Vans are fashionable yet functional shoes, but are they vegan? Sources point to sometimes.

A selection of vans shoes are vegan, and this guide will help you select some of the best ones available.

Here are the top Vans vegan shoes on the market, all of which are available in the UK:

Are Vans Vegan Shoes?

Sadly, Vans is not a vegan brand.

On the plus side, there are a few vegan shoes by Vans that you can avail of.

After a little digging, we’ve found that Vans speaks openly about how they try to cater to everyone, meaning many Vans are vegan, but not all are. 

Below, you’ll find a selection of some Vans vegan shoes and a guide on what to look for when purchasing them. 

Pay close attention to the products listed, as many similar-looking Vans are out on the market, but they’re not the least bit vegan!

Brightest Colours — Vans Men’s Butyans Sk8-hi

Vans vegan shoes Vans men's blue and yellow Butyans

Let’s start off boldly. If you’re not interested in a bright statement shoe, move on to the blackness of the rest of the selection. 

Ready to stand out? You might enjoy these.

These Vans are more for fashion than anything else. After all, they’re bright blue, yellow, green, and pink all over their canvas upper. 

They’re blue and white inside, with a stark white rubber sole topping it off.

Despite their fashionable use, they’re also incredibly comfortable with tons of padding and shock absorption. 

Customers report that this is exactly what they, and the people they bought the shoes for, were looking for.

Also, don’t be put off by how they’re labelled as men’s either. They made a great gift for many sons and several daughters, according to buyers.

This isn’t shocking, considering they start off at a UK size 2.5 for kids and end up at 13.


  • Eye-catching colour.
  • Unisex despite being advertised as for men.
  • Comfortable.


  • People found the colours run when washed.

Best Low Cut Vans — Vans Low Cut Mens Authentic Canvas

Vans vegan shoes Vans men's casual Plimsolls sneakers

For a compact shoe, consider something low cut. Low cut shoes are lightweight, low maintenance, and are the height of a casual, everyday sneaker.

These low cut Vans are the peak of simplicity, and they’re black so should match any outfit. 

The black nature, with the stark contrast of the white sole against it, makes the Vans look incredibly classy, so you could even go business casual with these.

Of course, the versatile Vans are entirely vegan. They have sturdy canvas uppers and thick rubber soles, making them ethical and cruelty-free.

Along with their ethical nature, the Vans are extremely comfortable according to customers, although they can be a bit tight. 

Consider sizing up; the sizes available are UK 7–12.


  • Versatile style.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Lightweight.


  • They can run small.

All Black Style Vans — Vans Men’s Ward Canvas Sneaker

Vans vegan shoes Vans men's black Ward canvas sneaker

For a style so casual the shoes are practically invisible, consider these all-black shoes. 

They’re on the sportier side of things, quite apt for skate black shoes or sneakers for other, similar activities.

As they’re higher than the low tops, you’ll get great stability around your heel and ankle. They lace up tightly, which only adds to their security.

The sturdy canvas uppers add to that, too. The vegan canvas shouldn’t warp or damage easily as it secures your feet in the ethical Vans.

Meanwhile, on the inside, you’re kept in comfort with a cushioned textile blend of various unspecified but vegan materials. 

Textile is merely woven cloth, so you can be sure there’s no leather or suede in there.

Again, you’re safe from leather on the bottom too, as the thick soles are rubber; this adds a further layer of credibility to these as sport or skate shoes. 

Rubber is responsive and well-suited to an active lifestyle!

Lastly, being black, these Vans won’t show the dirt of your sporting ventures easily. The black Vans with brown soles will be the same, but the red and blue might reveal some.

All colour options for these Vans are vegan, and all are available in UK sizes 6.5–15.


  • Don’t show dirt easily.
  • Stable fit.
  • Padded interior.


  • Customers complain that the shoes rubbed their heels.

Best High Top Vans — Vans Women’s Ward Hi Platform Top Trainers

Vans vegan shoes Vans women's Ward hi platform top trainers

If you want even more stability than regular Vans can offer, try the high tops. 

The Ward Hi Platform Vans are vegan and available in three different designs, all three of which are largely black, white, and grey.

All three have canvas and textile uppers, which is difficult to find on high top Vans. For example, sk8-hi comes in over 30 colours and are all advertised as canvas. 

Most of them that were canvas-based had suede elements on them too. And many of them were just pure suede on top!

Don’t worry about that with the Ward Hi Platform Top trainers though—we inspected the visuals carefully, and are certain they’re canvas. 

Apart from the soles and interior, of course. Those are rubber and textile, respectively.

