We may have only recently waved goodbye to 2021, but Easter will soon be upon us – bringing lots of sugary chocolate treats with it! To help you celebrate with a warm heart and full stomach, we’ve put together a list of 10 delicious vegan Easter eggs to stock up on.

Vegan Eggs for Easter 2022

With these 10 vegan Easter eggs, you’ll be able to join in the fun without a splash of milk in sight. Whether you’re planning a large treasure hunt or a weekend of indulging on the sofa, these chocolate vegan eggs will be a very welcome addition.

Please don’t forget to double-check all labels and allergen information before purchasing and eating any of these products.

Unbelievably Vegan Extra Thick Chocolate Egg from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat hasn’t always been particularly vegan-friendly, but this is quickly changing. Today, you’ll find a range of luxurious, plant-based treats at Hotel Chocolat, including this extra-thick chocolate egg. It may be expensive at £30, but who doesn’t deserve a treat from time to time? This tasty vegan Easter egg, made with creamy “nutmilk”, is also brimming with truffles and pralines, including an Unbelievable Vegan City Bunny. What more could you ask for at Easter? 

Buy your Unbelievable Vegan Extra Thick Chocolate Egg here.

Creamy Choc Easter Egg & Bar from NOMO

NOMO is here to make sure there’s “no missing out”, and trust us, this velvety smooth vegan Easter egg is proof of that. This year, while your non-vegan friends and colleagues tuck into chocolate eggs, there won’t be anything stopping you from joining in! NOMO’s oh-so-tempting vegan Easter egg, which comes with a pocket-size chocolate bar for those post-Easter munchies, is available at a range of supermarkets, including the Vegan Kind Supermarket.

Get your hands on NOMO’s vegan Easter egg here.

Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg from Moo Free

No matter the occasion, you can trust Moo Free to deliver the goods! This Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg promises to kick all your sweet cravings with a melt-in-your-mouth mixture of white and milk chocolate, alongside a handful of fluffy marshmallows. Like all chocolate from this much-loved brand, this egg is also free from gluten. A truly scrumptious treat, we can thank Moo Free for always coming up top for vegans (and animals, of course).

Buy your Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg from Moo Free here.

Vegan Choc Honeycomb Egg from ASDA Free From

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this dairy-free Easter egg from ASDA is sure to tickle your taste buds. Vegan chocolate and honeycomb are a match made in heaven, so you’ll love tucking into this indulgent treat over the Easter weekend. Plus, it’s available in ASDA’s growing free-from section for less than £4.00, making it a budget-friendly treat for all your Easter celebrations.

Get your hands on the Vegan Choc Honeycomb Egg from ASDA here.

Vegan Salted Caramel Egg from Buttermilk

Salted caramel fans, this dairy-free Easter egg is the one for you! With an irresistible mix of plant-based chocolate, a sprinkling of sea salt and a generous serving of caramel, every bite of this vegan egg from Buttermilk is better than the last. It even comes with sea salt caramel cups, meaning your Easter indulgence can continue long after you’ve enjoyed every mouthful of your egg. You’ll wish it was Easter every weekend with this vegan egg, available at Tesco.

Click here to purchase the Vegan Salted Caramel Egg from Buttermilk.


Poppin Candy Orange Chocolate Egg from Wicked Kitchen

Tesco’s plant-based range, Wicked Kitchen, should be on every vegan’s radar. Selling everything from spicy instant noodles to chocolate cookies, Wicked Kitchen offers a wide range of tasty treats to keep your cupboards fully stocked all year round. This chocolate orange-flavoured Easter egg is particularly divine, with plenty of popping candy pellets meaning every bite is mouth-watering.

Celebrate Easter with the Poppin Candy Orange Chocolate Egg from Wicked Kitchen, available here.

Benny the Bunny from Wicked Kitchen

Vegan eggs are great, but what about chocolate bunnies? Meet Benny the Bunny, another deliciously plant-based treat from Wicked Kitchen! Sure to enchant the little ones in your life, Benny the Bunny is a must-have addition to any Easter egg hunt or celebration. Will you chomp his feet first or nibble on his ears? Either way, we doubt you’ll be able to resist eating the whole thing in one go!

Buy Wicked Kitchen’s Benny the Bunny from your local Tesco or online here.

Dark Raspberry Chocolate Easter Egg from Divine

Milk chocolate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer the slightly more bitter taste of dark chocolate, this delectable dairy-free Easter egg from Divine is the one for you. Silky smooth chocolate, combined with the vibrant taste of real raspberries, is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Plus, when you eat this vegan egg, you’ll be doing more than fighting animal exploitation. You’ll also help to support family farmers in Ghana thanks to the Fair Trade cocoa used by Divine.

You can get your hands on the Dark Raspberry Chocolate Easter Egg from Divine here.

White Easter Bunny from Moo Free

Alongside Moo Free’s range of scrumptious vegan Easter eggs, you’ll also find this sweet chocolate bunny – the ideal treat for white chocolate fans. Kids and adults alike will love munching on this rabbit-shaped treat, which tastes even more divine with a creamy mug of hot chocolate. Whether you’re hosting a treasure hunt or searching for the perfect gift for the vegan in your life, Moo Free’s white bunny is a top choice.

Click here to buy the White Easter Bunny from Moo Free, available on Amazon.

Luxury Filled Vegan Easter Egg from Conscious Chocolate

This dairy-free Easter egg from independent brand Conscious Chocolate ticks all the boxes. It’s vegan, organic and handmade, with a luxurious hazelnut ganache filling that promises to keep you coming back for more. Plus, it’s made with love and care – everything from its plastic-free packaging to the vegetable-based inks printed on its label screams sustainability. We love it all!

Have a conscious Easter with the Luxury Filled Vegan Easter Egg, available to buy here.

Which vegan eggs do you have your eye on? Get in touch to let us know!

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