Have you already spent huge amount of time looking at all packaging of a supermarket? Finding tasty vegan biscuits is sometimes a crusade. There is always one ingredients or the other that’s from animal origin.

We’re here to help!

We went through the trouble of rounding up some of the best vegan biscuits ever. And the best part?

They are all available in the UK, most of them at your local supermarket!

So, if you are looking to tweak your taste buds and try some vegan biscuits, here are our top recommendations for the top 7 vegan biscuits that you should try out.

Psssst, having a sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered as well, with our selection of vegan sweets 😉 

Best Naturally Energizing Biscuits (Nairn’s) 

vegan oatcakes

If you are looking for a vegan biscuit with a rich taste, or for a vegetarian alternative to prawn crackers, look no further. Nairn’s Super Seeded has you covered. It is full of whole grain oats with a lasting taste. All the ingredients are grown organically and are, therefore, naturally energizing.

Since 1986, Nairn’s has been baking the biscuits using oats grown in the Scottish Borders. The climate there allows for slow and natural ripening of the grains. These factors help to keep all the natural goodness in their products.

The biscuits are versatile so that you can try them with anything. Whether you want to enjoy them with avocado or orange pepper, you are spoilt for choice.

The 200g pack size offers a good source of protein and fibre. Better still, the biscuits have no added sugars, are wheat-free, no GM ingredients, no hydrogenated fat, no artificial colours, and flavours.

BestBiscuits in Individual Packages (Lotus)

lotus biscoff vegan biscuits

Small, unique, and tasty are the three words we can use to describe Lotus biscuit. And if you want some, you won’t have to go to too much trouble. You will find it everywhere in the UK. 

The Lotus family has kept the ingredients all-natural since 1932. It is for this reason that the family-owned business, based in its hometown Lembeke, is still conquering the world with delicious biscuits.

How can a small biscuit be so great? The iconic shape and crunchy bite is an irresistible treat for any occasion. No artificial colours and no added flavours explain this. And that is why every bite you take is nothing but added nutrition value.

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Best Protein Biscuits For Energy (Trek)

vegan protein bars

The company behind this yummy product believes that the best products come from the earth and not the lab. Therefore, every bite will let you enjoy this vegan biscuit without worrying about your health. Each biscuit contains 9 grams of protein and is gluten-free, which makes it ideal for an energetic morning.

Trek biscuits are an excellent source of fibre and slowly release energy to keep you active throughout the day. Besides the deliciously healthy benefits, you still get an unbeatable taste. Once you open a pack of the biscuits, you’ll find it difficult to stop snacking as the yummy layer of deliciously dark chocolate satisfies your taste buds.

You don’t want to miss this on your special occasion, do you? Wait no more, and order a pack of these delicious treats.

Best Creamy Biscuits For an Appetizing Moment (Tesco) 

tesco bourbon creams

The bakers used a classic recipe with chocolate-flavoured filling to produce the Crunchy & Smooth Bourbon. It is no wonder that the biscuits feature an irresistible taste that makes them the perfect accompaniment for any occasion. 

The manufacturing process features a rich history with over 50 years of experience. The passing of knowledge and new recipes from generation to generation is the secret of consistency with the manufacturer.

Additionally, the combination of wheat flour, glucose syrup, cocoa,  dextrose, among other ingredients, pull a surprise of nutritious biscuits.

Are you ready to celebrate with your friends? The 256-gram pack offers approximately 22 servings, which is sufficient for you and your loved ones.

Best Rice Cakes for Every Occasion (Harvest Morn)

harvest moon chocolate bars

These vegan biscuits may be just what you need to satisfy your cravings. Rice Cake biscuits have an orange flavour with a chocolate coating for a delicious taste that you’ve never had. The pack of five bars, which are individually wrapped, keeps you occupied throughout the week.

Nevertheless, the bars are gluten-free with no artificial colours and preservatives. This gives the biscuit all the essentials you want for your vegan lifestyle, making them an excellent addition to your vegan favourites. Despite the high nutritional value, these biscuits are reasonably priced, so go ahead and order some.

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Classic Biscuit with a Cost-Friendly Tag (Rhythm 108) 

hazelnut biscuits

Vegan Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuit pack comes free of animal products, gluten, and sugar, thus promoting your healthy lifestyle. Besides, the chocolate flavour is insanely tasty, so you will have a hard time resisting the urge to munch on the entire pack.  

The vegan-friendly biscuits are made with delicious choc chips, whole oat, and coconut oil. Each packet has around 20 biscuits, which is quite economical and can last you a while as alternative snacks for high energy.

Rhythm108 is also passionate about the environment, and that is why the Sharebags come from bio-based and biodegradable materials.

Best Ginger Nuts Biscuits For an Appetising Moment (Mcvitie’s)

mc vities biscuits

The McVitie’s biscuits history dates back to the 19th century. Since then, different recipes have continued to evolve with favourites dominating the British retails stores. Therefore, getting a pack of these delicious biscuits in your local shop won’t be challenging.

Wheat flour, ground ginger, glucose, and salt, among other plant ingredients, combine to formulate this tasty and crunchy biscuit. Above all, it is free from artificial colours and flavours.

Typically, you will get 25 biscuits per pack, which is sufficient to run you through the day or even for the entire week.

If you are having a birthday party soon, keep this 250g pack in mind and let the day shine like never before.

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If you’ve ever wondered whether tasty vegan biscuits exist, I bet you’ve got your answer now. But, you might want to take a close look at the ingredients before purchasing so you don’t end up disappointed with your choice.

At Vegomm, we pride ourselves on promoting healthy living through healthy eating. Our recommendations feature cruelty-free biscuits that work wonders on every occasion. Generally, the biscuits are budget-friendly, so you can buy in bulk and enjoy them at the comfort of your home. Make sure you don’t leave too many crumbs on your faux fur rug

If you are worried about the ease of finding our recommended brands, then we guarantee you that all the biscuits ship to the UK. Hurry and get your energising morning starter now!

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