For many today, looking good isn’t merely about investing in beauty products. Women are equally conscious of their well-being. 

Staying active and fit means you’re beautiful inside and out.

However, you can’t succeed in your training plans unless you purchase the right exercise gear, such as sturdy shoes to perform the right moves. 

Vegan sneakers womens are the new norm in the women’s fashion diary. These trainers offer the utmost comfort to meet all your needs while practising. 

The products we’ll review here ship all over the UK. Below is a quick overview of the best sneakers for women :

Reviews of the Best Best Vegan Trainers

Best Comfort – VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth II, Womens Breathable Vegan Workout Shoe

vegan sneakers womens pink vivobarefoot stealth ll shoes

Are you someone who wants to indulge in training with a stylish look? 

Get ready to show your retro self while exercising in the gym or jogging in the park. 

These beautiful trainers for women grab everyone’s attention with their honeycomb mesh and pop fuchsia shade. 

These vegan sneakers are breathable with squishy soles and flat heels to offer you an ultra comfort. 

You won’t feel them too tight and heavy on your feet as they have a foam upper with synthetic overlays. 

You can effortlessly jump, squat, or stretch while wearing these premium quality sneakers.

The TPU soles are puncture-resistant, which protects your feet and reduces wear and tear. 

Also, the white sole is easy to clean, just rub over with a damp cloth to make them spick and span.


  • Bright colours offer them a retro look.
  • Breathable and squishy soles.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Expensive.

Best Design Sneakers – DOGO Yummy Vegan Women Lifestyle Sneakers

vegan sneakers womens dogo yummy lifestyle sneakers

Do you love all things funky? Don’t look beyond. Feel and stay young by exercising in these chic sneakers by Doggo. 

The designers show how sustainability and aesthetics can go hand in hand by creating these trainers. 

Built of synthetic material, they’re handmade sneakers with a cat and paws painted all over them. 

The adorable prints on the trainers let you showcase your unique personality and choice. Also, all paints on these shoes are solvent-free. 

The cotton lining makes it convenient for you to wear them for long periods. 

The Yummy Vegan Lifestyle sneakers collection will boost your style while giving the right balance and comfort to your feet during your training period.

Whether you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you’ll love these vegan shoes. 

The pattern also offers an extra edge to the footwear, which means people looking for casual sneakers for regular wear can also consider them. 

There’s no fear of accidents, as the low 1 centimetre heels of the sneakers will provide excellent support throughout your training. 

Also, thermoplastic soles are durable enough to take the pressure.

No doubt, these cruelty-free shoes are a one-stop solution for a person of varying preferences.


  • Hand Painted sneakers.
  • Funky and impressive style.
  • Can be worn casually too.
  • Durable outer sole.


  • Only available in one colour.

Budget-Friendly Sneakers – Superga Classic Low Top Trainers

vegan sneakers womens green superga classic low top trainers

Do you love all things classic and your budget is low? This classic vegan sneaker is just for you. 

Superga is known for its vegan footwear collection so you can trust them to deliver quality products. 

The upper of the shoes are made of pure canvas, and inner, with a textile material that will allow you to stretch yourself comfortably in any posture. 

The highlight of these trainers is that they’re lightweight and breathable. 

You’ll get full support while exercising due to its flat and sturdy outer soles that are made of Vulcanised Gum. 

The classic design of this green footwear will compliment almost any outfit, and the model is available in a variety of shades so you can buy the pair in your favourite colour.


  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Sturdy soles.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Attracts dirt easily.

Easy To Wear – YKH Walking Fashion Slip-on Sneakers

vegan sneakers womens black ykh slip on sneakers

You might have already guessed. These are no-fuss, easy to wear, minimalist trainers as the shoes have no laces to tie. 

The slip-on design, back strap, and stretchable elastic around the open section enable the wearer to put the sneakers on and take off without any effort. 

If you’re prone to back problems, these are your go-to options.

The trainers are made of premium quality sustainable elements yet don’t lack style. 

The outer part of the trendy sneakers is of 100 percent synthetic material with a thermoplastic rubber sole. 

It’s entirely eco footwear with zero animal exploitation and carbon footprint.

What’s more, the outsides of the high top trainers are super soft with mesh design, making them breathable. 

You can exercise for a long time in summer without any discomfort. The flexibility of the shoes makes them comfortable to wear when training.

Anti-slip corrugated soles reduce the risk of falling if you run or jog. You can also wear them for sports, exercising, hiking, or casual purposes.

The shoes are available in five different colours and all sizes to meet everyone’s requirements. 

These cruelty-free sneakers have high top heels that make them ideal for shorter women.


  • Easy to wear slip-on design.
  • Slip resistant outsoles.
  • Multi-purpose trainers.
  • Wash and clean for long-lasting use.
  • True to size.


  • Three-centimetre heel height may not be suitable for people with back issues.

How To Buy the Right Vegan Sneakers Womens?

Seeing the popularity of vegan shoes among the masses, even top brands like Adidas and Superga are launching sustainable sneakers. Vans as well, we have a dedicated post for it !

However, not all products are 100 percent vegan. 

The market is flooded with brands claiming their collection is eco footwear, but testing the product’s authenticity before purchasing one is crucial. 

So, you have to check the shoe materials carefully in order to buy real cruelty-free and vegan sneakers. Look out for these signs to invest in the right pair of shoes:

  • Sneakers labelled with textiles or other materials in the description are genuine, instead of leather or coated leather.
  • The outer soles of the shoes are made of recyclable rubber.
  • All other parts of the products are also of sustainable and non leather materials like canvas, nylon, or recycled plastics.
  • No animal-originated ingredients are used.
  • Brands who established environment-friendly work conditions and green manufacturing systems for labourers to reduce carbon footprint.


The first step towards exercising is buying a pair of sneakers that are comfortable throughout the session. 

Whether you’re a gym member, athlete, or prefer exercising in a park, your training gear is incomplete without sturdy shoes in your closet. 

We recommend you buy one of these vegan sneakers to stay fit while turning heads. 

From streetwear to running sneakers, you’ll find an assortment of designs for vegan sneakers womens. There’s something in store for everyone. 

All the sneakers listed in this guide are shipped to the UK.

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