Vida Bakery - London

Vida Bakery - London Vida Bakery - London Vida Bakery - London
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It all started back in 2014 when co-founder Dani (coeliac and vegan) struggled to find sweet options, matching her dietary needs.

After research and professional/academic preparation, she managed to create and to adapt more than 50 recipes used in traditional baking, according to what she needed at the moment.

The result: moist and delicious free-from cakes.

Partnering with Vane, they started thinking how to turn those wonderful recipes into something everyone could eat and enjoy.

As many other companies, this one started tasting recipes with friends and family, but finally in 2015 they stepped it up by boldly knocking on the doors of two big bosses of a well-known UK business, to ask them for feedback.

The feedback was super positive and it encouraged them to take it further and to open a pop-up shop for 5 months.

Finally in the summer of 2018, they opened the doors to their first shop and baking space in Brick Lane, East London

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