Vegan Restaurants Newcastle Upon Tyne

two bowls filled with vegetables and beans on a blue background at vegan restaurants Newcastle

All vegan tourists know the difficulty of travelling while on a plant-based diet. Many restaurants don’t even offer vegan options or only have one boring meal on the menu.

Fortunately, Newcastle upon Tyne has some great gems to offer the hungry vegan traveller. We also have tailored selection of vegan dishes for Prezzo or Yo sushi restaurants if you are lucky enough to come across one.

If you’re looking for vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Newcastle, consider these:

Vegan Restaurants Newcastle upon Tyne

Top 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Newcastle

Best Vegan Takeaway Newcastle —Little Green

Specialty: Everything vegan!

This spot has a fully vegan menu; meals differ depending on the week but typically include burgers, salads, and sandwiches. They also have a vegan pizza menu!

On Sundays, they offer a special three-course dinner menu that usually includes a vegan take on the classic British Sunday roast made from nuts. The roast comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, and vegetables, just as it should.

They offer seasonal menus as well. For the Holidays, you can order Christmas roasts. Or, how about trying their ‘Festive Pizza’ topped with celeriac pastrami, fermented black garlic aioli, and roasted brussel sprouts?

You can also get food delivered; they have a special vegan take-out menu. If you choose to eat in, visit them at 83-89 Goldspink Lane, Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne. They’re open between 12 am-8 pm.

Aside from serving food, Little Green also sells vegan cakes, tote bags, and other merchandise. They also have a selection of vegan wines. How fancy is that?

Best Vegan Breakfast Newcastle—Super Natural Café

Specialty: Everything vegetarian!

Super Natural Café functions as a bar, café, and a restaurant all in one. It specializes in vegan cuisine, baked goods, and drinks.

The cosy, peaceful ambience is sure to go well with a vegan latte and their homemade cakes.

Located on 27 Grainger Street, Super Natural is in the heart of the city centre.

Before 11 am, you can enjoy their healthy, green breakfast menu with selections such as oatmeal, avocado toast, and a tofu-filled breakfast wrap.

But the menu also offers proper meals and lots of vegan-friendly drinks. You’ll find things such as:

  • All day breakfast, consisting of vegan sausages, hash browns, and scrambled tofu, among other things.
  • Pulled BBQ jackfruit pizza.
  • Spicy lentil chickpea and potato dhal curry.
  • Sweet potato and black bean burger.
  • Oven-roasted mushroom and aubergine lasagna topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce.

Super Natural focuses on cooking a vegan menu with influences from all over the world. This makes it among the best vegan restaurants in the city.

Best Vegan Indian Food Newcastle—Snackwallah

Specialty: Indian cuisine

This is the place to go if you’re craving some Indian street food. All the dishes are fully vegan and are sure to awaken your taste buds.

They only serve a single choice of curry a day, but worry not, they’re very versatile with changing up their flavours so you can always expect something new—but equally delicious.

These are some examples of curries that frequent at the restaurant:

  • Kashmiri Brinjal: filled with courgettes, aubergines, and black cardamom.
  • Gobhi Sabzi: a tomato and white cabbage curry flavoured with turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, and cumin.
  • Kala Chana: tamarind and tomatoes with cinnamon.

Best of all? You get a curry serving with a side of rice, daal, and nan for only 5 pounds! They also have samosas, pakora, and chutneys.

Be sure to visit Snackwallah at Newcastle upon Tyne Grainger Market to get your vegan, Indian food fix.

Best Vegan Comfort Food Newcastle—Vegano

vegan dish at vegano newcaste

Specialty: Everything vegan!

Labelling themselves cruelty-free, Vegano is a fully vegan restaurant. They offer meals from breakfast through to dinner. 

Customers are raving about the fantastic comfort food this place has to offer. With dishes such as vegan carbonara, lasagne, and cheezburgers, who are we to say anything different?

Make sure to try the vegan tiramisu with just a little touch of alcohol. If this isn’t your thing, there are other daily selections of tarts, cakes, and pastries.

Don’t forget to order a cocktail or two either. How about an Amalfi Fizz with limoncello? Prosecco and lemon sorbet? or a gin and tonic made from the speciality gin of the week?

Vegano is located at 33A Blandford Square, and their doors open between 10 am-8 pm Tue-Sat. On Sundays, they close at 4 pm.

Best Vegan Bakery Newcastle—The Naked Foodie

Specialty: Pastries !

This is the perfect spot for the health-nut! Everything at The Naked Foodie is vegan and naturally free from refined sugars and gluten.

They offer a wide selection of raw cakes and pastries, all vegan and gluten-free, and don’t contain any white sugar. Everything is also soy-free. I mean who could say no to raw vegan chocolate doughnuts or fruit pizza with homemade vegan “rawtella”?

This spot feels more like a bakery or a café, and perhaps less like a proper restaurant, but they still offer some light vegan meals.

