The Best Faux Fur Gilets in the UK

faux fur gilet

With cold weather on the horizon, women often look to gilets to defend against the chilly temperatures. The stylish, comfy, and cozy gilets are usually made of fleece or skins.  But, can you be sure that your faux fur gilet is made of vegan fabric? 

Unlike boleros, the gilet is a warm waistcoat without sleeves. Most modern designers add padding to make them warm. Most have straight sides rather than sides designed to pinch the waist. 

The fashion terminology refers back to specialized product type: a sleeveless garment that was once worn under a jacket. Today, men and women generally wear them when the weather is cold, but not cold enough to wear a winter parka. 

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Is a Faux Fur Gilet Stylish?

The answer is yes. 

Fake furs have come a long way since its early days. Now, artificial furs can look like the real thing. The coolest faux fur coats look intentionally synthetic and come in unexpected colours like pink, teal, and goldenrod. The glam imitation gilets are often moderately priced so that you can get more than one! Add a new look to your shopping bag today.

But the key to buying ethical artificial imitation is knowing where animal parts could be used. For example, just because the vest has a faux textile doesn’t mean the garment is completely vegan. 

What’s the Deal with Faux Fur?

Part of the problem with the vegan option is that manufacturers make it out of plastic. While this keeps the product vegan, it does not help the environment. Manufacturers use a variety of materials to make the textile, including acrylics and polymers. These materials come from coal, petroleum, and limestone, and manufacturers acquire them through questionable means. 

The vegan textiles also need to be dyed, and many have a fire-retardant applied to them. Many of those products are not eco-friendly and could have animal byproducts in the ingredients. 

Manufacturers also use materials like wool or mohair, which are animal products. Some fashion houses use adhesives to make their gilets, and some of those adhesives contain animal byproducts. 

What Wearing a Faux Fur Gilet Says?

Wearing artificial textiles is a personal choice, but not everyone agrees with it. Some animal activists believe that synthetic fabrics still supports the wearing of real animal skin. Many fake furs resemble the real thing, so your intentions of wearing the phony version could be misunderstood.

Instead, if you choose to wear artificial accessories, then wear an obviously artificial version. Show that you support the industry that does not slaughter animals for fashion. 

Rock out an unexpected colour, and share how warm and cozy your vegan textile garment is. Don’t open up any ideas that you support the real industry, and instead make your shopping experience safe for animals. 

Are There Benefits to Buying Synthetic Textiles?

There are several benefits to buying garments and accessories made of vegan fur. First of all, no animal dies for the sake of fashionable delivery. Synthetic fabric is also easy to clean, and many manufacturers make textiles that are machine washable. That’s also the reason why we love faux fur cushions and rugs!

You won’t have to store your artificial textile in cold storage to keep it looking its best, unlike real furs. You can store a fur faux coat in your closet. 

Synthetic textile garments are timeless, as they often resemble the real thing. But, even the funky and colourful pieces stay on-trend for longer than other clothes. This is a good thing because synthetic textile does not break down over time, as the real textile does. Vegan faux fur coats are durable, while natural ones are not. 

Finally, vegan textiles cost much less than their natural counterpart. Many vegan gilets cost well under £100, while natural variations are more than double that price. You can order them online, and some have free delivery.

Five Best Faux Fur Gilets for Vegans in 2021

These are some of the top fur faux coats for vegans who want the warmth from real animal skin, but without animal cruelty. These attractive jackets have a price range from around £30.00 to well over £200.00. You might even be able to find one around £9.99 or something close. They come in a size and style for everyone, and you can wear them in any season.

Mango Faux Shearling Vest 

Synthetic textiles do not always have to be imitation mink or rabbit; they can be other styles. This beautiful vest has artificial shearling in a rich camel colour. This style is long and lean, covering you from your shoulders to the tops of your knees. Its style is soft and luxurious, but with an affordable price and a size that fits. 

You can find it on for under £173 and a low delivery fee.

mango faux fur gilet

Hoodlamb Outerwear Gilet

The Hoodlamb outerwear garment is made from recycled materials and hemp, making it incredibly eco-friendly. Hoodlamb makes the textile from organically-grown hemp and dyes it by hand using minimal amounts of water. 

The vest stands up to all weather conditions, keeping you warm and dry when it’s windy and cold. Hoodlamb clothing is PETA approved and is free of chemicals that can irritate the skin and the environment.

This vest has a slim fit and is available in black and ivory. Order it at The Hemp Shop in the United Kingdom for £99.50 and affordable delivery to your home.

Hoodlamb Outerwear Gilet

Faux fur gilets are too classy for you and you’re looking for something with more “street cred”? Check out our selection of the best faux fur hoodies!

Free People Mongolian Vest

Free People is known for being an ethical clothing manufacturer. The Starlight Mongolian Vest has a rock-n-roll design that is timeless. Free People recommends that you have your jackets dry-cleaned. The long silhouette is flattering, and the vest is lined for a bit of extra warmth. 

Order it on Free People for £110 and a low home-delivery fee.

Free People Mongolian Vest

Jayley Midi Gilet

Jayley offers a trendy, midi-length gilet that comes in three colours: pink, teal, and chocolate brown. This elegant vest looks great with everything from casual denim to luxurious silk. It has deep pockets and a hook-and-eye closure. Jayley often has sales, so you might find special offers before you order.

The vest will keep you warm, and the trendy colours show the world that you stand against animal cruelty. The vertical channel stitching adds height and gives the design a classic look. 

It comes in a single size, and you can order it on Jayley for £290. 

Jayley Midi Faux Fur Gilet

Before deciding what gilet you prefer, make sure you have a look at the our guide on the best faux fur boleros. Ideal for classy nights or wedding, there are a must have in an vegan closet.

Unreal Fur Fascination Vest

This fashion house has PETA’s approval, and this beautiful vest has a perfect name. It is a fascinating vest made of synthetic fabric with black satin lining. The long-pile mocha-coloured textile is soft and warm. The popular mid-length hits mid-thigh. It has a lush, oversized collar and two pockets. You should only dry-clean this opulent garment. 

Unreal Fur shop offers the luxurious, cruelty-free Fascination Vest for £223 and a low delivery fee.

Unreal Fur Fascination Vest

These attractive vests keep you warm on a chilly day, but they’re more than just an added layer against the cold. They also add style and comfort to your outfits, and they are versatile additions that you can wear while working, playing, or relaxing.