Hey, we’ve got some amazing news for you!

You’re in for a treat, because going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sweet tooth!

In fact, there are lots of vegan sweets available in the UK. You can even fnd some of them at your local supermarket!

But you have to be careful when buying as many sweets contain animal-derived products.

Animal-derived ingredients you want to avoid:

  • Carmine or cochineal – an animal product from the shells of beetles that used a red colouring pigment
  • Beeswax – used to give sweets a shiny and smooth look, as a sweetener, or as a basis for gums  
  • Gelatine – from the skin of connecting tissues in cows and pigs, and is mostly used in sweets and gums to enhance its dissolving effect in the mouth.
  • Lard – a solid white fat from the fatty tissues of pigs, and is used as a shortening when baking
  • Confectioners glaze – contains about 35% of shellac, a resin from female lac bugs. It is used as a preservative 
  • Bone char – from charred animal bones, and is used as a filter to decolourize sugar cane and get the desired white colour in sugar

Here are some of the best vegan sweets available in the UK!

NB; While we strive to give you reliable information, labels can change from when we gave this information. It is important that you DOUBLE-CHECK every time you are buying vegan sweets.

The Conscious Candy Company UK 


The Conscious Candy Company has a wide variety of sweets to offer, all 100% vegan. Apart from the recently launched fried egg sweets, the company also sells banana foams, love hearts, cherry cola bottles, sour shocks, fizzy strawberries, among others. You can buy in grams, kgs, or have a monthly subscription

Ananda’s Sweets 


Ananda Foods is a vegan confectionery company and is certified by the vegan society. You can rest assured that every piece of sweet you buy from them is 100% vegan – from marshmallows to roundups, lollies, and gift boxes (for when you want to spoil a vegan friend with a sweet tooth). 



You will find many sweets at ASDA that are labelled “suitable for vegans” with a “vegan society” logo. The company’s wide selection of vegan sweets includes chocolates, crackers, biscuits, cookies, and popcorns. (And let’s not forget their avocado shaped chocolate cake). Yummy!



Biona is a company that sells a variety of organic products like oils and vinegar, bakery items, spreads, drinks, and sweets, among others. Amongst their vegan sweets offer, you can enjoy carnival drops, potato chips, milk chocolate bar, berry bursts, and rice cakes.   

Candy Kittens 


Candy Kittens, a London based company, uses vegan and vegetarian recipes to create sweets. There are 6 major flavours to choose from, each with different packagings like gift jars, single sachets or even bundle boxes. 

Starburst Fruit Chews 


The original fruit chews and FaveReds are made from natural fruit juice. The packaging has a “suitable for vegetarians” label at the back. 

By the way, with all those sweets, make sure you take care of your teeth with a good vegan toothpaste 😉

Little Vegans 


Whatever kind of sweet you want, Little Vegans company probably has it. And, as a vegan-focused company, you can enjoy your gummies with no worries. 

Heavenly Sweets 


From fizzy cola bottles to Dracula teeth, meerkats to sweet hampers, Heavenly Sweets has plenty of vegan sweets you can rely on. All the sweets varieties are 100% vegan and certified. 

Jealous Sweets 


The Jealous Life company is all about bringing sweetness to your mouth without harming any animals. Their sweets are plant-based, sugar and gluten-free and finger-licking sweet. 



While you will not have a million flavours to choose from, you still get 9 flavours of sweets at your disposal. All these flavours and vegetarian, made from real fruit juice and approved by the vegetarian society.

Freedom Mallows


Freedom Mallows offer 3 kinds of sweets to choose from. All of them are vegan, with gluten, gelatin, GMO, egg, dairy, nuts, soy (make sure you also check our list of soy candles), and artificial colour-free.  

Haribo Assorted Sweets 


Haribo needs no introduction. While most of their candies contain gelatine, they do offer a few vegan sweets. The “Sour Rainbow Strips” are one of them. Note that Haribo also has a range of vegetarian sweets, but most of them contain beeswax (the Sour Rainbow Strips don’t).

You didn’t expect such a treat, right? At Vegomm, we’re quite happy to see brands such as Haribo offering vegan options! By the way, have a look at our selection of (healthier) vegan biscuits. You’re up for some nice surprises as well!

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