You’ll find this vegan, raw-food place of bliss at 101 Benfield Road in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant Newcastle—Sky Apple Café

Specialty: Plant-based cuisine

Sky Apple is a vegetarian café located at 186 Heaton Road. They also have a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free foods.

The café offers cakes and baked goods. You can eat these on the spot, but Sky Apple also has a deli. Here you can buy whole cakes or smaller cupcakes.

Among the vegetarian deliciousness is their chocolate cake with either chocolate or vanilla icing, and the victoria sponge made with raspberry jam, vanilla sponge, and vanilla icing.

This café also has a wide selection of vegan cakes such as carrot cake, lemon and poppyseed cake, coffee cake, and strawberry cake. All vegetarian and vegan cakes can be made gluten-free upon request!

Sky Apple offers a taster menu that can include mushroom bruschetta, black pudding salad, and mixed vegetable yakitori. But this menu frequently changes, so make sure you check the most recent one.

Best Sushi Newcastle—Sushi Me Rollin’

Specialty: Sushi !

And we’re not hatin’. Located at Unit 49 Upstairs, this fun fine-dining restaurant offers high-quality handmade sushi.

And yes, there’s vegan sushi! Look for dishes marked (VG) on the menu such as avocado, carrot, pickled cucumber, and red pepper maki rolls. Vegetarian dishes are marked with a (V.)

You can also order the vegan selection that comes with eight pieces of yasai roll, two gunkan wakame, two nigiri inari, and six pieces of mix-veg maki.

The plating is gorgeous if you want to eat at the location, but you can also order delivery and take-out. They’re open daily between 11:30 am-10 pm.

a person holding a plate with vegan avocado sushi pieces at vegan restaurants Newcastle

Best Lebanese Newcastle—The Bake

Specialty: Lebanese cuisine

Are you a fan of Lebanese? The Bake has a menu filled with Lebanese classics such as hummus, fattoush, and falafel. It also has some meat dishes, but many vegetarian and vegan-friendly options as well.

You can find this spot on 98 Byker Bank.

Now, what’s a Lebanese restaurant without meze? Of course, there are vegan dishes you can choose, such as:

  • Moussaka: fried aubergine baked beautifully with tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and chickpeas.
  • Foul medames: broad beans that are seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.
  • Falafel: fried chickpea croquettes paired with tahini sauce.
  • Batata harra and fried vegetables: potato-cubes filled with coriander, chilli, garlic, and sweet pepper.

You can drop in without a reservation or get your food takeaway.

Best Pizza Newcastle—Pizza Punks

Specialty: Pizza restaurant

Up for some cheesy pizza at Gainsborough House 34-40 on Grey Street? Try Pizza Punks!

This pizzeria offers a modern take on the classic Italian dish with new, interesting toppings.

Note that Pizza Punks is not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, but they do have completely plant-based dishes!

The create-your-own feature allows vegans to choose only vegan-friendly toppings. If you prefer something from the menu, go for the Blistered Red Pepper & Roast Aubergine topped with garlic oil, slow roasted aubergine, vegan cheese, cashew basil pesto, blistered red peppers, and rocket.

There’s also vegan mac and cheese offered as a side dish and vegan mayo for your indulgence.

Vegetarians have a few other options, ranging from the classic Margherita and Truffle Mushroom to the more trendy Beetroot pizza topped with goats cheese and pumpkin cream

My mouth is already watering.

Best Thai Newcastle—Mantra Thai Dining Restaurant

Specialty: Thai cuisine

If you’re into spicy, sweet, and sour, Mantra Thai has got you covered. They serve vegetarian and vegan options dishes, but this isn’t a fully vegan spot.

The chefs are from Thailand and are committed to cooking distinctive, authentic Thai dishes. As it says on their website: “Food is an art, cook from the heart.”

For starters, or “snacks” as they’re labelled, we have Mantra Thai’s signature vegetable spring rolls; these are stuffed with black mushroom, vermicelli noodles, shredded carrots, and cabbage. To top it off, they come with a sweet plum sauce.

When it comes to mains, we have two vegan curries. The first is a mild tofu and butternut squash curry made with coconut, baby potatoes, butternut squash, garlic, and fried tofu.

For the spice-seeker, opt for the jackfruit curry. With a classic Thai green curry base, jackfruit, and lots of veggies, it’s hard to go wrong. This is a hot curry though, so take note.

If you like South East Asian flavours, try Mantra Thai located at 29 Forth Banks.

Are There Any Good Vegan Restaurants in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

The answer is: yes, definitely. Whether you’re looking for fast food, baked goods, healthy meals, or restaurants specified in different cuisines, you’ll find it here. Our top 10 best vegan restaurants in Newcastle are a good starting point.

So don’t worry if you’re planning on passing through Newcastle upon Tyne as a vegan, you’ll have plenty of choices for plant-based food.

It’d be a shame to not pay a visit to these gems if you ever get the chance!

And by the way we also have a great selection of vegan restaurants in Belfast and Bournemouth!