Work boots don’t have to be made from leather. Safe, comfortable, and high-performing, vegan boots are a great alternative.

You’re about to find out what safety boots are vegan-friendly and what to look for when buying a pair.

If interested in any other type of vegan shoes, let’s take a look at our selection of vegan sneakers for women or our best vegan dress shoes.

These are our top 3 picks for vegan work boots, all of which are available in the UK:

Let’s jump right into it!

Ultimate Vegan Work Boots

Top 3 Vegan Work Boots

Best Vegan Work Boot Overall — Will’s Vegan Work Boots for Women

will's vegan work boots with a rubber sole

Will’s Vegan Shoes is an excellent UK brand specializing in the production of vegan footwear. All its shoes are free from animal products, and so are their Work Boots for Women.

These boots are made from high-quality Italian vegan leather. This leather is produced from bio-oil taken from organic, European crops.

The sole is sturdy and made from rubber. Further adding to the wearer’s comfort are the cushioned insoles made from recycled rubber.

Will’s Vegan Work Boots for Women are water resistant, making them suited for professions where feet might occasionally get wet.

The manufacturer also claims that they’re breathable, but according to reports, some customers get sweaty feet after wearing these for a whole day; this questions the claim that they’re indeed breathable.

Some buyers found that the shoe’s inner lining came off the outer shell of the boots rather fast, causing them to lose their shape.

Unfortunately, they do not come with steel toe caps.


  • Supreme vegan leather.
  • Cushioning insoles for added comfort.
  • Water resistant.


  • Not as breathable as advertised.
  • The shoes lose their shape due to the inner lining coming away.
  • They lack steel toe caps.

Best Vegan Steel Toe Work Boots — Dunlop Protective Footwear Unisex

green dunlop vegan work boots waterproof

These vegan, waterproof steel toe boots are made from synthetic materials. The wellies also have synthetic fur lining that keeps your feet warm.

The Dunlop vegan safety boots come with a steel toe cap that protects your toes from accidents such as falling objects. They also have a steel midsole to protect against impact.

Buyers say that these wellies feel heavy but that this is probably due to the steel toe caps. Also, some customers think that the sizes are too big.

Overall, they’re a great buy for a low price. They can also be delivered to the UK. 


  • Vegan, waterproof boots.
  • Warm synthetic fur lining.
  • Steel toe boots and steel midsole for increased safety.


  • Heavy on the feet.
  • Sizes are reportedly too big.

Most Lightweight Vegan Work Boots — Semi-High Safety Boots for Men and Women

brown bekina vegan work boots

If you’re looking for vegan lightweight work boots, here’s an option for you. Weighing about 3.5 pounds, they’ll help you stay quick on your feet the whole day.

This doesn’t mean that Bekina has compromised on safety. These boots are made from Neotane, which is ultra-light, has high insulating capabilities, and is resistant to fats, oils, and various chemicals.

Also, the outer soles are very sturdy and non-slip.

Buyers praise that they’re breathable and water resistant, but some complain that the boots are too wide.

Note that the Semi-High Safety Boots do not come with steel toe caps.


  • Feather-light.
  • Warm boots.
  • Water-, oil-, fats-resistant.


  • Quite wide.
  • Not steel toe boots.

How To Choose the Best Vegan Safety Boots


Vegan safety shoes and boots are free from animal products such as fur, leather, wool, animal-based glue, and silk.

Vegan-friendly materials include PVC, rubber, fabric, faux leather, and polyurethane, to mention a few. But basically, all synthetic materials are free from animal products and are considered vegan.


These are some key features of work shoes and boots that help them offer the protection that you need in your workplace. 

Protective Soles and Exterior

Non-slip soles and waterproof boots are ideal if you work on slippery floors. Also, consider oil-resistant boots if you work in factories, for example, as well as boots that protect against chemicals.

Electrical Hazards

If you work with electricity or in a workplace where you could come across electrical charges, look for boots that protect against electrical hazards. Typically, these boots have thick insulation.

Protective Steel Toes

Another popular feature is protective toes. According to European safety footwear standards, which are the same in the UK, safety shoes and boots must protect against a 200-joule impact.

The protective toes can be made from different materials, but the most popular one is a steel toe. Keep in mind that steel toe caps can make boots rather heavy.


Naturally, work boots need to be comfortable since you’ll be wearing them the whole day. If you work in an extremely hot or cold environment, make sure your footwear protects you. Some vegan work boots have faux fur lining or added insulation, which makes them warm. 

Look for safety shoes and boots with cushioned insoles if you walk a lot during your shifts to prevent sore feet.

Summing Up

Hopefully, this article helps you choose the perfect pair of vegan safety boots.

My top pick for the best vegan work boots is Will’s Vegan Work Boots for Women. They don’t have a steel toe but are high-quality safety boots with comfortable insoles, and they’re also water resistant and made from a completely vegan UK brand.

But don’t fret if one of the other vegan boots seems to better suit your needs. They all ship to the UK!

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