Veganism drastically reduces our carbon footprint. As such, it makes a lot of sense why supermarket chains are beginning to release cruelty-free and plant-based food ranges. Whether it’s pure business only or a growing understanding of the environmental impacts will remain a question, but we’re glad Morrisons is listening!

It’s been about 2 full years since the mega grocery chain launched its first vegan line. So naturally, they’ve added quite a few more goods for us to feast on to better maintain our cleaner eating habits and sustainable ways of living. And because they now have a lot more superb finds, we’re jotting down their leading bestsellers as told by Twitter users. Check the list to see if your personal fave made the cut!

Here are 8 Morrisons favourites that people keep talking about on Twitter

Adsa Beetroot and Spinach Burger

Burger fans, rejoice! There is absolutely no shortage of meat alternatives when it comes to sandwiches and bun-reliant snacks in veganism. Morrisons’ Adsa Beetroot and Spinach patties confirm that. Made with onions, sunflower seeds, potato flakes, and of course, the titular ingredients—beetroot and spinach, these enormous beef replacements are the patties you didn’t know you needed.

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

A study revealed that the UK’s favourite pizza topping is pepperoni! So to make sure the supermarket’s beloved vegan patrons don’t miss out on anything, Morrisons recently launched their vegan No Pepperoni Pizza! Featuring plant-based cheese and crispy vegan dough, the grocery chain’s pizza offering optimizes a fusion of pea protein and mixed spices to pull off the original variant’s meaty texture and taste. Try it out for yourself!

Morrisons V Taste Strawberry Ice Cream

Seriously, who doesn’t turn to ice cream for happy hormones? Not us, that’s for sure! Morrisons’ V Taste Strawberry Ice Cream is free from dairy and contains soya instead. They’re sold in 500ml tubs, too, making them perfect for a movie night snack or a quick midnight craving treat. If strawberry isn’t your thing, that’s fine! V Taste also comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours!

The Vegilantes Southern Fried Wings

Chicken wings without actual poultry meat? 

Yes, please! 

The Vegilantes Southern Fried Chicken Wings are made predominantly with mushroom and combined with tasty plant-based flavour builders and coatings, along with a “secret blend of herbs and spices.” Grab a box or two and add them to your salads, tacos, pitta breads or burritos!  

The Best Creamy Mushroom Wellingtons

Another yummy mushroom find on this list is The Best Creamy Mushroom Wellingtons. If you’re wondering why they’re called that, that’s because these goodies really are the best. Made with cashew nut sauce, creamy coconut, cauliflower, and mushroom stuffing, these pastry puffs are perfect for afternoon breaks and morning munchies. 

V Taste No Lamb Kebabs

As the name implies, these No Lamb Kebabs are, well, Lamb-free! They do, however, contain similar flavours to the original Mediterranean delicacy. Made with seasoned soy mince (did you know they even do soy candles?) and pea protein with mint, feel free to pair these with pitta bread and other tasty greens. 

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo

Here’s a product you’re bound to love: Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo. Made with rapeseed oil, sugar, spirit vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, and modified maize starch, this Morrisons item is a great addition to salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more!

Vegan Tuna

One of the most savoury fish alternatives there is to ever hit the UK vegan market has got to be Morrisons’ The Loma Linda Tuno. The taste of soy protein mixed with natural flavourings is deliciously unmatched in its category. What’s more, there are five variants to choose from—Sweet Chilli, Lemon Pepper, Spring Water, Sesame Ginger and, Tuno Mayo. it also doesn’t hurt that these canned delights are only 90 calories per serving! 

What’s your favourite pick on our rundown? Let us know in the comments!

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