The Best Vegan Belts for Men

black vegan belt

Every season is fashion season! Are we wrong? 

Faux leather belt or not, belts are a staple in making strong wardrobe statements so it makes perfect sense why eco-warriors such as ourselves should know where to get them and which brands to support!

Are you ready? Let the search for the best vegan belts the UK has to offer begin!

An elasticated woven belt (MultiWare)

multiware woven belt

There are no police officers here, but Fairwin’s braided elastic woven belt for both men and women will arrest your attention every single time.

It’s beautifully weaved design is clean, eye-catching, and clever.

Made with canvas and polyurethane (PU) leather, this piece can pull off more looks than you think. 

And if that’s not enough, this easy-to-wear accessory lets you fasten anywhere on the belt, too!

Marching your way to the buffet? Not a problem. Thinking of getting one more slice of cake? Make that two!

This non-leather belt is packed with just enough elasticity for you never to have to re-adjust ever again!

Before reading more, did you know you can also have faux leather jackets?

The corkiest belt (Corkor)

corkor cork belts

There are dozens of reasons why many lads prefer cork-made vegan belts, but we can already tell you that design and functionality are the top two.

Composed of genuine cork crafted by Portugal artisans, this stunner of an accessory easily radiates that manly, rugged charm many guys go for. 

Designed for men whose sizes range from medium to extra-large, this belt is durable, elegant, and makes zero use of any animal by-product! 

The edgiest belt (Felvarrom)

felvarrom upcycled belts

This belt from Felvarrom may not be avant-garde, but it is definitely a statement piece that’s a little more fashion-forward compared to its other contemporaries on this list.

With 6 designs to choose from, each variant provides two pops of colours that help elevate your look regardless of whatever your get-up is. 

An even cooler fact about this accessory is that it’s made from upcycled bicycle tubes!

How cool is that?

And because it’s a hole-less snap buckle, how heavy or light you are carries no weight when you purchase this vegan men’s belt!

A classy black vegan leather belt (Will’s)

wills classic black vegan leather belt

You didn’t think we’d forget about the most iconic edition of a formal belt for men, would we?

Dash from your mid-day meeting to your mates at the pub!

Handmade with careful precision and a vision to uphold style and sophistication, this classic vegan leather belt is perfect for many events.

With sizes ranging from small to extra-large, this vegan belt strap was designed to conquer. 

The trendiest men’s vegan belt (SildeBelts)

slidebelts classy vegan leather belt

If you’re looking for functionality that meets every standard of style and comfort, you’re going to want to get yourself this trendy belt without holes from Slidebelts.

Made with stylish vegan leather, this accessory is designed to effortlessly adjust to your waist, all while keeping your trousers in place. 

With the option to interchange your straps with the same buckle, you’re not just scoring convenience with this clothing item.

You’re saving yourself a few more bucks, as well!

A belt to help you ponder (Yogamasti)

yogamasti yoga organic belt

There aren’t that many organic, non-leather belts designed to help you meditate. Come to think of it, there aren’t that many organic belts at all! 

Yogamasti’s organic cotton belt was made not just to assist you with various yoga postures, but to help you find your zen.

With a clear vision and a breathtaking piece of accessory made with nothing but natural ingredients, how can you not find peace?

Vintage-looking belt (Couch Guitar Straps)

brown vintage vegan leather belt

Trying to pull off a specific look?

Perhaps Couch Guitar Straps’ brown vegan double-stitched belt is the one you’re looking for.

Perfected with premium boutique vegan leather, this brand’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is what keeps their customers coming back for more. 

Durable, classy, and secure, this casual vegan dress belt reinforces refinement, longevity, and taste. 

A colourful belt ( RECYCLEDVEGANandTuc)

unisex recycled vegan belt rainbow

There is nothing more liberating than knowing the energy you put out into this world is authentic, true, and protective.

RECYCLEDVEGANandTuc’s unisex pride rainbow belt is perfect for anyone who’s ever bent on reminding people to love purely and without harm. 

Handcrafted with precision and care, this little fashion accessory saves not just a little more of the planet, but also a little more of humanity, as well.  

A fashionable upcycled belt (VeloCulture)

recycled inner tube belt

Made with upcycled inner-tubes from bicycles, VeloCulture’s belts are terrific replicas of leather.

Available in a variety of colourful patterns, these accessories are vibrant, sturdy, and are made to last!

And the best part? They can ship for free within the UK!

Did you find anything you like? We personally love every belt mentioned on this list, and we’re sure you’re bound to love a belt or two from here.

We prioritized vegan belts available in the UK and made sure we showcased only those that have earned positive reviews.

Rock that outfit and play with your style! Belts aren’t supposed to be boring, one-purposed clothing pieces.

Whatever the weather, wherever the walk, the world is your runway! And since people are watching, you might as well make it worth their while! these pieces have every capacity to transform your outfit from okay to out-of-this-world!

Do you think we missed a brand? Let us know!