It is not everyday you want to come and home and start making gravy or stock from scratch. While it is easy to buy a packet of gravy or stock from a supermarket or online store, the decision is not that easy for vegans. 

Here’s why; although some brands make vegetarian gravy and stock, there is no guarantee that the end product is vegan. Some brands also manufacture products with animal derivatives. Criss Cross in the manufacturing process happens, meaning your vegetable gravy or stock might end up with some bit of animal products. 

You should not lose hope, though. We are here to make your shopping time seamless, courtesy of this vegan gravy and stocks list.

NB; We try to give you the best vegan brands, but the information can change. We still recommend that you double-check the ingredients list of the products.  

What to check before buying:

First, you need to be sure of what to watch out for when shopping for vegan gravy and stock. 

  • Labelling – the product should at least have the “vegetarian” label. Or simply “V”. 
  • Animal derivatives – like milk, eggs, lactose, animal fats, powder and any extracts 
  • E635 – also Disodium 5′-ribonucleotides, an additive that is mainly used as a flavour enhancing compound in foods. It is made up of Sodium Salt from Inosinic Acid and Guanylic Acid. The sodium salts used are mostly from animal flesh. However, it can also be derived from plants. 
  • Flavouring – some are derived from animals, so be careful when buying. Especially if there is no “V” label on the product. 

Without further ado, here are vegan gravy and stocks available in the UK:

Tofurky Plant-Based Gravy

Tofurky is one of the most reliable brands, being a vegan brand itself. Torfuky’s plant-based savoury gravy ingredients include; water, plant-based soy sauce, whole wheat flour, canola oil, rice flour, celery, chicory root fibre, carrot, onion, corn starch, cane sugar, sunflower oil, xantham gum, rosemary extracts, and sea salt. 



This British retailer stocks Asda branded vegan items, including gravy. The vegetable gravy granules, ASDA free from gravy granules and the free from chicken gravy granules are all market “suitable for vegan”. Some of the ingredients in these include wheat flour, soya, celery, barley, palm oil, onion, maize protein, and potato starch. 



We’ve covered the question of Bisto being vegan in details in this article.

Auntie Bessies 

A large producer of frozen foods in the UK, among them, a wide range of vegetarian options. Both the Classic Gravy Mix and the Gravy Mix for Chicken have “suitable for vegetarians” labels. The ingredients include wheat, soya, potato starch, onion, palm oil, and are marked gluten-free.


Marmite Gravy

Want to know if Marmite is vegan? Read our detailed article about it.

Marigold Vegan Gravy and Stock 

Marigold offers a few vegan gravy and stocks to choose from, (about 4 flavours). All of these are labelled “vegetarian” and “gluten-free”. On the ingredients list, you will mostly see wheat flour, corn starch, sea salt, onion, tomato, vegetable oils, rice flour, and plant-based spices and herbs, among others.  


Eating vegan? Make sure you also dress vegan. Nowadays, there is a vegan option for almost everything: faux fur boleros, vegan leather jackets and more!

Nine Meals From Anarchy vegan Stock 

Yeah, we know how the name sounds… but the 3 vegan stock options are all organic, palm-oil and gluten-free. You can choose between these three flavours, Umami, Garden Herb and Uncorrupted Veg stock. 


Massel Vegan Bouillon Stock

This Massel’s pack has 10 stock cubes, all vegetable style. It is FODMAP certified and includes labeling for No Animal Contents, lactose, gluten, translate fat,  and cholesterol-free. All ingredients are natural, no GMOs and includes extra virgin oil, sea salt, herbs, and veggies. 



All these available stock cubes are organic and have gluten and lactose-free labels. The ingredients include vegetable oil and fat, sea salt, yeast extracts, corn starch, and plant-based spices and flavours. 


Knorr Organic Vegetable Stock

Knorr’s vegan-friendly stock pot is made of organic veggies and is free from artificial colours and preservatives. It is also marked gluten-free. 


Here you are, a selection of gravy and stocks that are vegan-friendly! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re favourite one is not on the list. 

And don’t forget to always check the ingredients before buying a product. We try to keep the list up to date, but we don’t see everything and unfortunately, some products that are vegan today may not be tomorrow.

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