People who say veganism is boring and deprives you of having tasteful meals haven’t seen vegan cookbooks.

And believe us, the food photographs are real. Vegetables just have bright colours that make them really photogenic. Plus, they taste as good as they look!

And don’t worry, vegan cooking is easy to learn as long as you’re holding the right cookbooks (and pick the right ingredients). Here is our selection of the 9 best vegan cookbooks, for all kinds of cooks.

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Vegan 100: Over 100 incredible recipes from Avant-Garde Vegan


This vegan recipe book is written by an exciting young chef, Gaz Oakley, who switched to veganism for a healthier lifestyle. But he wanted to do it in a way to incorporate vibrancy and flavour into his vegan recipes. 

Results were so impressive that he started the Avant-Garde Vegan brand to showcase his recipes on his Instagram account and his vegan YouTube channel

Are you one of his 1.2 million followers? 

Now you can follow Graz on Instagram and drool over his good looking feed. Or you can rather enjoy his creativity right into your kitchen thanks to his amazing vegan cookbook. The book features tasty, easy to follow vegan recipes and most ingredients will be available at your local supermarket!

Vegan on the Go: Fast, Easy, Affordable―Anytime, Anywhere


Looking for easy and affordable vegan lunch ideas? No, baked beans are not your only option… Joke aside, if you tend to lack inspiration, this is the perfect cookbook for you! 

Vegan on the Go is filled with 100 vegan recipes that fit in a lunchbox, from tofu sushis to vegan pizza. 

We love how the writers state how much time you’ll need to prepare each lunchbox. That way, you avoid bad surprises when preparing your loved one’s daily lunch (or yours).

Plus, there’s no need for you to get up early every morning thanks to the tips they give on how you can prepare these lunches in advance and store them without losing their freshness and flavour.

Feed me Vegan – A book to turn a lion vegan


In this cookbook, Lucy Watson teaches you recipes that are exactly like her: simple yet sophisticated.

Get that book, pick a recipe and invite your friends over for a delicious and healthy brunch. Feed me Vegan has you covered with enticing meals including sweet treats and snacks.

And more importantly, invite that one friend who said veganism is boring. Serve him anything from a vegan cake, mac and cheese, lasagna, or some pancakes and we guarantee you he’ll change his mind! 

Heck, he might even turn vegan!

And you don’t have to worry about all his queries, just hand him the cookbook and let him invite you over 😉 

Zaika: Vegan recipes from India


Do you love Indian cuisine?  Or rather: Who doesn’t like Indian cuisine?!

Well, you can thank Romy Gill! With her book, you can now incorporate Indian cuisine within your vegan meals and reach a higher level of flavoursome vegan cuisine. 

And there’s more!

The spices used in Indian cooking do not only bring flavour but also a number of health benefits. These spices are at the core of Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest holistic healing systems. 

Yes, this is more than a vegan cookbook and it has a lot in store for you!

Keep it Vegan: 100 simple, healthy & delicious dishes


Let Áine Carlin, the creator of the popular vegan lifestyle blog Pea Soup Eats, teach you vegan recipes worth keeping! 

In this book, she focuses on keeping it simple with easy-to-follow recipes and easy-to-find ingredients; keeping it tasty with spices; keeping it fun with creative recipe ideas; and most of all, keeping it vegan!

How do rosemary and pear stuffed french toasts sound like? Well, we’re hungry!

Are you doing your first steps into the vegan lifestyle? This is certainly one of the best vegan cookbooks for beginners.

Quick question: Do you know if soy sauce is vegan? Discover it now!

Five Ingredient Vegan: A handful of ingredients, that’s all you need


This vegan recipe book will prove to you that preparing vegan meals doesn’t have to be complicated. Five ingredients or fewer… and tadaaa: you have a healthy and flavourful vegan meal!

Katy Beskow makes it so easy that even if you’re not confident with vegan cooking or with cooking in general, you can still do it.

(Well, if you’re the kind of person to burn a toast, she may not be able to help you).

But hey, easy doesn’t mean savourless. And that’s what makes this book so great, she manages to create vegan dishes filled with flavour and texture, with five ingredients or less!

As you seem interested in vegan cooking. Let me ask you a question. Do you know what gravy are vegan (Is Bisto vegan? Is Marmite vegan?). Check out the guides we just linked to learn more.

BOSH!: Simple Recipes. Unbelievable results. All plants.


Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are the two creators of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing plant-based platform: BOSH!. With a community of over 2.3 million fans, it’s a vegan revolution that they are creating.

Through their platform and book, these two are constantly inspiring people to cook ultra-tasty & super simple recipes at home. This cookbook is full of fun, unpretentious and scrumptious vegan recipes like the Big Bhaji Burger, the World’s Best Pesto Lasagne, or the Salted Caramel Chocolate Crunch Tart.

We wonder what is the favourite dessert of these two kitchen gods… You must be wondering too!

Then you must get that book as in “BOSH! The Cookbook”, Ian and Henry also share their personal favourite meals!

15 Minute Vegan: Fast, modern vegan cooking


From the author of Five ingredient vegan, this cookbook teaches fast and easy vegan recipes you can prepare in only 15 minutes!

The recipes are as easy as it can be, from finding the ingredients to all the preparations down to serving. She also gives advice on what pieces of equipment to use in order to do a quick, clean job.  

Once ready, it might take you less than 5 minutes to eat these 15-minute recipes, because of how good it tastes. But if you would want to save some for later, this cookbook also teaches you how to properly store the leftovers!

Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town


“I believe that, regardless of what we can or can’t eat, we all deserve a delicious, decadent treat every now and then. Let me show you how to bake vegan cakes the easy way with simple, dairy-free recipes that taste just like the real thing!”

Amen sister!

In this vegan baking book, Ms Cupcakes lets you celebrate veganism. She shares her most indulgent recipes to make at home, using ingredients that you can find at the local supermarket. 

This cookbook is not only a blessing for vegans who love desserts, but also for people suffering from allergies or intolerances! 

Who says you can’t have a cupcake?! You can now treat yourself without guilt and nature calling.

Ladies and gentleman…. to your kitchen!

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