Everyone deserves an extra-special cake on their birthday – especially vegans! Finding vegan birthday cake hasn’t always been easy, but you no longer need to search high and low for cruelty-free baked goods or wrestle with flour, sugar and egg replacements to make your own.

With so many of the UK’s favourite supermarkets stocking their shelves with tasty vegan treats, celebrating your special day with a good old-fashioned birthday cake is now a piece of, well…cake!

Ready to celebrate another year around the sun? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the tastiest vegan birthday cakes available to buy in supermarkets across the UK. You deserve it!

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The Best Vegan Birthday Cakes Available to Buy

There’s nothing better than tucking into a light, fluffy cake with cloud-like frosting and delicious toppings, particularly when you know it’s completely cruelty-free. Let’s get shopping.

Please note that manufacturers sometimes change their recipes, so we recommend that you double-check the dietary and allergen information of all products listed here.

ASDA’s Vegan Chocolate Cake

ASDA’s Vegan Chocolate Cake

ASDA is one of the UK’s favorite supermarkets, plus it’s full to the brim of tasty treats for shoppers with dietary requirements!

Amongst ASDA’s generous free-from section, you’ll find this creamy chocolate cake certified with the Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark. What’s more, this vegan birthday cake from ASDA is in the shape of a smiling avocado. What’s not to love?

Buy yours here, and don’t forget to search online for vegan birthday cake candles to match!

Just Love Food Company – Vegan Birthday Cake

Nothing says “happy birthday!” like an irresistibly tasty cake, just like this one from the Just Love Food Company.

Ultra-light sponge, tempting chocolate frosting and an iced birthday message make this the perfect cake for all ages, whether you’re celebrating a little one’s party or bringing in a milestone birthday with a vegan feast.

This birthday cake is not only vegan but also free from nuts, meaning it’ll go down a treat with any guests who have dietary requirements.

Just Love Food Company - Vegan Birthday Cake

You can get your hands on this mouth-watering sponge from the Just Love Food Company at your local Tesco. Enjoy!

Just Love Food Company – Vegan Vanilla Cake

Just Love Food Company - Vegan Vanilla Cake

Not a fan of chocolate? Crazy for vanilla? Don’t worry, there are plenty of vegan birthday cakes out there for you, too! The Just Love Food Company strikes again with this sumptuously sweet sponge, topped with vanilla frosting and decorated with rainbow sprinkles.

This cake is also vegan and free from nuts, in addition to being downright delicious. Plus, the cake provides the perfect blank canvas for adding your decorations to the mix – be it a range of candles, edible flowers, edible photographs or whatever else you fancy!

Thanks to Tesco, this yummy birthday cake can be yours for less than £5.00.

OGGS Vegan Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

If you fancy something a little different this year, why not swap a traditional birthday cake for these bite-sized muffins?

Thanks to OGGS, known for its easy-to-use egg replacement, you can bring in your birthday with a selection of small, vanilla-flavoured cupcakes. Loaded with frosting and rainbow sprinkles, these tiny cupcakes are ideal for little ones’ birthday parties or piled on a plate and enjoyed with a cup of tea.

OGGS Vegan Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Nine small cupcakes are the same as one slice of birthday cake…right? We think so! Grab yours here or check the free-from section at your local Sainsbury’s.

Just Love Food Company – Vegan Chocolate Cake

Just Love Food Company - Vegan Chocolate Cake

The Just Love Food Company should be on every vegan’s radar, especially because they sell some of the most scrumptious cakes and other baked goods.

Their Vegan Chocolate Cake, topped with additional chocolate chips, is sure to conquer all sweet cravings at the next birthday party you host or attend.

This nut, milk and egg-free cake is best suited to smaller, more intimate gatherings, so if you’re hosting a larger party, make sure to buy a couple!

You’ll find this gooey vegan birthday cake at a range of supermarkets, including ASDA.

BOSH! Celebration Cake

BOSH! are pioneers of plant-based goodness, and amongst their range of moreish treats, you’ll find this vegan birthday cake, available at Morrisons. With thick frosting and a scribbled “happy birthday!”, this celebration cake looks almost homemade.

In fact, BOSH! hand-decorates their cakes, which only adds to the company’s likeability factor.

BOSH! Celebration Cake

This vegan birthday cake from Morrisons is budget-friendly, but if you’d like to save a few pennies while getting creative, BOSH! also sells a selection of cake mixes. How about rolling up your sleeves and whipping up this zesty lemon drizzle?

Lazy Day Free From Chocolate Celebration Cake

Lazy Day Free From Chocolate Celebration Cake

Birthday celebrations require chocolate and lots of it! Plenty of chocolate is exactly what you’ll get with this celebration cake from Lazy Day, found at Sainbury’s.

Chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting, chocolate cream filling, and chocolate drizzle make this one of the most decadent vegan birthday cakes available to buy, so be prepared to savour every bite!

Whether you’re choosing your own cake or buying something special for a vegan friend, family member or colleague, this baked treat is sure to go down well.

Buy this scrummy cake from Lazy Day here or in your local big Sainsbury’s.

Delicious Vegan Birthday Cake Recipes

If you’re in the mood to channel your inner Mary Berry and bake your own celebration cake, you’ll need to begin with a tried-and-tested recipe. Luckily for you, lots of supermarkets have released their very own vegan birthday cake recipes using the ingredients found on their shelves.

Below, check out some of the best recipes from all your favourite UK supermarkets.

Which recipe do you think you’ll try first? Simply stock up on a few edible decorations and voila – a vegan cake is yours to indulge in!

Top tip: Check out our guide to vegan baking ingredients where you’ll find all the best plant-based substitutes for eggs, milk, butter and more.

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