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Make sure all your shopping is vegan and cruelty-free. Vegomm is dedicated to promoting the best alternatives to most everyday products.

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Faux Fur

Faux fur is an artificial imitation fur or fake fur, which adopt the best characteristics such as warmth and appearance from animal fur but no animals have to suffer for it.

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Gift Ideas

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Vegomm Team

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It’s not always easy for the conscious consumer to find vegan products as they are often “hidden” behind high street brands and their huge marketing budget. Plus, we see a lot of green washing to promote so-called vegan products, that actually aren’t…

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Food & Cooking

Vegan cuisine can be really delicious – Let us surprise you!

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Beauty & Care

There are countless cruelty-free products for your beauty and care.

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Vegan Shoes

We are searching for cruelty-free vegan shoes for you. Every year millions of animals are used to make leather shoes. We are looking for vegan alternatives.

Is it Vegan?

We investigate it. We get to the bottom of it, ask questions, analyze it and give an overall score.

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