vegan kit kat

Everything you need to know about Vegan Kit Kat in 2022

Kit Kat is possibly the most popular chocolate bar in the world. The contrast between the crunchy wafer core and the rich chocolatey shell is unrivaled. As far as we know, the iconic chocolate motto is correct. ‘Take a break, eat a Kit Kat,’ since the brilliance of this chocolate is extremely invigorating, and its […]

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best vegan jokes

The 31 Best Vegan Jokes to make your friends laugh

Vegan jokes are timeless… or are they? Let’s admit it: vegans get a propensity for being stiff and incapable of laughing at themselves – yet this isn’t the case. Many funny jokes (well, humor is subjective, isn’t it?) will actually make people weep with laughter – or at the very least inspire a slight smile. […]

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