a low price.

Despite the price, it’s made excellently, but thin, and although it’s thin, it’s soft and moderately fluffy. Customers enjoyed sitting on it.

If you ever manage to get off it, you can then throw it in the washing machine, and air dry it for cleaning. 


  • Machine washable.
  • Fits with all decor.
  • Great medium size.
  • Quite fluffy.


  • Air-dry only.
  • Thin.


A faux fur rug is a luxurious addition to any home, and you’d be hard-pressed to say if one is better than the rest.

Next steps? Elevate your style with a faux fur bolero and lighten up your room with an original vegan candle! If you’re cold, make sure you have your faux fur hoodie on.

All products ship to the UK.

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