These vegan Vans are perfect for everyday wear to set an outfit over the top – actually this would work with any of the vegan sneakers of our 2020 selection!

They’re slightly too fashionable to sporty in, but the lightly padded collar and tongue ensure comfort if you decide to go down that route.

All three colours come in UK sizes 2.5–8.5.


  • Completely canvas, despite that being rare for high top Vans.
  • Boost your height.
  • Padded tongue and collar.


  • Limited colour options.

Most Interesting Design — Vans Men’s Ward Canvas Sneaker

Vans vegan shoes Vans men's cool pattern Ward canvas sneaker

For a subtle yet interesting pattern, consider these Ward Vans. 

Most of the time, patterned vans are suede or leather. Here you’re lucky the intrigue is all on the canvas.

Now, keep in mind that only the red and white design has the ‘OFF THE WALL’ Logo. The other colour options are plain but stylish in their respective green, black, and white.

Be careful with these colours when cleaning the Vans, as they tend to run. Customers had issues with the green, in particular, turning yellow when wet. 

Avoid over-saturating these shoes, and you should have no problems.

Visuals aside, they’re a decently comfortable pair, with a padded collar and thick sole. They’re not made for being sporty by any means but are excellent for everyday use. 

These casual sneakers come in UK sizes 5–15.


  • Stunning pattern.
  • Comfortable collar.
  • Fit well.


  • The green may fade when washed.

Vintage 90s Style Vans — Vans Unisex Adults’ Era 59 Trainers

Vans vegan shoes Vans unisex adults Era 59 trainers

Take a look at these vintage old skool vegan Vans.

Don’t get them confused with the actual Old Skool vans—that’s its own range, tragically covered in suede. But stylistically, these are classic, older, and reminiscent of the 90s. 

The laid back style and bright colours make these pop for their older-looking physique

It’s particularly prevalent in the blue acid denim colour. What’s more 90s than denim, right?

But if you prefer a more classic look, the black option may better fill your desires. The laces are brown though, so you’ll still stand out a bit.

Another feature that adds to the older look is the low top. Thanks to this top, these Vans won’t be best suited to using during sports, but they’re very fashionable.

They’re also incredibly comfortable, thanks to the padded collar and the thick rubber sole that keeps you safe from the hard ground.

However, they’re not as uncomfortable until you buy half a size up. Customers found them too tight when buying their usual size.

The sizes available are 2.5–12 UK sizes. There are also options for EU sizes 36.5, 37, 38.5, 41 and 44.5.


  • Old school look, but vegan, unlike Old Skool vans.
  • Highly supportive platform sole.
  • Padded collar.


  • They run a half size small.

Vegan Vans Guide 2020

The selection of Vans vegan shoes is, unfortunately, slimmer than is ideal. You still have an option for every desire, from low cut to high top. 

But what else should you look for when shopping for vans?


As you’ve gathered by now, all of the Vans above have canvas uppers. 

If you don’t pick one of the pairs reviewed above, you might think seeing them makes you an expert on Vans materials. Right?

Wrong—suede on canvas vans often hide near the laces and go unmentioned in any product descriptions across the internet. 

Look for tiny visual differences in product images. The canvas looks rough and stitched, where the suede looks soft to touch and slightly fuzzy.


Versatility comes in many forms. Perhaps it’s Vans that work for fashion and athletics. 

Maybe it’s just fashionable Vans that work on a fashion-only basis but will form for casual and business casual.

For athletic Vans, look for a secure fit and dark colours that won’t show dirt easily. For the versatile style option, black and white is always the way to go.

High, Low, or Regular

This is mainly a fashion choice, but keep in mind that these three Vans styles have their advantages outside of aesthetics:

  • Low tops allow unrestricted ankle movement and are lightweight.
  • Regular rise Vans are secure enough to work as athletic shows.
  • High tops are even more secure athletic-wise than regulars.

How To Clean Vegan Vans

Canvas can be a pain to clean, and two of the pairs above run when washed! So here are a few tips to employ when getting your vegan Vans clean:

  • Don’t put them in the washing machine, or they’ll run.
  • Remove tough stains with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Avoid soap as it can stain, and use rubbing alcohol on tough stains instead.
  • A pencil eraser works wonders on stubborn black stains on white heels.

Stepping Away

All shoes discussed in this article ship to the UK. Hopefully, one pair in this varied selection of Vans vegan shoes suits your taste. 

If not, browse the guide, do your own research and always ensure you check the material of the shoes you pick!

Remember, a canvas upper and a rubber sole is your perfect match. And be careful, the same shoe model may not be vegan in every colour!

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