Considering how times have drastically changed today, there are now three things the modern man is called to possess: class, values, and swagger.

And quite frankly, not too many wardrobe pieces can help a lad pull off the last one except for a leather jacket. Even if it takes a whole lifetime, a dapper faux leather jacket is something every serious gentleman should look forward to owning.

Why pass up the opportunity to sport something as timeless as this kind of wardrobe piece? Precisely why for this article, we’re jotting down the most fascinating vegan leather jackets available in the UK!

So buckle up, and let’s get started!

Classic Black (Red Bridge)

Perhaps one of the most valid ambitions a young man can ever entertain is the idea of becoming Indiana Jones. And although you don’t exactly have to fall off a tank or get rid of Nazis, you can very much cop Harrison Ford’s signature look with a good-fitting vegan leather jacket.

Lucky for you, Red Bridge presents you with that possibility much faster. Made with 100% Polyurethane, confidently display your coolness in a black, slim-fit faux leather jacket that’s made to charm. Disclaimer: motorbike not necessary.

Classic Brown (Nantersan)

If there’s anything sexier than a classic black leather jacket, it’s gotta be a brown leather jacket—and Nantersan is here to prove that.

Packed with all the men’s faux leather jacket signatures, this piece is complete with zippers in all the right places and a slim fit design that’s meant to accentuate your manly physique, no matter what size you are!

Daring Black (AOWOFS)

A little edgy fashion never hurt anyone, and AOWOFS agrees.

Consider this exciting rendition of a faux leather jacket for men. Loaded with a stand collar supplemented with a multi-zipper finish, this dark PU faux leather jacket is daring and strikingly cutting-edge.

With the primary opening leaning more towards the right than the center, this piece is made to let any gent immediately stand out from the crowd.

Casual Brown (Fedtosing)

Not all leather jackets are designed to radiate the same mature vibe. If you’re looking for a PU biker jacket that’s both subtle and boyish, check out Fedtosing’s Slim-Fit Moto Jake.

Retaining that distinct, vintage mood, this vegan leather hooded jacket is hip, young, and approaches the classic look a lot more delicately. If that isn’t enough, it comes with a removable hood, too!

Perfect for Spring, Autumn, and Winter, this version of a PU leather jacket is made for the boy next door.

Bright Red (Red Bridge)

Haven’t you heard? It’s all about colour now; ask Red Bridge! This captivating red faux leather jacket is a gem, not just to the fashion gods, but also for just about every guy looking to elevate their look with a splash of colour.

Without being too ridiculously loud, this fake leather jacket is soft to the eyes, but keeps that signature punch leather jackets call to themselves. Made with 100% polyester, this garment is quilted and utilises a high-quality zip closure.  

What’s not to love?

Casual Blue (Bolf)

If red isn’t for you, try this men’s faux leather biker jacket in navy blue by Bolf.

While it keeps the manly energy guys look for in leather jackets, it gives off a natural swag that doesn’t stray too far from the original musky vibe we’ve all come to love.

Made with Polyurethane and Polyester, this casual-style stunner is poised to impress. 

Casual Black (Jack & Jones)

If it isn’t clear yet, we’ll spell it out for you: you can never have enough black faux leather jackets in your closet. They’re sleek, snazzy, and are available in, literally, a hundred designs if you look hard enough.

Jack & Jones, for instance, has an incredibly well-crafted faux leather aviator jacket that isn’t loud, but still carries enough confidence with it.

Made with Polyester and Polyurethane, this uncomplicated design warrants just the right amount of attention. 

Sports Casual (KJHSDNN)

It turns out KJHSDNN has a lot more to offer than just vintage-looking faux leather scorers. This varsity version of its contemporaries exudes a juvenile innocence that isn’t devoid of the muscular energy leather pieces are associated with.

It’s young-looking, trendy, and like many of the other garments on this list, is made with PU leather vegans continue to support. This style comes in 4 variations, but our favorite ones are yellow and white!

We could see ourselves rocking that jacket, sipping on a vegan energy drink after a game.

Handsome black (Prime)

Let’s be honest, there could be a thousand different coats, but what we can never have enough of are classy black vegan leather jackets.

Take, for example, this handsome Polyurethane leather jacket from Prime. Its simple cut and polished upper linings and zippers make for an exquisite finish of an outer accessory; definitely something you can don at virtually any event you’re at.

Smooth, suave, and very cosmopolitan, this piece is here to compete.  

Formal Black (Only & Sons)

We weren’t kidding when we said there’s always space in your closet for one more black vegan biker jacket. These items are essentially the genesis of this particular fashion genre and Only & Sons makes us understand why!

Their edition of a faux black leather coat is both silent and seductive. Crafted also with Polyester and Polyurethane, this item defines what it means for a jacket to have all the right details in all the right places without being too much.

We’ve all got our own styles, and we’re all wired to express ourselves differently. What’s true to everybody is that leather jackets are here to stay.

But because being vegan isn’t limited to what we ingest, the cruciality of remembering what we support and why we support what we do is best upheld even in what we wear.  

What’s next? What about a vegan belt and a vegan wallet to match that cool faux-leather jacket?!

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