Are you looking for vegan alternatives to UGG boots? The fact that the famed sheepskin boots are not vegan is maybe unsurprising. If you enjoy the comfort and design of UGG boots, you’ll be pleased to learn that vegan and animal-free variants are available.

I’ll show you some of the best vegan alternatives to UGG’s iconic boots and slippers in this post.

But, before I go any further, can you tell if any of UGG’s shoes are vegan?

Are UGGs Vegan?

Unfortunately, UGG boots are not vegan-friendly. Animal materials such as sheepskin, animal leather, fur, suede, and/or wool are used to make all of the traditional UGG boots.

“This product contains genuine fur from sheep or lamb,” UGG says in the product description. Australia, the US, the UK, and Ireland are all good places to look for fur. It has been colored and processed artificially. “Produced in China.”

In addition, a handful of their children’s shoes appeared when I searched the phrase “vegan” in their internet navigation. I looked at the ingredients in each of the “vegan” UGGs children’s sandals (there were only five), and it appears that certain models are produced with faux-leather and all-vegan materials.

March of the year 2021 Update! UGG has released its newest Plant Power Collection, which includes three new vegan shoe designs built from carbon-neutral plant-based materials.

However, some vegans may be uncomfortable supporting or purchasing from a shoe firm that makes its money largely from the sale of boots made from animal skins.

What Are Vegan UGGs Made Of?

Vegan UGGs are constructed completely of man-made synthetic materials. However, be sure that none of the components were experimented on animals or acquired in an environmentally hazardous manner.

We did come with several ostensibly vegan UGG equivalents that didn’t include any animal ingredients but may have caused significant environmental damage because of the synthetic materials used.

However, the alternatives listed below should provide you with safer options.

Vegan UGG Alternatives

I’ve got you covered if you like the design and comfort of UGG classic boots but prefer a cruelty-free and vegan alternative.

I’ll show you some of the finest vegan alternatives to UGG boots that aren’t as harsh to animals.

Replace your classic UGG tall boot with PAWJ California’s animal cruelty-free, faux-fur lined boots. They come in different varieties of hues, which include Chestnut, Black, Brown, and Grey. PAWJ boots are vegan since they are constructed of high-quality synthetic suede and artificial fur.

PAWJ tall boots have a 12′′ shaft height, which is comparable to UGG’s 11.75′′ tall boots.

Try Vegetarian Shoes’ Snug Boot instead of UGG’s famous short boots! These vegan boots, which resemble UGGs but are made of soft and breathable faux-suede and lined throughout the interior with fleecy faux-sheep wool, are created in Europe. Your feet will stay toasty warm, as will the animals because these adorable vegan boots were made without harming or killing any animals!

PAWJ also offers a style that is comparable to UGG and Vegetarian Shoes in height.

Vegetarian Shoes provides a pair of vegan UGGs made with pineapple leather if you’re searching for a pair produced with sustainable ingredients.

Again, I would suggest PAWJ for UGG Classic Mini Boots. They have a similar form and color scheme to UGGs. They’re also around the same height. UGG minis are 5 inches tall, whereas PAWJ minis are 5.25 inches tall.

Bearpaw has also certified that the glues used in its Vegan shoes are free of animal by-products. So simply make sure you get a pair of Bearpaw shoes that are clearly labeled as Vegan in the product name when you go shopping. Bearpaw- Loki Vegan Faux Fur Trimmed Slipper, for example.

Bearpaw manufactures vegan faux-fur trimmed slippers that look and feel like UGGs if you’re looking for a vegan alternative to UGG slippers. Bearpaw boots and shoes aren’t completely vegan, so keep that in mind. There are a few styles that are constructed from animal materials.

Be Aware of Sellers on Amazon

Vegan boots, such as UGGs, may be found on Amazon, where they come in a variety of designs and alternatives created from cheap faux materials that are supposedly vegan.

However, there is just a little information available regarding these resellers and their ethical procedures. Several allegations have surfaced throughout the years, indicating that some stores (such as Boohoo) are selling things marketed as “faux-fur.” However, following further inquiry, it was discovered that they were manufactured from real animal fur.

I believe it is better to avoid purchasing faux-fur goods from unknown manufacturers or merchants on Amazon. When I shop on Amazon, the first thing I do is Google the brand or business name. I don’t buy from them if they don’t have a reputable website and the only search result is a link to their Amazon store.

PAWJ and Bearpaw are both available on Amazon, and both are respected brands with high-quality items, which I suggest.

Our Top Picks of Vegan UGG Alternatives

Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot

The Zoey boots are the first option on our list of vegan UGG alternatives. The biggest draw was that they looked just like the genuine thing.

Many consumers have praised the comfort and warmth they give despite the fact that they are made entirely of animal-free materials.

Just be careful if the weather is very severe and muddy since the lining may quickly stain.

Camel Crown Warm Winter Boots

Camel Crown claims that these ankle boots have tough materials for tough winters, as well as an anti-slip sole for safer walking.

Just keep in mind that the lining is pretty thick, so you might want to go for a larger size.

Lanyani Women’s Vegan Winter Boots

Despite having a light material construction, these UGG boot alternatives promise to be appropriate for tough snow conditions.

Unfortunately, we discovered that they are not completely water-resistant.

Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boot

Many individuals pick the Nia Cozy boots to ensure that they can tighten the straps to fit firmly around their lower legs.

They were a top option among our crew due to the cushioned sole, which may provide more support for your feet.

If you have broader feet, you might want to look for alternative options because the opening is a little narrow.

DAWGS Faux Shearling Microfiber Winter Boots

Not only do they come in several different fashionable colors, but the faux shearling may trick even the most ardent Ugg fan.

They also appear to operate well in slick situations, according to several online reviews.

If you are interested in getting your hands on them, be sure to get a large size.

Fourever Funky Furry Vegan Flat Boot

These boots have been built with a strong sole and silky imitation suede.

They also appear to be pretty easy to slide into, unlike some other items.

There may not be much wiggle space once you’re in the boots, so get half a size above.

Floopi Warm Winter Boots

There are a lot of positive reviews about Floopis providing good traction on snow and ice, and they have a cool name and design.

Have it in mind that you may need to wear them for a few days to obtain the full benefit of their comfort.

Wooden Amy Button Winter Boots

Although ornamental buttons aren’t typical of UGG boots, they certainly provide a charming touch.

These are also some of the higher-cut imitation suede boots.

I recommend purchasing a remedy to prevent water from infiltrating.

Reneeze Mid-Calf Boot

The vintage style of these boots appealed to us, and the mid-calf construction seemed to provide enough protection.

However, after only a few months, just a few people complained about the stitching failing.


All of the shoes listed above are cruelty-free, but there is one brand on which our whole staff seems to agree.

The Willowbee Zoey Boot is one of the most authentic-looking on the market, and consumer reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable.

Give this brand a try if you are interested in acquiring that comfort with peace of mind.

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