Is Morphe Cruelty Free? Finding Vegan Beauty Products from Morphe


Is Morphe cruelty free? It’s a question that many have asked. And does Morphe test on animals, even with their vegan formulas?

We took a peek behind the makeup to see what Morphe is doing to make their brand animal friendly.

The short answer is YES, Morphe is a cruelty-free beauty brand that never tests their products on animals as of mid-2020. However, you will have to take their word for it and you should know that they are not a vegan beauty brand… they just have some vegan products on offer.

Here’s what you need to know before you shop at Morphe UK.

Vegomm score: 63%

– Brand is certified vegan: NO
– Brand offers a selection of vegan products: YES
– Brand tests on animals: NO (but no certification)
– Brand is sold in mainland China: NO

2020 Morphe Animal Testing Policy

The Morphe vegan policy as of September 2020 is as follows:

“Morphe is cruelty-free. We do not test our products or any of our ingredients on animals.”

And that’s it!

You can find this statement on the vegan collection pages on their website. 

As of September 2020, the only products that are labelled as vegan from Morphe are a selection of cosmetics and makeup brushes, plus a few odd products from their skincare and tool lines.

There is no dedicated page to their vegan and animal-cruelty policies. There’s not even a paragraph covering it on their about page. So, despite having a wide range of vegan products, Morphe aren’t interested in becoming a “vegan brand” or associating themselves with being free of animal-cruelty.

We’ve reached out to them several times to get more info on their animal testing policy, but unfortunately, they didn’t get back to us. However, Morphe has confirmed in the past to various beauty bloggers that their suppliers and third-party collaborators are cruelty-free and don’t test products on animals either. They’ve also said that they don’t sell their products in China (we’ve explained why this is relevant below).

Another point worth noting is that we are taking Morphe’s word for this, as they have no certification or verification from vegan associations. In fact, they don’t have organic certifications for their ingredients either.

Conclusion: Morphe claims to be cruelty-free with a selection of vegan products, but we only have their word for it. It’s also a little curious that they haven’t tried to obtain any official certification for their cruelty-free status, despite a lot of interest and suspicion from beauty bloggers online.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you trust this brand or not!

Morphe UK Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Products

While Morphe claims to never test their products on animals, that doesn’t mean that all their products are suitable for vegans!

Thankfully, Morphe UK’s site has a dedicated vegan section so you can clearly see the 400+ products that are safe to use in your vegan beauty routine.

morphe vegan's claim

Some of their popular products are vegan, including:

  • Artistry palettes,
  • Setting and refreshing mists,
  • Foundation primers, liquid foundations, and concealers (check out our favourite vegan concealers),
  • Eye liners, colour pencils, and colour creams,
  • Lipstick, glosses, and liners,
  • A range of vegan offerings from other brands, including BYBI, Sweet Chef, and Frank Body skincare items.

Morphe has created a one-stop-shop vegan beauty brand within their products – they just don’t advertise it much. There’s enough here to fill a cupboard or two with beauty products, without harming a single hair on Flopsy’s head.

We are impressed with how easy Morphe makes it to separate the vegan products from the non-vegan ones. You can find their vegan collections easily marked in their website menu. When you’re hunting for vegan beauty treats yourself, it can be a nightmare working it out from the ingredients list alone.

Some common ingredients, like glycerine, can be derived from either plant or animal sources (or both), so it’s not always straightforward! We have some extra tips on searching for vegan beauty products below.

But before that, let’s stop beating around the brush.

Are Morphe Brushes Cruelty Free Too?

The Morphe vegan brush set is one of the most popular products from this brand. They actually have 140+ vegan brush products available!

All vegan brushes are made with synthetic bristles, including the 18-piece vegan brush set. The handles are either made of wood or plastic, depending on the brush you buy.

As Morphe are so popular, it’s not unusual to come across fake Morphe products online, or non-vegan Morphe products advertised as vegan. Double check the Morphe vegan brush collection to ensure you pick up the right ones.

Is Morphe Vegan Enough for You? What to Look for in a Vegan Beauty Brand

Even though they have vegan products on offer, the fact that some of their products aren’t vegan is enough to put some people off. 

It’s not like the money you spend on their vegan products will only go to a vegan half of the company. Your profits could go towards manufacturing non-vegan Morphe makeup.

That’s always something to consider before you buy.

Other good vegan signs you should look for in a beauty company include:

  • Vegan Society Logo – confirms that it’s cruelty-free and no animals used/harmed for the ingredients and manufacturing process.
  • Leaping Bunny Logo – internationally recognised certificate confirming there’s no testing on animals.
  • “Made/Sold in China” – animal testing is required by law in China, so even if the formula is vegan, any product that’s also sold in China was definitely tested on animals. Thankfully, progress is being made in China to change these laws.

If you’re also eco-friendly-conscious, then keep an eye on synthetic vs plant-based vs animal-based ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are made in a lab (does the vegan label include the lab’s animal policies?) and unless certified organic, it’s impossible to know if plant-derived ingredients are damaging animal’s habitats with unsustainable agriculture.

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