There’s nothing like a festival to set up your summer! For many of us, popping on a pair of wellies and listening to live music for days on end is heaven. But, there’s another kind of festival worth shouting about: food festivals. Specifically, vegan food festivals! We can’t think of anything worth celebrating more than the beauty of living compassionately and consciously, which is why we’ve composed a list of the best vegan festivals to attend in 2022.

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Seven Vegan Food Festivals to Attend in 2022

Read on for our vegan festival recommendations. Here, you’ll find a mixture of event options in the UK, plus a couple of food festivals in the USA and further afield for those who love jet-setting!

Vegan Festivals in the UK

Global VegFest

Many festivals have found ways to ensure the celebrations continue in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Global VegFest is one of them. This vegan festival can now be attended, digitally, every three months. As a result, Global VegFest will run multiple times throughout 2022, giving you plenty of chances to attend!

Hopefully, Global VegFest will host live events again soon. Before the pandemic, this fun-filled vegan festival travelled all over the UK, giving people in major cities like London, Brighton and Bristol the chance to try plant-based cuisine, watch cookery demonstrations, and much more.

Nevertheless, you’ll still have lots of fun at Global VegFest in 2022! Check out the upcoming dates here.

Just V Show

Just V Show is one of London’s best and biggest vegan food festivals. It’s hosted at one of the city’s most spacious venues, ExCel London, and runs for three days. It’s also completely free to attend, making the celebrations more than accessible for vegans across the country!

Just V Show is the perfect festival to attend whether you’re already vegan or thinking about giving up animal products. The organisers want to engage everyone, regardless of where they are in their plant-based journey, to show the benefits of living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

At Just V Show, explore a variety of food stalls, browse vegan skincare products, take a peek at some of the plant-based homeware items on offer, and meet the faces behind The Vegan Society!

North Wales Vegan Festival

If you’re looking for vegan food festivals in Wales, we’ve got just the event! The North Wales Vegan Festival has everything you need to immerse yourself fully in the vegan way of living. From browsing more than 70 stalls to participating in motivational talks and yoga classes, you’ll never be bored at this action-packed event.

Of course, the North Wales Vegan Festival also serves a selection of delicious plant-based treats for you to choose from. There are stalls whipping up dishes from across the globe, so whatever you fancy, you’ll find it here. If you’re attending with kids, you’ll be pleased to know this is a family-friendly event.

Tickets are just £4 (you can pay at the door) and entrance is free for under 16s. You can find out more here!

The Scottish Vegan Festival

Scottish vegans needn’t miss out on the plant-based fun! The Scottish Vegan Festival is here to save the day. Returning in May 2022 after a Covid-induced hiatus, the Scottish Vegan Festival is a one-day event based in Edinburgh.

Here, you’ll be able to buy delectable meals and snacks from around the world (all plant-based, of course) alongside toiletries, clothes and accessories. There will also be guest speakers to listen to and environmental documentaries to watch!

Tickets for the Scottish Vegan Festival are available at the door or just £3 when bought in advance, and under 16s can attend free of charge. The funds raised from this vegan event will go to Farplace Animal Rescue, a sanctuary for animals that operates a no-kill policy (and advocates for other rescue centres to do the same). 

Vegan Camp Out

Fancy camping out with a whole community of like-minded people? Nottinghamshire’s Vegan Camp Out is the world’s largest vegan camp out event, with people travelling from more than 40 countries to attend.

Partnered with Viva!, Vegan Camp Out is one of the must-visit vegan food festivals of 2022. Here, you’ll find everything you could ever want and more! Think mouth-watering vegan food, relaxing yoga classes, and even workshops where you’ll learn how to become an activist and advocate for the vegan lifestyle.

Plus, vegan treats are served with a side of fun at Vegan Camp Out! Every night, you’ll also be able to dance under the stars with live DJ sessions. You can find out everything you need to know about Vegan Camp Out here.

Vegan Festivals in the USA & Canada

Vegan Street Fair

Going on holiday next year? You may be interested in checking out some of the best vegan festivals in the USA, like LA’s Vegan Street Fair! 2022 is the perfect time to visit as Vegan Street Fair returns after two years away.

If there’s anything more spectacular than Los Angeles, it’s a vegan food festival attended by more than 200 vendors across the world! Plus, it’s free to enter and peruse as you wish. What’s not to love?

As the sun goes down, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into. Whether you fancy a drink in the beer garden or feel like joining fellow vegans for a spot of karaoke, there’s something for you at Vegan Street Fair. Find out more here.

Vegandale Food Drink Festival

If you’re looking for a party, Vegandale Food Drink Festival should be at the top of your bucket list. This lively celebration describes itself as “North America’s fastest-growing vegan festival” and can be attended in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and even Toronto!

Despite the name, Vegandale Food Drink Festival is more than a celebration of food. Sure, there are more than 200 vendors serving a selection of tasty treats, but music and art also feature heavily on the line-up. This event offers a full cultural experience that will blow you away.

You can find out more about Vegandale Food Drink Festival and browse the available ticket options here.

AZ Vegan Fest

If you’re based in Arizona, you may have previously attended AZ Vegan Fest. This ultra-cool festival may not be running anymore, but it was once the number one vegan event in Arizona. From guest speakers to plant-based food inspired by global cuisines, AZ Vegan Fest was a fully immersive event.

Tips for Attending Non-Vegan Festivals

Unfortunately, not every festival is exclusively vegan. Nevertheless, you can still have the time of your life with these three simple tips!

  • Pack your own vegan snacks. Packing cereal bars, nuts, crisps and fruit will tide you over for a couple of days if there aren’t any vegan food stalls.
  • Research the food vendors attending before you arrive. This way, you’ll know exactly which stalls to go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Some food stalls will be happy to adapt their dishes to make them vegan. There’s no harm in asking!

Every day is a cause for celebration when you live a vegan lifestyle! Have you been to any of these vegan events before? Are you planning to attend any vegan food festivals in 2022? We’d love to hear your recommendations! Get in touch to let us know.

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