When it comes to Japanese Cuisine, you may think of all the seafood and meat dishes but Japanese cuisine has a lot to offer for vegans too. Especially at Yo! Sushi. We also recommend you to check our selection of vegan chinese takeaway options, if you love Asian cuisine as a whole!

Let’s have a look at what Yo! Sushi offers for Vegan customers.

Yo! Sushi!

Yo! Sushi has been around since 1997. They introduced the ‘kaiten’ conveyer belt and the idea of colour-coded dishes.

Now, Yo! Sushi has nearly 100 restaurants worldwide (2 of them are in Bournemouth and Belfast, you can check our other favorites in both of these cities!) and caters to foodies of all walks of life and all diets Catering to meat lovers, fishy fanatics, ingredient intolerances, and vegetarians and vegans too. No one goes hungry here. 

While they offer plenty of options for everyone, they do have a downfall, in that their in-house menu does not label the dietary specifications of the foods, and if you go in for a conveyor-belt game of ‘what’s next’ there are no labels to specify what food is appropriate for vegans.

This will often lead to you either having to go online and find out which dishes are consumable for you or asking a member of staff. 

They do however have a downloadable pdf vegan/vegetarian menu online, which is great to download before you go in-store. If you don’t want to take the risk of simply scouring the conveyor-belt for your next bite, you can order a dish to be made. 

They offer plenty of options of either traditional Japanese cuisine or hot street food, whatever you feel like eating, and they don’t fall short on those who eat vegan.

Food Options

Yo! Sushi, offers plenty of vegan foods. They offer so much that one-third of their menu is vegan and vegetarian. At some restaurants, this might not feel like enough options, but at Yo! Sushi, it definitely is.

They offer 32 different vegetarian options and 26 vegan options, included in this are 2 choices of dessert for vegans, in fact, that 6 option difference between vegetarian and vegan options, is only in the dessert section. All the main courses, sushi rolls, and curries are vegan.

Their vegan options are so extensive, you will be spoiled for choice, they offer 4 different salads, 4 nigiri, and temaki, 4 rolls, 7 street food options, 4 katsu’s and curries, and 2 desserts. 


  • Edamame Salad.
  • Kaiso Seaweed Salad.
  • Harusame Aubergine Salad
  • Tenderstem & Sesame Salad.

Nigri & Temaki

  • Glazed Aubergine.
  • Avocado.
  • Inari Taco.
  • Yasai Temaki Handroll.


  • Avocado Maki.
  • Cucumber Maki.
  • Yasai.
  • New Yasai Rolls Platter.

Street Food

  • Vegetable Fried Rice.
  • Vegetable Yakisoba.
  • Stir-Fried PakChoi & Garlic.
  • Vegetable Gyoza.
  • Mushroom Teriyaki Burger.
  • Spicy Pepper Cauliflower.
  • Shitake Mushroom Ramen.

Katsu’s and Curries

  • Tofu Katsu.
  • Pumpkin Katsu.
  • Tofu Katsu Curry.
  • Pumpkin Katsu Curry.


  • Chocolate Pot.
  • Fresh Fixed Fruit Plate.

In 2018, Yo! Sushi revolutionized their menu adding more and more green options to their menu but now they’ve gone even further and their options surpass many other restaurants. One of the most loved dishes that they offer is their curries.

Being vegan often means you miss out on curries, especially a good Katsu curry, but Yo! Provides. Surveying many vegan Yo! lovers, we found that the pumpkin katsu curry was one of the absolute favourites amounts green-eaters.

The pumpkin is crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside, it comes with a helping of sticky rice and plenty of curry sauce. It is good value for money too as you’ll find your dish full to the brim. 

The tofu curry is the next bestseller amongst vegans, following in with its plentiful helpings and exquisite flavours. If you miss katsu curries, you don’t need to miss them anymore. Tofu is also a great vegan option available at Lidl if you prefer cooking at home!

Another special treat for vegans is the spicy pepper cauliflower, where being vegan takes away the options of deep-fried, crispy flavours that are often cooked in fat, something you would get at a meat-based fast food restaurant.

This dish gives that back, making something generally very healthy into an unhealthy, but delicious meal. The cauliflower is deep-fried and has a crispy coating of salt and pepper. The only issue with this dish is that you’ll never want cauliflower any other way once you’ve had it this way.

Yo! Sushi provides you with a whole variation of flavours and everything you’ll ever need so that you never have to miss out. We certainly recommend their gyoza, pumpkin katsu curry and their vegan nigiri options if you are trying it out.

Sustainable Sourcing

One other reason that vegans and Yo! Sushi go so well together is the sustainable sourcing of their food products. 

Some people are vegan due to dietary needs, lifestyle, weight goals and some for environmental preservation and animal sustainability. If you chose veganism as a conservation method then this is another reason to try out Yo! Sushi.

They source all their foods sustainably, never serving any endangered animal products, so even in their fish dishes, they source these from sustainable fishing methods and will never serve any sea life that is endangered. 

This way they maintain delicious food available for all whilst also preserving the environment and wildlife populations.

They also only use free-range eggs in their diary foods and even better, they use triple filtered water and have done for two decades, this stops around 1.7 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills, sushi trays and other plates are also recyclable and their delivery packaging is now made from recyclable materials much as card or paper.

And, to save on waste, Yo! Has also started a food diversion app, which ensures that fresh food that is nearing its use by, can be given away at discount rates to stop waste, since the launch of this they’ve stopped nearly 70,000 meals being wasted.

So, get your vegan on at Yo! Sushi! 

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