The vegan market is growing so rapidly fast. What once was thought to be just a fad is now a mainstream lifestyle choice slowly but surely dominating the globe. In fact, one study suggests that 56% of adults in the UK prioritize vegan items in the grocery. That factored in, you can already bet that the vegan market is bound to be saturated in one way or another. Because of the influx of animal-conscious consumers, so will the rise of more vegan products be evident. 

This is precisely why it’s important for us to acquaint ourselves with the goods we buy at the supermarket. What are superb beef patty alternatives we can trust? Are there tasty chocolate vegan brands I can look into? Aside from soy and tofu, what other pork alternatives are there?

Being one of the biggest retailers in all of Europe, we looked around Twitter to check what vegan items are people’s favourites over at Lidl.

Find out if your favourite Lidl grocery item made the list!

Here are the most popular vegan products you can buy at Lidl, according to Twitter

 Galaxy Caramel and Seasalt

There really isn’t a bad time for chocolate, especially if it’s dairy-free! Blended with thick hazelnut paste and made with caramel and rich cocoa, Galaxy helps set the bar for what the chocolate experience is for vegans. Grab a bar or two, and munch on guilt-free chocolate today!

Hearty and Succulent Plant-Based Burger Patties

A superb beef patty substitute, Lidl’s plant-based patties are thick and juicy. With just the right kick of flavoured spices, these mushroom-flavoured earthy beetroots are tasty, filling, and healthy! It also comes in such enormous sizes! Perfect for days when you’re hungrier than usual!

Just Free Coconut Pots

If you’re a big fan of yogurts, you’re going to adore every spoonful of Lidl’s Just Free Coconut Pots. As the name suggests, these yogurts are coconut-based and are a permanent addition to the vegan food hub. They also come in three variants, giving you the option to fall in love with more than just one flavour.

Cauldron Organic Tofu

The best thing about tofu is that you can whip up countless meals with it as long as you’re creative and resourceful enough. And given that we’re all fortunate to enjoy a vast selection of other vegetables and flavour builders at Lidl, what you make of it is actually up to you. Cauldron Organic Tofu is ideal for both neophyte kitchen cooks and seasoned culinary professionals. 

Jackfruit Bao Buns

Jackfruit has been a crowd-favourite meat replacement for quite a while now. That said, anyone who’s a major jackfruit lover will thoroughly enjoy Lidl’s Jackfruit Bao Bun with Asian Style Sauce. From the tenderness of its buns to the distinct juicy flavour of pulled jackfruit, there’s little to no reason at all for you not to enjoy this delicious treat.

Espresso Magnifico

Coffee is every adult’s best friend. So if you chance upon Lidl’s Espresso Magnifico, it would be a disservice to ignore it. Naturally chocolatey and sweet, its ground beans’ aroma is bound to wake you up. 

No Pork Pies

Lidl’s bakery items are just as mouthwatering, too. A treat for vegans on-the-go, these bean-filled buns are strong in flavour without overpowering your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a quick afternoon bite or a filling lunch, these pies won’t disappoint. Grab a couple when you can!

Just Free Oat Unsweetened Milk

Anyone looking for cow’s milk alternatives will enjoy downing a cold glass of Just Free Oat Unsweetened Milk. Dairy-free and affordable, experts suggest that oat milk is advantageous to our bodies, as they’re rich sources of fibre and are 100% whole grain! They’re loaded with B Vitamins and minerals, too!

Quadrotti with Chocolate Clips 

“Thanks for offering, but I don’t like cookies,” said no one ever. Post-lunch, post-dinner, pre-breakfast, cookies are delicious and satisfying no matter what time of the day you eat them. But they’re even better when they’re vegan. Dairy and egg-free, these Italian cookies are healthy and perfect for people of all ages!

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