Is it not overwhelming when you get to a supermarket aisle, and you have to look through every ingredients list to confirm if the product is vegan?

The good news is that some of the top supermarkets in the UK have dedicated some shelves to vegan foods.

Our supermarket vegan lists will make your shopping time fun and less time-consuming. 

Find vegan products near you:


Not only does Aldi have a variety of vegan goodies, but it also serves you a bunch of vegan recipes for delicious homemade vegan meals. The company’s vegan list is 28-pages long! Definitely, a long list to leave you spoilt for choice. 

Here, you will find tasty treats like Teriyaki vegan burgers, Pier Peri vegan burgers, Quorn ham slices and Quorn vegan chicken slices. It also has a selection of vegan wines, so you have a reliable vegan drink for accompaniment.   

Better still, we did more groundwork and found out that people have been raving about Aldi’s Masala Roast Cauliflower Sausage and Biscuit Spread. And that’s not all…

Here are some of the best vegan products at Aldi, recommended by the Twitter community


morrisons vegan

The vegan aisle at Morrisons includes their branded vegan range, with an affordable range. The vegan page has quick links to dairy alternatives, mains, quick foods,  frozen, fresh, cupboard food, drinks and vegan household items. 

The V-Taste range is plant-based with ready to eat meals like beetroot Bourguignon, lentil hotpot and the mushroom bolognese will save you some time and energy in the kitchen after a long day. 

Some of the must-try items are Morrisons Takeaway Jackfruit Biryani, Morrisons Vegetable Korma, Morrisons V taste No Chicken Strips, and Morrisons The Best Nut Roast.

Check out Morissons’ most popular vegan products according to Twitter users


Lidl Free From range shelves span from vegan to gluten-free items. You can try the plant-based burger patties or the plant-based mince from their vegan mains selection. The vegan milk range has oat, soya, and almond drinks. 

Lidl offers you great vegan items to pick from, including no-pork pies, Quadrotti with chocolate chips, and Jackfruit Bao Buns, among others.   

Have a look at our in-depth selection of vegan items at Lidl, recommended by Twitter users


Co-op does not disappoint when it comes to vegan products. We know, we have done some extensive research, looking at social media hits. Vegan shoppers can testify to Co-op’s Asian Style Sharing Selection, and GRO The Kashmiri Spice Pizza and others.

On their homepage, click on the food menu, then select vegan from the drop-down menu for a selection of their vegan foods. They also suggest a whole selection of vegan recipes you can try out at home! 

The vegan Co-op food range includes some delicious treats like vegetable spring rolls, vegan burgers, Co-op Free From Strawberry and Vanilla Cones, and the Chilli Con Nachos, among others. 

Find out which vegan products from Co-op are the best according to vegan shoppers


A few months ago, ASAD launched the Affordable Plant-Based Products Range. The move gave us a more extensive selection of vegan meals.

48 more choices, people!

And some go for as little as £1.15. 

When shopping online, click on the grocery list on the homepage and select the Vegan & Free-From menu to see all the ranges available. The range includes chilled vegan food, vegan bakery with rolls, loaves, and cakes. There are cupboard foods like pasta, cereal, oats, frozen food like vegan sausages and cookie dough, and even vegan alcohol. 

Don’t miss out ASDA vegan sweet potato falafel burgers, the ASDA vegan chocolate cake and the ASDA vegan “Sheese” & Bean Slices!

We did our digging among Twitter users and listed some of the best vegan items to buy at ASDA


tesco supermarket vegan

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling meal, a tasty snack, or some chocolates for your sweet tooth, Tesco probably has it. It is hard to doubt Tesco’s dedication to veganism, especially with PETA’s award-winning crown. 

Their extensive selection of vegan food includes microwaving meals like Butternut Cauliflower Mac, the Naked Burrito, and Mushroom Cottage Pie. Speedy meals in the Wicked Kitchen range like the Veg Sourdough Pizza and Wild Garlic Ravioli will save you the hassle of running through your utensils to make a meal. 

A simple search of the word “vegan” on their site gives you about 48 pages of vegan items to browse through. 


Sainsbury’s dedication to supporting the vegan community started from way back. With years, more vegan items are available on their aisles, including their own “Love Your Veg” products range. 

The range has over 30 items like Green Vegetable Risotto Balls, Sweet Potato Katsu Curry & Rice, Chilli Bean Non-Carne & Rice and Roasted Red Pepper Shroomdogs Sausages and others

On the grocery menu on their homepage, you can shop according to your diet and lifestyle needs, including Free-From products, Vegetarian, and Vegan.  

The time you spent running (with your cool vegan trainers) through the aisles of a supermarket’s physical and online store is getting shorter by the day!

The first step is to go through our list of supermarket vegan lists, and you are right where you need to be! But if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, you might need some help to get inspired or to know what to look for in the aisles. That’s where our vegan shopping list for beginners comes in handy! Print it, bookmark it, or whatever, but keep it close…

And if you are too tired to cook, you can check our favourite vegan restaurants in Bournemouth and Belfast !

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