Vegomm aims to promote the best vegan & cruelty-free alternatives to most everyday products.

It’s not always easy for the conscious consumer to find vegan products as they are often “hidden” behind high street brands and their huge marketing budget. Plus, we see a lot of green washing to promote so-called vegan products, that actually aren’t…

That’s where Vegomm and our team come to the rescue. Through researches, we make sure that the products listed in our website are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, so you can compare vegan options with a rested mind.

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The idea of Vegomm is born during a barbecue with friends. One of them added marinated seitan on the grill and surprisingly it was a big hit amongst non-vegan guests. The thing is, most of them had never even heard of seitan. And I figured that this is probably the case with many vegan products… Since that day, some of my non-vegan friends made it a tradition to bring marinated seitan to every barbecue. That small victory represents the mindset of Vegomm.

Who we are

We are a small, yet dedicated team, hoping to leave our fingerprints on the world. We are not here to force the vegan lifestyle on anybody, but we want to show people that tasty/quality/good-looking vegan alternatives exist and are less and less difficult to find. Vegomm being a side-project, the team mostly consists of Josh and freelance writers that he trusts. You can meet the team members right below, and don’t hesiste to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Our people

Josh Kinsley (Founder)

The man behind Vegomm. Josh grew up surrounded by animals (in a farm, not Jungle Book style) and rapidly decided to dedicate his life to animals. He became a veterinarian and later, launched Vegomm as his side project, another way for him to fight for animals’ wellbeing.

Enid Kathambi (Writer)

Finance professional by day, avid reader and writer by night, and traveler when time and money are on her side. After joining business school, Enid decided to put her love for writing into different use. Since then, she has used her skills to write content in niches close to her heart – finance, travel, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Cherie Julie (Writer)

Always curious about the concept of travel and wellness, Cherie started a sustainable travel blog in 2016. Her writing reflects her desire to encourage others to wander differently and with purpose. Since embracing a plant-based lifestyle, she now works full-time as a copywriter with a focus on vegan food, eco brands, and minimalism.

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Bjorn Tabanera (Writer)

Bjorn is a freelance writer who focuses on tech, pop, and lifestyle stories. He’s a fan of wooden utensils, house plants, faux leather jackets, and vegan burger patties. Furthermore, he believes that doing our individual parts should only come secondary to corporations taking part of active solutions in reducing waste.

Short disclaimer…

In all honesty, it happens that some small vegan brands switch to non-vegan materials/ingredients or get acquired by non-vegan bigger companies. That’s something we don’t control and we might not notice it directly.

If you ever come accross such brands on Vegomm, please let us know and we will remove them from our lists!

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