5 Best Vegan Hair Dyes That Actually Work in 2021

blond hair dye

If you’ve been longing for rich and vibrant hair colour, the secret lies in vegan hair dyes. Using these dyes not only protects you but also contributes more towards environmental protection and animal welfare. 

Our best selection of the top Vegan Hair Dyes includes products that are cruelty-free, have no ingredients derived from animals, and offer a variety of high-quality shades for amazing beauty. And the best part? All these products are available in the UK.

We’ll get into the awesome products in a bit. But first, how do you choose the best product?

How to Pick the Best Vegan Hair Dye

The market has hundreds of vegan hair dyes. Settling for the ideal dye could be an uphill task. Here are three tips you should consider before making a decision. 

Settle on the Right Brand

Finding vegan hair dye brands with a good reputation is critical. Many companies are in the business of producing dyes. Most of the famous brands have already met or even exceeded the quality standards for safety. Even though products from famous brands are a bit costly, you will still find adequate information before use.

Type of Hair Dye

Hair dyes come in different shades and types. We have vegan permanent and vegan semi-permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent lasts for a short period after application while the permanent one stays for an extended period. If you are looking to try some colours, then the semi-permanent will be effective. But if you want something that will take you for a more extended period, then you should go for permanent dyes.

Your Type of Hair

Knowing your hair type is essential before choosing a dye. Is it long, short, curly, or straight?. Some dyes will fit perfectly on any type of hair, while others work perfectly for a specific type. Even though the hair doesn’t really influence the type of dye for use, you will still find some combinations that are great to try out.

Top 5 Vegan Hair Dye List

Best Green Rebellious Colour that Women Love (PaintGlow)

green hair dye

When you want to elevate your mood and confidence, your hair colour selection matters most. And if you are looking for a touch of class, Green Rebellious by PaintGlow will give you just that. The green shade is calm and one of the most sought after in the UK market.

It is made from vegan ingredients only and thus, is friendly on your skin. The dye is vibrant and an excellent choice at festival crowds and blogger beauties, which is why you should jump onto the bandwagon.

Besides, it is semi-permanent and is ideal for short periods. Most importantly, the dye has no peroxide, no ammonia, and no PPD.

Finally, this UK-made dye conditions your hair and restores the vibrancy. This could be the perfect time for you to use it, right?

A Budget-friendly Dye for Natural-looking Outcomes (Tints of Nature)

vegan hair dye

Has your hair lost that natural look? Worry no more as Tints of Nature dye delivers a rich chocolate brown permanent hair colour that gives you a refreshing look. The dye features some natural ingredients, which ensure that no damage comes to your hair. 

Besides, this hair dye is free from Ammonia, Parabens, Resorcinol, DEA, Silicones, and Propylene Glycol. You can, therefore, trust the dye won’t damage your hair. It will promote beautiful and natural-looking results, which is precisely what you are after, right?

Have you ever had to spend hours trying to apply a dye? It must have been frustrating, no? Well, with this one, you don’t need to worry about that. It is easy to apply, and you only need a simple smear, which saves you a lot of time.

Best Overall Permanent Hair Colour Dye (Naturtint)

naturtint vegan hair dye

If you want 100% grey coverage, then Naturtint offers a permanent solution for you. It features plant-enriched ingredients, which make it safe on your skin and hair. When you apply on your hair, the outcome is an intense and radiant colour that will have everybody asking questions.

This dye is ammonia-free and thus generates no irritation or damage to your hair. Instead, it leaves the hair healthier and revitalized for a confident look. If you want the intense and long-lasting colour, then this product by Naturtint is ideal for you.Finally, it is cost-effective despite the fantastic results you get after application. Try it and let us know how it worked for you.

Best Semi-Permanent Formula (Clairol)

red vegan hair dye

A healthy-looking colour that shines cannot come easy, but the Clairol Formula makes it easier for you to achieve just that. It has no ammonia or harsh scent and is, therefore, safe for use. This vegan hair dye will last 28 washes and restore your ideal colour to match your personality.

Say yes to gentle ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera and reject harmful chemicals that come with competing dyes. Better yet, this hair dye features a simple preparation formula and easy application procedure, which makes your work manageable.

Finally,the good news is that you won’t break your bank with this product as it is relatively cheap compared to similar competitors’ products..

Top Deep Nourishing and Long-lasting Dye (Garnier Nutrisse)

baby blond vegan hair dye

If you have ever wanted to wear a natural baby blonde colour, this vegan hair dye is precisely what you need. This superdrug vegan hair dye delivers the results effortlessly to give you a natural look. The permanent dye lasts for a long time and remains glowing throughout the period.

It gives you 100% grey hair coverage so that you can enjoy youthfulness as you restore your confidence. It protects your hair from dryness up to 8 weeks, which is a long period for you. This can work well if you are on a budget or just want to have a new look.

The dye is enriched with Avocado, Olive, Shea, Cranberry, and Argan Oil infused restoring conditioner so that you can have lasting smooth hair with a great smell. Overall, the formula comes in over 40 shades so that you can simply choose what suits and matches your taste.


What is Vegan Hair Dye?

A vegan hair dye is a hair product derived from plants with no added animal ingredients and that has not been tested on animals.


Perhaps you want a fresh new look, or simply want to try out some colours on your hair?

Dyes are a super-cool way to change your appearance. But you need to be careful when choosing products so that you won’t damage your hair. Vegan hair dyes are quite excellent since they feature natural ingredients that are harmless to your hair and skin.

Did you find your favourite dye from our recommendations? At Vegomm be sure to find the best vegan & cruelty-free alternatives to most everyday products. Luckily, all products ship to the UK, and are a must-have!