The weather is quickly changing, which can only mean one thing: winter is here! With the arrival of winter and the festive season, making sure you’re equipped to stay warm and cosy throughout the coldest months of the year is key. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best faux fur throws for your home this winter, with every option 100% cruelty-free and bound to keep the chills away.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect faux fur throw for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you’ll find a stunning selection here.

faux fur throw

The Benefits of Faux Fur

Before we begin, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you’d want to choose a faux fur throw over a real fur alternative.

The first (and most important) is, of course, the ethical element. Faux fur can be manufactured in a way that’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly, whereas real fur relies on the suffering of animals. By choosing to shop for faux fur, you’ll vote with your pocket and say no to the harmful fur trade.

What’s more, faux fur throws are typically much less expensive than those made from real fur. You can buy faux fur bed and sofa throws very cheaply, making it easier to decorate your home with these stylish and cosy accessories.

Plus, with so many colours, patterns and styles to choose from, there’s no need to opt for real fur over faux fur. Imitation fur not only feels the same, but can be made to look extremely realistic or dyed in vibrant shades.

Seven Stunning Faux Fur Throws

Alpine Check Faux Fur Throw

Give your home a log cabin vibe with this cosy faux fur throw from Dunelm. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in an alpine lodge, decorating with this throw means you can give a nod to the style – without the price tag! The throw is also reversible, so you can choose between the shaggy, fur-style side or vibrant green and red checks.

If you love this style, you’ll be pleased to know that Dunelm offers matching pillowcases. With a roaring fire, wooden coffee table and steaming mug of hot chocolate, you’ll have everything you need to create an alpine ski lodge feel!

Rabbit Faux Fur Throw in Blush

This pink faux fur throw makes a beautiful addition to any home. Its subtle yet sweet blush pink tone complements neutral shades, such as cream and oatmeal, and will look great draped across your sofa or over your bed.

Super soft and snuggly, you’ll love wrapping up in this luxury faux fur throw – it can be used as a blanket while watching television or as an extra layer while you’re sleeping. If you think this is the perfect throw for you, you can buy yours here!

Rabbit Faux Fur Throw in Forest Green

Forest green is certainly having its moment. This gorgeous shade is extremely popular, and for good reason! If you’re looking for an easy way to bring forest green hues into your home, this ultra-soft faux fur throw is a must-have. It’s ideal for adding a pop of colour to rooms with an understated interior design, such as a monochrome scheme.

This throw isn’t just chic, but also very cosy. The Range, one of the UK’s favourite multi-purpose stores, sells a selection of these Rabbit Faux Fur Throws, and this is certainly one of our favourite choices.

Long Faux Fur Throw in Cream

Next UK is known for its stunning homeware range, and this luxury faux fur throw is certainly a good example of what it has to offer. Although completely cruelty-free with a polyester and acrylic blend, this throw is extremely realistic – and truly looks and feels like the real thing. This means it’s deliciousy cosy and ideal for draping across your bed as a much-needed extra layer for those cold winter nights.

At £90, this throw is slightly more expensive than some of the others on this list. However, if you’re looking for a throw that really elevates your interior design, this one is worth every penny.

Sophie Faux Fur Throw

What we love about this faux fur throw from Anthropologie UK is that it’s not just stylish and completely vegan. It’s also eco-friendly, using Oeko-Tex certified materials and manufacturing processes. As a result, the Sophie Faux Fur Throw is free from more than 300 toxic chemicals, including irritants.

The throw comes in a range of shades, but we particularly love it in orange. Whether used as a blanket or as part of your decoration, the richness of the orange will really warm up your home.

Faux Fur Blanket in Brown

H&M has an extensive homeware range, and this gorgeous faux fur blanket is certainly one of its most luxurious pieces. Curl up on the sofa with this and you’ll feel warm and snug in no time at all! The throw also has a cotton weave back, which means you won’t be tickled by hairs as you relax.

By 2030, H&M wants to stock exclusively recycled, organic or sustainably sourced fabrics. Shopping cruelty-free also means thinking about the planet, so purchasing from brands with an environmentally friendly agenda is a good way to make sure you’re doing so.

Extra-Large Faux Fur Throw in Silver

This mink fur-style rug from Amazon can bring a touch of glamour to any room. With a modern silver colour and ultra-soft feel, this blanket offers everything you could need from a faux fur throw. Plus, it’s extra-large – making it feel even cosier! You’ll be able to fit more than one person under this snuggly blanket, which means it’s the perfect addition to movie nights with your friends, family or loved ones.

Amazon sells this throw in a variety of colours, from royal blue to tan and black. Whatever your preferred style, there’s a shade for you. You can get your hands on this extra-large faux fur throw here.

Which of these faux fur throws is your favourite? If you’re a faux fur fan, you’ll be pleased to know we have plenty of guides on this topic – from how to wash vegan fur properly to the best faux fur rugs available to buy.

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