Is accessory shopping for a wedding stressing you out?

A fake fur bolero jacket is a great solution, and we have some excellent reviews for you coming up. All our recommendations ship to the UK and are 100 per cent animal-friendly. 

Attending a formal event with either a big jacket or a dead animal on your shoulders is a no-no. 

Instead, fake fur options are both ethical and practical, keeping your shoulders warm and covered to suit the formal settings. 

How Is Fake Fur Made and Why It’s Beneficial To You

Fake furs consist of various materials, with the bulk of the fibres made from polymers, such as modacrylics, acrylics or a blend. Sometimes, these fake materials include naturally occurring fabrics, such as wool, cotton or mohair. Manufacturers use this to improve the overall look and feel of the garment. However, this isn’t in all instances.

Secondary monomers are added to the fibres making them easy to colour. Modacrylic polymers, for instance, are copolymers, meaning that they’re two monomers linked in the same chain.

This is also why you’ll see this material available in various colours, like champagne, pink and khaki.

What does this all mean for vegans?

Besides being cruelty-free, this material is often more durable and resistant to environmental damages. It’s also usually easier to wash, with some brands boasting that they’re machine washable, and is a much more affordable option.

Reviews of the Best Faux Fur Boleros

Best Overall — Beautelicate Shrug

Beautelicate Shrug

The Beautelicate shrug is a luxuriously soft option. It consists entirely of animal-friendly materials with a high-quality satin lining, providing warmth and comfort.

It’s a wrap-around shrug with an included pearl brooch, keeping it intact at the front of your chest. You can also choose between four faux fur finishes, including ivory, black, white, and navy. 

We like how it’s a one-size-fits-all with a length of 129cm (50in) and a width of 30cm (11in). However, Beautelicate stresses that it’s best-suited for those with a 53cm (21in) shoulder width.

Despite being an excellent option, it doesn’t have a small clasp or clip to fasten the two sides, only the brooch.


  • Luxurious feel. 
  • Satin lining. 
  • Included pearl brooch. 
  • Several colours are available. 


  • Requires a 53cm (21in) shoulder width.
  • Doesn’t include a clasp to hold the ends together.

Best Wrap Shrug — EQLEF White Bolero

Best Wrap Shrug

A wrap-around shrug is fantastic for adding some vintage glam to your look, and the shrug from EQLEF is a great candidate. 

It’s an elegant faux fur wedding shrug, perfect for the bride-to-be. The jacket consists of premium materials, offering a super soft and silky smooth feel. However, it doesn’t have a satin lining, like the Beautelicate above. It also isn’t available in ivory, so lacks the versatility of the Beautelicate. 

It measures approximately 165cm (65in) in length and 30cm (12in) in width. Although it’s only available in one size, it should fit most body types. Even so, customers mention that it isn’t that warm, so if it’s cold out, layer up.

Be aware that there’s no clasp included, but some counter this by using a brooch.


  • Elegant vintage-style wrap shrug.
  • Silky smooth feel. 
  • Suitable for different body types. 


  • Only available in one colour. 
  • No clasp to hold the ends together.
  • Not very warm. 

Best Bolero Jacket Fur — Ossa Fashion Cocktail Bolero

Best Bolero Jacket Fur

Whether you’re attending a wedding or a glammed-up party, the Ossa Fashion cocktail jacket is worth a look. 

It’s a simple, black, fully lined jacket with a soft, delicate feel, but the artificial material’s puffiness gives it an edge. 

Ossa Fashion made it in the EU, and it consists of 100 per cent polyester, suggesting it’s quite durable. However, like the EQLEF model, it doesn’t have a satin lining, which reduces its comfort. 

For sizing, it’s available in a 6 to a 16, which is a wide selection, but it only comes in black, so versatility could be better here.


  • Suitable for formal events and glam parties.
  • Fully lined.
  • Polyester construction.
  • Several sizes are available.


  • Only available in black. 
  • Not the comfiest option.

Okay, faux fur boleros are not for everyone. If you’re looking for something more casual, or just warmer, have a look at our selection of faux fur hoodies.

Best Vintage Style — Aukmla Shrug

Best Vintage Style

Bridal fur jackets are amazing, especially when they’re inspired by the style of the ‘20s and ‘30s, just like this Aukmla shrug. 

It’s suitable for UK sizes 2 to 24 and is available in six colours, including black, grey, dark brown, and white, so versatility is clearly no issue here.

In addition, it has a heavy and thick fake fur, making it warm and fluffy. This combines well with the satin lining, adding to the luxurious feel.

Also, you have a clasp to keep it intact at the front—a first on today’s list—but it also includes a rhinestone brooch. 

Sounds good so far, right?

With that said, users report that the quality is mediocre, but that’s to be expected considering the very reasonable price. Also, the lining shows from the top of the collar, which takes away the luxurious appearance.


  • Soft, puffy feeling. 
  • Satin lining.
  • Front clasp and included brooch.
  • Six colours are available. 


  • Overall quality is mediocre.
  • Lining shows from the collar, which isn’t a good look.

Best Long-Sleeved Bolero — Flora Ivory Bridal Bolero

Faux fur bolero, white long sleeved

If you’re searching for an ivory fake fur shrug, this option from Flora is perfect.

It’s a super-soft jacket with long, puffy sleeves and is fully lined with polyester. Ultimately, it’s silky soft and comfy for a wedding or formal event. The sleeves reach down to the wrists, suggesting it’s excellent for keeping warm during the winter, too. 

Around the top, it features a stand-up collar with a round neck, giving it a cosy feeling with a touch of glam. Also, the front has a scoop shape, which shows off your dress or outfit, as opposed to the other options that are closed.

Even so, the jacket is dry clean only, and the material shreds a bit. It also fits a little snug around the arms. 


  • Long sleeves. 
  • Polyester lining. 
  • Round neck. 
  • Front scoop-shape. 


  • Dry clean only. 
  • Fits snugly around the arms.
  • Material casts a bit. 


With a faux fur bolero, you have a lot of options to choose from, but with this material, it’s essential to look for quality, fully lined options and the right style. A jacket is perfect for keeping warm, while a wrap style looks a bit more glamorous. 

We hope you found our recommendations helpful, and don’t forget that all products ship to the UK!

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