Going green and vegan is a state of mind that extends far beyond the food or materials you wear! That’s why we also have a selection of environmentally friendly everyday items on offer.

The way you decorate your window can completely transform its feel. While curtains work in a pinch, they’re, frankly, a bit overdone. If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box alternative, bamboo blinds can be an excellent choice for your windows. 

Whether they’re for privacy or light filtration, bamboo roller blinds add a sense of sophistication and cosiness to any room, and they will also make you feel closer to nature by bringing a slice of the outdoors to your house. 

We have reviewed the best bamboo blinds available on the UK market today to help you find the ones that will bring out the best personality and texture to your home.

Top Pick: Chicology Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

chicology bamboo blinds

The Roman-style bamboo roll-up blinds from Chicology are our top choice. They’re capable of blocking out the glaring sun rays without compromising the lighting in the room.

Keep in mind, however, that to get full privacy, you’ll need to pair them with privacy lining or a curtain. The blinds can also be used as indoor or outdoor bamboo blinds without constricting the indoor space too much. 

They’re available in a wide range of attractive shades to pick from, from lighter “squirrel” and “beaver” to greenish “fox” and the darker “buffalo” and “acorn”. Instead of completely blocking out the light, all the colour options are designed to filter the light, which provides ample, but much gentler, light.

Moreover, the blinds are easy-to-install, and we found the installation guide to be very clear and easy-to-follow. The package also includes all installation hardware you’ll need, as well as an attractive matching valance to hide the roll-up mechanism and provide a sophisticated finish.

The cordless mechanism of these green and vegan blinds is both durable and super safe around kids. In fact, they have been Certified Best for Kids, so don’t worry about the curious wandering hands of your little ones.

We like them because: they look smart, come in a variety of colours, are easy to install and use, and can work as both an inside or outside mount.

Best for Safety: Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

radiance cordless bamboo roman blinds

If you’re worried about safety, the cordless Roman blinds from Radiance, which are Certified as Best for Kids, will put all your concerns to rest.

The standout feature is that they don’t have any dangling cords that might interrupt or interfere with their clean, elegant lines. But this has a practical application as well as an aesthetic one. The lack of cords means that it’s extra safe around pets and children, making it an excellent choice for a family house.

These blinds boast richer and more muted wood tones than other bamboo shades, which will perfectly complement a light-toned furniture colour scheme and add a pop of colour. If you prefer a lighter colour, however, it’s also available in white, driftwood, and maple options. They would totally fit a room with natural elements such as bamboo lamp shades.

While they only provide semi-privacy, they’re excellent for light filtering, thanks to their tightly woven bamboo strips.

We like them because: they’re extra safe around kids, come in a variety of rich tones, and are made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo that filters out light efficiently.  

Best for Privacy: Sol Royal Bamboo Blinds

soy royal bamboo blinds

If you’re mainly looking for bamboo blinds that provide adequate privacy, the Sol Royal bamboo roll-up blinds are the ones for you. 

The blinds are made of high-quality 100% bamboo sticks, and they offer a level of privacy unrivalled by all the other options while still letting in plenty of light.

Unlike the previous two models, this one features a cord, but it still has many integrated safety features. There’s a safety lock to adjust the height by fastening the tension cord and two additional integrated safety clips that can be found on the drawstrings. They open when they’re under heavy load to undo the strings.

We like them because: the Sol Royal blinds are a low-maintenance and durable option that offers plenty of privacy and come in three attractive colour options.

Budget Choice: Homebase Bamboo Blinds

homebase white bamboo blinds

Who said bamboo blinds need to come at an exorbitant price? The lightweight roll-up bamboo blinds from Homebase can gently filter the light that seeps into your room and add a smart touch to any living space, all for a super low price.

The blinds are available in a brown shade or a lighter-toned natural bamboo shade. You also get a choice of various sizes to fit any window or door.   

They feature a no-frills roll-up mechanism that gets the job done as long as you don’t mind corded blinds. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any privacy at all, so they may not be the best option for a bedroom or bathroom.

We like them because: for bamboo blinds that come at a fraction of the previous models’ price, the Homebase bamboo blinds are pretty sturdy and reliable, and their look doesn’t at all reflect their price. 

Picking the Perfect Bamboo Blinds

Not all bamboo blinds are created equal. To find what you’re looking for, you need to keep a few factors into account while shopping.

Inside vs Outside Mount

The first step is deciding whether you want to hang your blinds inside or outside the window frame. Outdoor bamboo blinds usually stop the room from looking too “cramped,” but they may hide your window trimmings.

It would help if you also decided how high you’re going to mount it. Hanging the blinds directly below the ceiling creates the effect that the window is much taller than it really is, and picking wider blinds gives the illusion that the windows are wider.

Colour and Texture

Next, you need to pick a colour and texture that fits the general atmosphere of the room. There’s a wide variety of natural wood shades, but you need at least to have an idea whether you want lighter, medium, or darker tones based on your furniture (They would totally match with one of our best bamboo chairs!) and décor.

Some manufacturers even allow you to order samples to judge the colour for yourself before buying the blinds.


Bamboo blinds come with no lining, privacy lining, or blackout lining. Those with no lining allow some filtered light to enter naturally but offer next-to-no privacy.

Others with privacy lining allow some, albeit less, light to come through, but in turns offers much more privacy. As the name suggests, blackout lining prevents all the light from filtering through, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms and baby rooms.

You can also buy see-through blinds with no lining and then add a separate privacy or blackout liner, which may even be more economical, depending on where you look.


If you have kids or pets, a bamboo shade with cordless operation would be a more suitable option for you. Instead of a dangling cord, you can raise and lower them using a discreetly-tucked pull ring in the bottom rail. However, those tend to be slightly more expensive. 

Wrapping Up

Natural woven bamboo blinds are both elegant and eco-friendly. But finding the right bamboo blinds for your house can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of options available.

Hopefully, you now have an idea about the best bamboo blinds on the market. So, order yours now, and don’t worry. All products ship to the UK!

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